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9 Best Marshall Speakers In India June 2024


Your search for the best Marshall speakers ends here. With our carefully curated picks, you’ll find your next favourite Bluetooth speaker right here!

- Updated: 1st Jun 2024, 15:30 IST
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    Best Marshall Speakers In India
    • 1. Marshall Emberton
    • 2. Marshall Acton II
    • 3. Marshall Kilburn II
    • 4. Marshall Stanmore II
    • 5. Marshall Woburn II
    • 6. Marshall Willen
    • 7. Marshall Stockwell
    • 8. Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker
    • 9. Marshall Uxbridge 30W Airplay Multi-Room Wireless Speaker
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    Final Thoughts: Best Marshall Speakers In Market

The best Marshall speakers are meant for true audiophiles. These speakers outplay the competition by a mile. The company was founded over 60 years ago by drummer Jim Marshall. Also, the company is now one of the biggest and best manufacturers of speakers and amplifiers worldwide and is used by musicians worldwide.

If you attend concerts or watch live music videos, you’ll notice that the speakers and amplifiers on stage are made by Marshall. Although their speakers can be more expensive, their sound quality and durability significantly elevate your music experience. So, if you’re looking for some fantastic Bluetooth speakers, Marshall is a worthwhile manufacturer.

Best Marshall Speakers In India

We’ve curated the best Marshall speakers in different price ranges to make purchasing decisions easier.

Without any further delay, let’s check out the entries!

1. Marshall Emberton

Emberton best marshall speakers

Marshall Emberton is one of the most popular Marshall speakers in the world. This is due to its lower and more affordable pricing, beautiful minimalist design, and durability. However, more to the speaker warrants a closer look at its details. Also, the speaker uses Marshall’s iconic True Stereophonic technology, essentially a multi-directional sound technology. This enables the speaker to provide excellent 360-degree sounds, regardless of the speaker’s placement. Moreover, it’s got an incredible battery life, offering more than 20 hours of music playback on a single charge.

Apart from this, it’s also highly durable, thanks to the IPX7 water-resistance rating. Also, you can operate the speaker pretty efficiently due to the multi-directional control knob. Despite the excellent build quality and design, it’s relatively light at just 0.7kgs, making it portable and easy to fit in the palm of your hand. Overall, for an affordable Marshall speaker, this is definitely one of the best Marshall speakers you can find today.

Excellent sound qualityBass output could’ve been slightly better
Superior battery backup
Minimal and elegant design

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2. Marshall Acton II

Acton II

The next entry on our list of the best Marshall speakers is Marshall Acton II. The speaker provides a sound output of 60 Watts. Despite the smaller size, its sound output is loud and clear thanks to the three dedicated class D amplifiers. Additionally, these amplifiers combine dual tweeters and subwoofer to provide exceptionally loud sound. Moreover, it has the best Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which can work up to 10 meters away, ensuring that your music playback never stops.

Also, the speaker’s app and the analogue control button at the top provide total control over the sound quality and equalisation options. With Multi-Host functionality, you can connect up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously to play music. Of course, Marshall’s iconic design isn’t missed here, either. Furthermore, the speaker looks beautiful, and the build quality feels sturdier than ever. Basically, this is an actual value-for-money product by Marshall.

Decent sound qualityAUX cable isn’t provided
Compact sizing yet delivers large sounds
Multiple connectivity options

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3. Marshall Kilburn II

Marshall Kilburn II best marshall speakers

Marshall Kilburn II is one of the best Marshall speakers that offer an entirely wireless build. Also, this makes it ideal for people who travel often and don’t want the confines of wires and cables weighing down their progress. Additionally, the speaker offers over 20 hours of wireless playtime on a single charge, making it perfect for long road trips. Other than this, you can understand the excellent build quality thanks to the weight and heft of the speakers, at 3kgs.

Moreover, your speaker can bear extreme weather conditions with added water resistance. With a multi-directional sound that perfectly complements the large sound, you can hear the thumping bass and extended highs without any issues or static noise.

In addition, the wireless playback uses superior Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology, and you can have an uninterrupted connection to the speaker up to 30 feet away. Of course, the speaker also provides Multi-Host functionality, allowing you and your friend to take turns playing your favourite tracks. Overall, this beautiful wireless speaker deserves your money and attention.

Highly durable build qualityQuite heavy at 3kgs, making it challenging to carry frequently
Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology provided
Offers over 20 hours of wireless playback on a single charge

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4. Marshall Stanmore II

Stanmore II

If you want a versatile speaker, the Marshall Stanmore II is one of the best Marshall speakers for any occasion. Whether you like loud music in a large room, a pool party or a lighter sound for smaller spaces doesn’t matter. In addition, Stanmore II will fulfil all your requirements. It uses advanced components such as two 15W class D amplifiers, which work with the tweeters and a 50W class D amplifier for the best sound production.

Moreover, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology, you can enjoy your music uninterrupted through mobile connectivity. Analogue control schemes on the body and the Marshall app offer higher control levels to customise the speaker’s sound based on your preference. The iconic Marshall design, signifying a retro and classic build, will fit perfectly into any home interior. This Marshall speaker is a practical choice for sheer design or sound production versatility.

Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX technology providedNo voice assistant connection provided
50W subwoofer and two 15W amplifiers for superior sound
Beautiful, retro design

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5. Marshall Woburn II

Woburn II best marshall speakers

So, if you don’t have a limit on your budget when searching for the best Marshall speakers, your first choice should be the Marshall Woburn II. Also, the speaker offers a massive sound output of up to 130W, powered by class D amplifiers and dual subwoofers. This rich sound is further complemented by the wooden cabinet, which imparts a warmer tone to the overall sound output. With such great sound quality, you get uninterrupted playback thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX technology.

Additionally, the design is a tribute to the 60 years of the company’s business and producing some of the best speakers in the market. The speaker’s top panel features analogue controls to change the speaker’s tuning. You can also do the same through the Marshall app accompaniment. Besides Bluetooth connectivity, the RCA and 3.5mm jacks provide more connectivity options. Multi-host functionality and a larger-than-life sound quality ensure no party goes silent. Overall, if budget isn’t an issue and you want to spend on the best Marshall speakers, this is the speaker you need to purchase.

Beautiful design that’s a tribute to the Marshall heritageInitial app setup can be slightly challenging
Multiple connectivity options
Exceptionally loud and clear sound output

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6. Marshall Willen

marshall willen

Among the best Marshall speakers listed above, the price could be a bit higher than you have in mind. But the brand doesn’t disappoint even in the affordability segment. Unlike the others listed above, Marshall Willen is much more compact in design. Plus, it has a much smaller and more durable build with a built-in strap, making it ideal for listening while travelling. It also features the manufacturer’s signature amplifier-inspired retro design. This is made easy because it has an app that lets you control some of its features. It has some EQ presets to customise its sound and ‘Stack Mode’ to pair with other Willen speakers for a more intense and immersive sound experience.

If you’re looking for something simple, especially for content without much bass mixed in.

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Compact in sizeLacks low-bass
Portable designSome compression at max volume.
Affordable price

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7. Marshall Stockwell

marshall stockwell II

With black and brass exteriors, the design of Marshall Stockwell II gives an overall rustic look. The sleek and small design makes it more portable and is one of the best models to carry while heading out on a journey. Additionally, the model comes with IPX4 water resistance that saves it against accidental water splashes. Control knobs on the top allow you to check sound as per your likeliness.

The battery backup is quite good; one complete charge lets you use it for six hours or more, even on a 20-minute charge.

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Multi-directional sound alignmentNot waterproof
Portable design
Easy connectivity process

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8. Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker - best marshall speakers

The Marshall Tufton is a compact, portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers up to 20 hours of music playback on a single charge. It includes a guitar-inspired carrying strap for easy portability and features a visual battery indicator on the top panel to inform you about battery status. The Tufton employs a 3-way speaker system, with three separate front-facing drivers and an additional mid-range driver at the back. This speaker configuration ensures full-range sound reproduction across all frequencies, providing a genuine 360-degree surround sound experience. We conducted tests with various music genres, such as rock, hip-hop, and jazz, and found that the Tufton speaker delivered clear and well-defined sound with a spacious soundstage. It excels in projecting sound, creating an immersive music-listening experience.

Moreover, the Marshall Tufton offers an impressive 20 hours of uninterrupted music playback on a single charge, and you can easily monitor the battery level using the visual indicator on the top panel. It also supports quick charging; just 20 minutes provides 4 hours of portable playtime. On the Tufton’s top panel, you’ll find analogue control knobs for adjusting bass, treble, and volume, allowing you to fine-tune the sound to suit your preferences.

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Portable and Compact DesignHeavier Weight (may be less portable)
Long Battery Life (Up to 20 hours)Pricey (compared to some other Bluetooth speakers)
Guitar-Inspired Carrying StrapNo Voice Assistant Integration
Visual Battery Indicator

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9. Marshall Uxbridge 30W Airplay Multi-Room Wireless Speaker

Marshall Uxbridge 30W Airplay Multi-Room Wireless Speaker - best marshall speakers

The Marshall Uxbridge 30W Airplay Multi-Room Wireless Speaker is a compact speaker that delivers powerful sound. It is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms and can stream music from various sources, including Airplay, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect. The Uxbridge has a classic Marshall design, a black vinyl covering, and a brass grille. It is also very durable and can withstand occasional knocks and bumps.

The Uxbridge has a single 3.5-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch tweeter. It produces a well-balanced sound with clear highs, mids, and lows. The bass is particularly impressive, given the size of the speaker. The Uxbridge is easy to use and set up. It comes with a Marshall Voice app that lets you control the speaker from your smartphone or tablet. You can use the app to adjust the volume, bass, and treble, as well as create and manage multi-room groups. The Uxbridge is a great choice for music lovers looking for a compact, powerful speaker with a classic Marshall design. It is also a good option for people who want to create a multi-room audio system.

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Powerful Sound Output (30W)Relatively Expensive
AirPlay Compatibility for Apple DevicesLacks Bluetooth Multipoint
Multi-Room Functionality
Voice Assistant Integration (e.g., Alexa)
Multiple Wired Connectivity Options (Aux and RCA)

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Final Thoughts: Best Marshall Speakers In Market

And that is all about the best Marshall speakers. Hopefully, you better understand the different types of Marshall speakers in varying budgets. Also, our picks for the best Marshall speakers are based on their pricing, features, and customer reviews.

Moreover, if you think we’ve missed out on any Marshall speakers you use and love, let us know about them in the comments below. Furthermore, we’ll be sure to check out the product. For more such valuable lists, follow Cashify!

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