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    All BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans For July 2022


    We have compiled a list of all the best and latest BSNL prepaid recharge plans down below.

    By Sushmita Choubey | 
    Updated: 30th Jun 2022 12:39 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans
      • Plans With Data And Unlimited Calling Benefits
      • SIM Validity Extension Plans
      • BSNL Prepaid SMS Packs
      • BSNL Full Talktime Topups
      • BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans With Free Online Streaming Subscription
      • BSNL ISD Plans
    • 2
      How To Recharge Your BSNL Number Through BSNL App?
    • 3
      How To Recharge BSNL Number Through BSNL Website?

    Highlights of the Story

    • Right now, BSNL only offers 2G and 3G services.
    • One of its popular plans is Rs. 187, offering 2GB/day data along with unlimited voice calls.
    • You can also avail OTT subscription via some of the recharge plans listed here.

    India’s oldest functioning cellular company, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), is a pioneer in providing good service with their affordable prepaid and postpaid recharge plans. Though it’s acceptable that the company was not able to transition to 4G and lost its competition in the market, BSNL data plans have saved the day.

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    Local call rates, BSNL to BSNL call rates, night call charges, local and national SMS packs, 2G and 3G services, and national and international roaming are some of the popular options available. If you are looking for a BSNL online recharge plan, then you would be happy to know that BSNL also offers attractive packages that suit the needs of its customers. Various mixes of different services are put forth at competitive rates below.

    BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans

    This would be a perfect way to analyse and choose your best pick. In addition, you can always go to the online recharge portal of BSNL and quickly get your recharge done.

    Plans With Data And Unlimited Calling Benefits

    These plans are for people who want a bundled package that covers data, unlimited calling and free SMSs. You can choose any of these BSNL prepaid recharge plans and get it going.

    PriceBSNL Prepaid Recharge Plan BenefitsValidity
    Rs 14710GB of data, unlimited calls30 days
    Rs 1872GB of data per day, unlimited calls28 days
    Rs 2473GB of data per day, unlimited calls30 days
    Rs 319Unlimited voice call75 days
    Rs 3472GB of data per day, unlimited calls56 days
    Rs 398Unlimited data benefit with no FUP limit, unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day30 days
    Rs 4291GB data per day, unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day81 days
    Rs 447100GB of data, unlimited calls60 days
    Rs 4991GB data per day, unlimited calls90 days
    Rs 6662GB data per day, unlimited calls120 days
    Rs 6990.5GB data per day, unlimited calls180 days
    Rs 7972GB data per day, unlimited calls365 + 30 Days
    Rs 9982GB data per day, unlimited calls240 days
    Rs 1,9993GB data per day, unlimited calls365 days

    SIM Validity Extension Plans

    The validity extension plans are always a must-have for users. Where some telecom operators offer extensions for incoming and outgoing service, BSNL, on the other hand, also gives out data to their customers as well.

    PriceBSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans BenefitsValidity
    Rs 5493 minutes of free voice calls8 days
    Rs 5610GB data10 days
    Rs 752GB data, 100 minutes of free voice calls60 days
    Rs 943GB data, 100 minutes of free voice calls90 days
    Rs 1063GB data, 100 minutes of free voice calls100 days
    Rs 1073GB data, 100 minutes of free voice calls, including Delhi and Mumbai circles100 days

    BSNL Prepaid SMS Packs

    If you’re short of SMS, you can always pick these SMS packs. They are quite affordable and offer a good sum of free SMSs.

    PriceRecharge Plan BenefitsValidity
    Rs 31500 SMS25 days
    Rs 521000 SMS30 days

    BSNL Full Talktime Topups

    Though in the age of unlimited calling, you won’t require a talk time balance. However, it is always best to have some money handy in your account.

    PriceRecharge Plan Benefits
    Rs 120Rs 98.69
    Rs 150Rs 124.12
    Rs 200Rs 166.49
    Rs 220Rs 220
    Rs 300Rs 251.24
    Rs 310Rs 259.71
    Rs 500Full Talktime of Rs 500
    Rs 550Full Talktime of Rs 550
    Rs 1000Rs 844.46
    Rs 1100Full Talktime of Rs 1100
    Rs 2000Full talk time benefit of Rs 2,000
    Rs 2200Full talk time benefit of Rs 2,200
    Rs 3000Full talk time value of Rs 3000
    Rs 3300Full Talktime of Rs 3300
    Rs 5000Rs 4234.29
    Rs 5500Full talk time benefit of Rs 5,500
    Rs 6000Rs 5081.75

    BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans With Free Online Streaming Subscription

    Recharge plans with an OTT subscription are a new sweet deal. For a monthly subscription, you can get your hands on the top OTT platform. Pick these plans if you want to explore the world of online streaming.

    PricePrepaid Recharge Plan BenefitsValidity
    Rs 982GB of data per day22 days
    Rs 2473GB of data per day, unlimited voice calls30 days
    Rs 4291GB of data per day, unlimited voice calls81 days
    Rs 447100GB data, unlimited voice calls60 days
    Rs 1,9993GB of data per day, unlimited voice calls365 days

    BSNL ISD Plans

    International roaming packs are for the ones who are on vacation. These affordable ISD plans are quite affordable and work efficiently.

    PricePrepaid Plan BenefitsValidity
    Rs 18Rs 8.5 per minute to Nepal30 days
    Rs 23Rs 6.49 per minute to Bahrain, 3.0 per SMS30 days
    Rs 27Rs 2.49 per minute to Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong, Rs 3 per SMS30 days
    Rs 41Calls to Canada, Singapore, China, and the US at Rs 1.49 per minute, Rs 3 per SMS30 days
    Rs 57Activation/extension of pre-paid International roaming30 days

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    How To Recharge Your BSNL Number Through BSNL App?

    1. Download My BSNL App from the Play Store.
    2. Accept the terms and conditions and move ahead.
    3. On the succeeding page, a login window will appear. If you just want to do recharge, click on No Thanks.
    4. Click on the recharge options out of the option displayed.
    5. Click on the Add Account option that appears in the lower half of the screen.
    6. Enter the required information and generate OTP.
    7. Once OTP arrives, type it.
    8. Enter the required details and select the plan you want to go for.
    9. Click on the pay option and re-enter your mobile number.
    10. Select the medium through which you want to pay.
    11. If you want to pay through card, select Card option for payment and enter the details of card that are required.
    12. Once you get the OTP, enter it.
    13. If you want to pay through PhonePe or PayTM, you can pay just by entering your UPI pin.
    14. Once you make payment, your recharge is done.

    How To Recharge BSNL Number Through BSNL Website?

    1. Open BSNL recharge window directly by Clicking here.
    2. Enter the mobile number, e-mail ID, Contact details and any other information required.
    3. Click on the submit button once you enter the information that is asked for.
    4. If needed, re-enter your numbers.
    5. If not, choose the plan that you are looking for.
    6. Select the payment option.
    7. If you use UPI apps like PhonePe or PayTm, you can pay easily just by entering UPI pin.
    8. If you want to pay through card, enter the card information and wait till the OTP is generated.
    9. Enter OTP when it arrives.
    10. You have successfully recharged your BSNL mobile number.


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