Home theatres are a luxury item that goes perfectly with your Smart TV. You can purchase various kinds of Bluetooth home theatres and set them up around different corners of your media room for the ultimate entertainment experience. However, there are plenty of home theatre systems available online. Their price ranges vary pretty drastically as…2023-02-28 09:21:315 Best Bluetooth Home Theatres In India March 2023

5 Best Bluetooth Home Theatres In India March 2023


Your search for the best Bluetooth home theatres ends today, thanks to our well-curated list with entries from the likes of Sony and GOVO!

Updated: 28th Feb 2023, 09:21 IST
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    Tronica Super King
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    Philips Audio MMS2625B
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    Sony SA-D40
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    Sony HT-S20R
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Home theatres are a luxury item that goes perfectly with your Smart TV. You can purchase various kinds of Bluetooth home theatres and set them up around different corners of your media room for the ultimate entertainment experience. However, there are plenty of home theatre systems available online. Their price ranges vary pretty drastically as well. So, choosing the best home theatre system under your particular budget can be slightly tricky. You’ll have to consider aspects such as price, features, durability, after-sales services, and many more. We decided to make these decisions slightly more straightforward for you by curating the best Bluetooth home theatres that you can purchase today. These vary by price segments, making it easier to opt for a home theatre system based on your budget.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the entries, shall we?

Tronica Super King

Tronica Super King

Tronica isn’t one of the major home theatre brands in India. However, they have been known to manufacture some excellent Bluetooth home theatres for lower budget ranges. Bearing this in mind, the Tronica Super King is a decent choice if you don’t want to invest a considerable amount into a home theatre and want to experience the system first. These multimedia speakers are equipped with 5.1 surround sound, especially with a set of five satellite speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer. With their sounds combined, you’re provided with a vibrant sound experience for the price. It also has multiple connectivity options. You can use the home theatre system with a pen drive, SD card, or Bluetooth. Other connectivity options include FM and AUX. The FM is a particularly lovely addition as the built-in FM allows you to listen to preset channels. Overall, for the price, you’re getting a host of features.

Decent sound qualityBuild quality isn’t the best
Affordable pricing
Multiple connectivity options

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Philips Audio MMS2625B

Philips Audio MMS2625B

This Philips home theatre system is a truly wireless Bluetooth home entertainment system. Although you’ll have to deal with just 2.1 channel, the home theatre system is able to provide a 32W audio output, which is decent in this price segment. Moreover, you’re also getting the brand value and after-sales services of a reputed brand such as Philips. Coming to the system’s features, the cabinet material is made of wood. This results in a richer, deeper sound output. It also makes the system look and feel more expensive than it is. There are two satellite speakers with an 8W production on both. The subwoofer is able to provide a sound output of 15W. You can connect the home theatre system with your MP3 player, PC, or your TV. While we wouldn’t recommend this product for recently launched smart TVs, you can definitely pair it with older generation smart TVs for the best experience. Finally, Philips has also added an AUX connectivity to increase your connectivity options.

Decent durability2.1 Channel lags behind today’s competitor products
Reasonably priced
Good after-sales services

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GOVO GOSURROUND 920 best bluetooth home theatres

This GOVO GOSURROUND 920 is one of the best Bluetooth home theatres that you can use today and is a true value for money product. Although it only comes with a 2.1 Channel support, its high sound output and attractive features make up for the lack of a 5.1 Channel support. Moreover, the 2.1 Channel features 3D surround sound, elevating your entertainment experience to a whole new level. It’s also equipped with numerous connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, HDMI, AUX, USB, and OPT. Basically, regardless of the connectivity option you use, the home theatre system will support it. Additionally, the product also has an elegant design that’s perfect for modern entertainment systems. Coming to the sound output, the home theatre system provides 120W RMS DSP enabled 3D sound, replete with a High Definition Signature Sound technology from GOVO. Whether you’re playing games, listening to music, or binging your favourite Netflix show, the system will capture each sound. Finally, the different Movies, News, Music, and 3D modes ensure a personalised experience based on your activity. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, choose this Bluetooth home theatre.

Beautiful and minimalist designDoesn’t include 5.1 Channel support
Powerful sound output
Supports 3D surround sound

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Sony SA-D40

Sony SA-D40

With our fourth entry on this list, we’re entering the major leagues of the best Bluetooth home theatres. Sony is renowned for its audio products, whether they’re earphones, headphones, or home theatre systems. With the Sony SA-D40, you get the rich sound quality expected from the company, as well as an 80W audio output. The home theatre is also equipped with Sony’s Bass Reflex technology, enhancing the lows and providing an elegant contrast to the treble. Regarding connectivity, the home theatre system comes with wireless, Bluetooth, and USB options. With such great connectivity options, you can connect the system to your PC, TV, or music players with immaculate ease. Moreover, the black gloss finish on the speakers ensure that the sound system is an ideal fit for modern homes and entertainment systems. Basically, this Bluetooth home theatre option is a decent choice if you want the guarantee that comes with a brand like Sony but don’t want to spend too much money.

Elegant design and finish80W sound output isn’t the best in this price segment
Decent bass production
USB, Bluetooth, and wireless connectivity

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Sony HT-S20R

Sony HT-S20R best bluetooth home theatres

This Sony product is one of the best Bluetooth home theatres if you’re willing to spend close to INR 20,000 on your speaker system. It features Dolby Audio that’s coupled with a 5.1 channel surround sound technology. This sound technology works in tandem with two satellite speakers, a wired external subwoofer, and a soundbar to provide a cinematic audio quality. Moreover, with Wireless, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity, you don’t have to worry about playback interruptions or issues either. This home theatre system also has a whopping 400W audio output, ensuring the best bass and clearest of trebles. You can use different modes based on your requirements, from Standard to Music and Cinema. Additionally, thanks to HDMI Arc and Optical Connectivity, you can connect the entire system to your TV via a single cable connection. Overall, if budget isn’t an issue for you, this is the Bluetooth home theatre you should be purchasing!

Multiple connectivity modesThe design could have been much better
Massive 400W audio output
5.1 Channel support with Dolby Audio support

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Summing up

So, with these five entries, our list of the best Bluetooth home theatres is wrapped up. We’ve tried to provide you with multiple options based on your budget. From the basic Tronica Super King to one of the best Sony Bluetooth home theatres, there’s something for everyone on this list. If you think we’ve missed out on your favourite Bluetooth home theatre, let us know in the comment section below. For other such helpful lists, you can check out plenty of posts on Cashify!

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  • Home theatres provide a luxurious way to listen to music, watch movies, and play games.
  • The best Bluetooth home theatres are laden with the best features and provide the best bang for your buck.
  • Check out five of the best home theatre systems you can purchase today, at every budget segment!

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