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5 Best Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers In India May 2024


The best Eureka Forbes water purifiers provide the perfect balance between price, features, and durability. We’ve listed them at different price segments so that you can choose the perfect water purifier for your home!

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:33 IST
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Water purifiers have become an essential home appliance in almost every Indian household. Moreover, the best Eureka Forbes water purifiers have been trusted by Indian consumers for the better part of a decade. Since clean drinking water is often a scarcity in various parts of the country, a water purifier is a decent investment for the future. While the initial costs are high, the returns and benefits of this home appliance outweigh the costs. With Eureka Forbes being established in 1982 and becoming a household name in India, very few products from other companies can compete on this level. So, a good water purifier is necessary if you’re willing to invest in a home appliance for your family’s health.

Bearing this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best Eureka Forbes water purifiers you can purchase today. We’ve looked at different aspects, such as features and pricing, to ensure that there’s something for everyone. Without further ado, let’s check out the products!

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Sure Delight NXT

Sure Delight NXT

Starting off the list with our budget pick, we have the Eureka Forbes Sure Delight NXT. This is part of Eureka Forbes’ highly successful subsidiary, Aquaguard. Of course, with such a renowned label, you’re bound to get one of the best Eureka Forbes water purifiers for this price segment. Regarding its properties, the water purifier uses a few patented technologies. These include the likes of RO purification, which removes any contaminations from the water, and UV E-Boiling. The latter ensures that your drinking water is as clean and pure as water that has been on the boil for over 20 minutes.

Additionally, the water purifier uses seven different stages of water purification. These stages categorically remove any impurities and odours from the drinking water. The result is highly clean water that tastes as well as it looks. Furthermore, the water purifier has a large storage capacity of 6L, allowing you to store enough drinking water anytime during the day. Lastly, the purifier also comes with an energy-saving mode that automatically switches off the appliance when not in use. Overall, it’s an excellent purifier for the budget!

Aggressively pricesRequires frequent filter change
Plenty of decent features
Decent design

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If your budget falls around the INR 12,000 price range, you won’t get a better water purifier than Marvel by Eureka Forbes. This water purifier uses the company’s patented Active Copper Technology that infuses copper ions into the water. This is an excellent technology as copper-charged water is scientifically known to benefit the human body. Furthermore, other technologies, such as Taste Adjuster Technology and Mineral Guard Technology, ensure that the minerals in the water are locked in and the water tastes great. Its UV E-Boiling technology also blasts the water with UV rays, resulting in cleaner water all around.

The water purifier also ensures that every drop of water goes through six stages of purification, from filtration to copper infusion. While the design is slightly outdated, the water purifier’s features are definitely a winner. Moreover, it has a large tank capacity of 8L to ensure that you always have enough drinking water at all times.

Copper infusion technologyOutdated design
8L water capacity tank provided
Six stages of purification

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Marvel NXT

Marvel NXT best eureka forbes water purifers

The Eureka Forbes Marvel is one of the best Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers that you can buy today. It has been highly successful among consumers, and with Marvel NXT, the purification technology has been taken to the next level. Not only does this water purifier use the patented Active Copper technology to infuse copper ions into the water, but it also uses Zinc ions through the Zinc Booster technology. Zinc is also another mineral that has been known to increase the human body’s immunity levels. So, this water purifier comes with double the benefits. Additionally, it uses a few extra layers of filters to deliver Ultra Filtration, which eliminates any contaminants in the water.

Due to this Ultra Filtration technology, the water purifier requires only four stages of purification instead of six. This results in a reduced purification time as well. Apart from this, the water purifier can hold slightly over 6L of purified water. You can also use the product during power cuts, as it can dispense purified water without electricity as well. Lastly, the modern design aesthetic is perfect for the modern millennial in today’s homes!

Faster purification processWater storage capacity is slightly less at just 6L
Ultra Filtration Technology removes all contaminants
Beautiful design aesthetic

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Eureka Forbes is one of the frontlines for innovation in the water purifier industry. Considering this, the company has introduced even more innovative technology in one of its premium water purifiers, Ivory. The Ivory water purifier comes with a sleek and modern design that’s meant to fit in any home. Moreover, it uses the company’s Active Copper Technology to infuse copper ions into the water, thereby increasing the benefits we get from drinking the purified water. Apart from this, it has an LED indicator to provide multiple pieces of information, from when the tank is full to when the cartridges need to be replaced. You can also install it based on your preference, whether it’s mounted on the wall or placed on the tabletop.

The purifier has an auto operation system that allows it to filter water for 30 minutes after every 7.5 hours. This ensures that you always have clean drinking water without consuming too much electricity. Furthermore, the water purifier provides up to six stages of purification, from essential filtration to copper infusion. Finally, it comes with Eureka Forbes’ Smart App, which allows you to book and schedule maintenance, repairs, and get the details of your technician very quickly. Overall, it’s one of the best Eureka Forbes water purifiers in this budget segment.

Six filtration stages for purificationThe water filtration process could have been slightly faster
Infuses copper ions into the water to provide health benefits
Smart App makes maintenance much easier

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Aura best eureka forbes water purifers

For our final entry on the list of the best Eureka Forbes water purifiers, we have the Aura water purifier. This product is one of the best in the market, and is the perfect choice for you if your budget is on the premium side. In fact, the purifier provides complete safety with BIS-approved levels of copper and zinc in the water, post the filtration process. This is thanks to the patented Active Copper and Zinc Booster technology employed by the product. Additionally, it comes with eight stages of water purification, which also includes RO and UV treatment of the water, as well as Ultra Filtration. This prolonged and detailed filtration process results in the tastiest and cleanest water you can get from a product of this nature.

Other than this, it comes with an energy-saving mode which automatically shuts off power to the purifier when not in use. Eureka Forbes has also ensured you can use their signature Smart App with the purifier, making maintenance scheduling and troubleshooting much more straightforward and accessible. Basically, it’ll be difficult for you to find a better water purifier than this product on the market!

Eight stages of purificationBuild quality could have been a bit better
Smart App has been integrated into the product
Infuses both copper and zinc into purified water

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Final thoughts

Water purifiers have become an essential home appliance today. Gone are the days of manual filters with a highly limited storage capacity. With water quality deteriorating at a rapid pace in most parts of the country, access to clean drinking water can become an issue. Moreover, the iron levels in the water can do more harm than good for us. So, for a better and healthier lifestyle, this list of the best Eureka Forbes water purifiers should help you choose the one that fits your budget and home. If you think we’ve missed out on any fantastic Eureka Forbes water purifiers, let us know in the comments below. We’ll be sure to check them out!

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