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5 Best Kelvinator Refrigerators In India May 2024


Are you looking for the best Kelvinator refrigerators in India? Here, we present you our top five picks.

- Updated: 1st May 2024, 23:04 IST
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    Best Kelvinator Refrigerators -Top 5 List
    • 1. Kelvinator 190 L KRD-B210MRG Refrigerator
    • 2. Kelvinator 252 L KRF-B270ISV Refrigerator
    • 3. Kelvinator 272 L KRF-B290DBV Refrigerator
    • 4. Kelvinator 350 L KRF-A370HSV Refrigerator
    • 5. Kelvinator 584 L KRS-B600BKG Refrigerator

Kelvinator is one of the world’s oldest and most reliable refrigerators, formed in 1914 in the United States of America. But over the last few decades, the company has slowed down its rising progress in many countries, including India. But, in 2019, the Reliance Retail group bought the rights to relaunch the iconic brand in the country. Since then, its market share has grown considerably.

Here, we will talk about the top five refrigerators from Kelvinator, which start from the budget category to the premium category. We have curated the list based on your storage requirements, features, and price. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Best Kelvinator Refrigerators -Top 5 List

1. Kelvinator 190 L KRD-B210MRG Refrigerator

Kelvinator 190 Litre

Starting with our first refrigerator, the Kelvinator 190 Litres model is an entry-level budget refrigerator that only provides a single door. Further, it comes with a dedicated vegetables and fruit drawer, which helps keep them fresh and intact for more than two weeks. The refrigerator also promises a stabilizer-free operation, saving you from the hassle of buying a separate stabilizer.

Overall, if your budget is meager, this is one of our go-to recommendations from the house of Kelvinator. The refrigerator further comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Pros Cons
Seperate shelves with tempered glassNo separate compartment for Freezer
Dairy Compartment
Stabilizer free operation

X-factor: At a starting price of below Rs. 15,000, this is one of the cheapest and most reliable refrigerators from Kelvinator.

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2. Kelvinator 252 L KRF-B270ISV Refrigerator

Kelvinator 252 Litres

Coming the second refrigerator, the Kelvinator 252 Litres refrigerator is a double-door fridge with toughened glass shelves and bright LED lights inside the compartments. This refrigerator also promises a stabilizer-free operation, like the previous model, but comes with a bigger capacity, with dedicated freezer storage of 50 Litres.

Other notable features of the fridge include the support of the Twist Ice-tray section, dedicated dairy storage, and fungus-free doors. The refrigerator is usually available for less than Rs. 20,000 and is one of our first recommendations if you want a fridge at this price tag.

Excellent built qualityLimited storage in the freezer section
Toughened glass shelves
10 Years Compressor Warranty

X-Factor: Advanced inverter compressor in this refrigerator enables silent operation and low power consumption as well

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3. Kelvinator 272 L KRF-B290DBV Refrigerator

Kelvinator 272 Litres

The third refrigerator on our list is the Kelvinator 272 Litres model, which comes with a beautiful outer design and two gorgeous colour options. Kelvinator also promises this as an Eco-friendly fridge, with Techvanced Inverter Technology. Like most other refrigerators from Kelvinator, this one also comes with toughened glass and a twisted ice tray for easy and durable operations.

You can easily get this refrigerator for under Rs. 25,000 from Reliance retail and online platforms. The fridge also comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and additional ten years of compressor warranty.

Beautiful Exterior designLimited storage in comparison to other refrigerators in this price range
Flexible Door Pockets
Easy to clean the gasket

X-Factor: It is safe for you and the environment when a particular refrigerant is used, so using R600a refrigerant is beneficial in this fridge.

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4. Kelvinator 350 L KRF-A370HSV Refrigerator

Kelvinator 350 Litres

The next fridge from our list is the Kelvinator 350 Litre model, which has several interesting features. The fridge first comes with a Humidity control toggle which easily lets you adjust the air passage to your fruits and vegetables. It also comes with a large vegetable tray, which the company promises can easily keep them fresh for up to a week.

Coming to the other notable feature of the fridge, it also comes with 360-degree airflow, which ensures that the cooling is evenly balanced across all parts and vents of the refrigerator. The device can be easily bought for under Rs. 30,000 and is one of the best fridges that you can buy in this price range.

Pros Cons
Vegetable Tray Moist ControllerUnattractive design
360 degree Air Flow
Huge capacity of 350 Litres, with a dedicated 86 Litres capacity for the Freezer

X-Factor: Its 360-degree airflow ensures that the food is fungus and bacteria-free for a considerable amount of time.

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5. Kelvinator 584 L KRS-B600BKG Refrigerator

Kelvinator 584 Litres

The last fridge on our list is the Kelvinator 584 Litres model, which is the most premium offering from the house of Kelvinator. The refrigerator offers one of the highest capacities in this price range. The fridge is made up of toughened glass, which ensures that it looks elegantly beautiful.

Coming to its main features, the device comes with outside LED control, Vacation energy mode, and powerful performance. The double door in this fridge also ensures that you get enough space and compartments for all your types of foods. This refrigerator is available for less than Rs. 55,000 in India and can be easily purchased from Reliance offline and online shopping outlets.

Dual Door designOnly 1 Year manufacturer warranty
Made of Toughened glass
Outside LED control

X-Factor: Its Vacation Energy mode, ensures that your food is preserved and well maintained, even when you are out of your house, for longer days.

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  • Kelvinator refrigerators are well-equipped with amazing features and looks.
  • Available at different price ranges, these refrigerators come in single, double, or glass design types.
  • Here, we list our top five picks from the house of Kelvinator.

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