Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, was founded in 1938. Since then, the company has spread its wings across multiple sectors and corners of the world. Moreover, the best Samsung microwave ovens are repeatedly counted among the top microwave ovens anywhere in the world. So, it’s natural for everyone to count on Samsung’s brand value…2023-02-28 09:18:105 Best Samsung Microwave Ovens In India March 2023

5 Best Samsung Microwave Ovens In India March 2023


Your search for the best Samsung microwave ovens ends here! Check out our list featuring some of the best Samsung ovens at different budget segments!

Updated: 28th Feb 2023, 09:18 IST
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    Samsung MS23A301TAK/TL
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Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, was founded in 1938. Since then, the company has spread its wings across multiple sectors and corners of the world. Moreover, the best Samsung microwave ovens are repeatedly counted among the top microwave ovens anywhere in the world. So, it’s natural for everyone to count on Samsung’s brand value and after-sales services for the best overall experience. If you’re on the lookout for a new microwave oven from Samsung, we’re here to help!

In this list, you’ll find the best Samsung microwave ovens in multiple budget ranges. In the beginning, we’ve featured the budget heroes who balance functionality and price beautifully. At the very end will be the premium products from Samsung’s microwave oven range, which are at the top of their class. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

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Samsung MS23A301TAK/TL

Samsung MS23A301TAK/TL

The first entry on our list of the best Samsung microwave ovens is one of the most affordable products from the company. This particular microwave oven comes with a decent 23L storage space, perfect for bachelors or small families. Furthermore, you’ll find around 16 preset cooking modes for making multiple types of dishes. There’s also an Auto Cook menu with which you can specify what you’re cooking and how much, and the microwave will do the rest of the work. The microwave also has decent looks, thanks to the black glass and hairline pattern exterior. Besides this, the ceramic interior makes the microwave very easy to clean.

However, that’s not all. It also features a Child Lock for extra safety and accident prevention. To minimise power usage, you can also utilise the Eco Mode that’s been added to the list of features. Overall, for the price you’re paying, it won’t get much better than this!

Pretty decent features for the priceDoes not include a grill
Affordable pricing
Good build quality and finish

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Samsung MS23J5133AG/TL

Samsung MS23J5133AG/TL

Next on our list of the best Samsung microwave ovens is this balanced and all-rounder product from the company. This microwave oven comes with a very sleek finish that’s been considered according to the CMF design trends and functionality factors. There are also 16 different recipe modes to take the hassle out of cooking for you. You’ll find plenty of healthy cooking recipes and modes in these recipe modes as well. Moreover, the Food Warming feature helps to keep your food warm at optimal temperatures without overcooking or spoiling the taste and textures. It can also function as a sous chef thanks to the butter and chocolate melting feature, which results in a smooth consistency for all your baking needs.

Samsung has also ensured that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the microwave. This is thanks to the smooth ceramic interior finish, which also provides perfect protection from bacterial and microbial growth. Overall, it’s a stylish product at a very reasonable pricing, making it fit for any kitchen!

Reasonable pricingDifficult to see inside due to the dark glass cover
Elegant design and aesthetics
16 recipe modes for easier cooking

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Samsung CE1041DSB3/TL

Samsung CE1041DSB3/TL best samsung microwave ovens

Now, we move on to the mid-budget segment for the best Samsung microwave ovens. While the traditional microwave ovens have some nifty features, adding a convection microwave oven to your kitchen can make your work a whole lot easier. So, we’ve listed this Samsung convection microwave oven as the third entry on our list. With the convection oven, you’ll get a more uniform level of cooking for your food items. Moreover, you can add baking, grilling, and roasting to the list of functions. This particular oven provides all these benefits, and also adds the Slim Fry Technology into the mix. With this technology, you can cook your favourite savoury snacks while using minimal oil. This also works together with the Tandoor Technology to make the perfect naans and tandoori rotis.

There’s also a Fermentation function, which enables you to create homemade yogurt for your dishes, or to have just as a healthy snack option. Additionally, Samsung has included the Child Lock feature to minimise accidents, and the Eco Mode will ensure that the oven uses minimal power when required. Finally, the 28L capacity makes the oven perfect for a large family. Basically, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more value for money microwave oven!

Loaded with nifty featuresOutdated design and aesthetics
Eco Mode minimises power usage
Convection technology adds more versatility

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Samsung MC32A7035CT/TL

Samsung MC32A7035CT/TL

This is another Samsung convection oven that falls into the premium segment for the best Samsung microwave ovens. It has an exceptionally large 32L storage capacity, which allows you to store a significant amount of food together. Of course, Samsung has also included the Auto Cook menu to make your cooking easier. Additionally, the Slim Fry technology has also been provided here to help you recreate some healthy dishes. For all your breads, you’ve got the exceptional Tandoori technology. Curd and dough can be homemade through the Fermentation technology as well. Coming to the design, its stainless steel body, coupled with the icy blue LEDs add a beautiful flair to the entire ensemble.

You can also stop the tray from rotating thanks to the Turntable Off feature. This will help you utilise the entire 32L storage capacity and cook multiple dishes together. Finally, the Wide Grill function adds better grilling and browning effects as compared to conventional ovens. So, you’ve got a premium package at a premium price!

Excellent 32L storage capacityCan be noisy during operations
Beautiful design elements
Wide Grill function results in exceptional grilling

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Samsung MC28A5025VP/TL

Samsung MC28A5025VP/TL best samsung microwave ovens

For the final entry on our list of the best Samsung microwave ovens, we have this Samsung product. It comes with a 28L storage capacity, which is ideal for mid-sized families. Apart from this, you get a convection oven functionality which can add plenty of versatility to your cooking. Samsung’s Auto Cook menu has been provided with the microwave as well, resulting in a much easier cooking experience for bachelors and beginners, or when you’re just feeling too tired to cook. Moreover, if you’re watching your weight or are health conscious, the Slim Fry technology will help you eat your favourite savoury snacks as it will cook them with minimal oil.

You won’t have to worry about too much power usage, either. The microwave features Samsung’s signature Eco Mode, which reduces the energy consumption to the lowest amount when compared to the industry standard. Lastly, the Deodorization function will help you clean your microwave oven as it removes the lingering foul smells from the interior. Basically, if you want to buy a Samsung microwave oven, you won’t get a better product than this one!

Eco Mode reduces the standby power usageThe power wire has a very short length
Has all the latest features
Convection functionality adds more cooking options

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Final thoughts

Microwave ovens are some of the most essential home appliances that you can use today. So, when purchasing them, you’ll have to bear in mind your budget and the level of functionality you’re looking for. With these Samsung ovens, you’ll find some of the best features at each price segment. Hopefully, with our list of the best Samsung microwave ovens, you should have a better understanding of what to expect at each price point. If you have any other recommendations for Samsung microwave ovens, post your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • Samsung has produced a few excellent products at every segment.
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  • We’ve selected the best Samsung microwave ovens for you at different price points right here!

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