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9 Best Smartwatches For Kids In India June 2024


There are several smartwatches for kids that are excellent choices whether your child is asking for one or if you’re considering using one to track them while they play outside on the weekends.

- Updated: 1st Jun 2024, 15:12 IST
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    Best Smartwatch For Kids in Jan 2024
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    Best Smartwatches For Kids
    • 1. GOQii Smart Vital Junior
    • 2. Noise Champ 2 Smartwatch
    • 3. Turet 4G Kids Smartwatch
    • 4. WatchOut Wearables Next-Gen Kids Smartwatch
    • 5. Apple Watch SE Cellular
    • 6. Fastrack New Reflex Play
    • 7. Inbase Urban Fab
    • 8. Noise Explorer Kids Smart Watch
    • 9. Noise Scout Kids Smartwatch
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    Summing Up
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    • Which smartwatch brand is good for kids?
    • What is a good smartwatch for a 10-year-old?
    • Should I get my 5-year-old a smartwatch?
    • Should I buy a smartwatch for my kid?
    • Can kid’ smartwatches make calls?

The best smartwatch for kids can be a great idea if you want to keep track of your children’s activity and whereabouts. Hence, a wristwatch for kids is a terrific entry-level technology if your child is interested in owning their device. It can keep them occupied with games and put you at ease with features like location monitoring and task reminders.

In this article, we have listed the best smartwatch for kids. As you’re about to learn, just a few companies sell smartwatches made exclusively for children. Each different smartwatch, though, provides a unique set of features.

Best Smartwatch For Kids in Jan 2024

Let’s explore the current price for the best smartwatches for kids before looking at the features:

  1. GOQii Smart Vital Junior @ at Rs. 1,440.
  2. Noise Champ 2 Smartwatch @ Rs. 1,999.
  3. Turet 4G Kids Smartwatch @ Rs. 7,999.
  4. WatchOut Wearables Next-Gen Kids Smartwatch @ Rs. 10,999.
  5. Apple Watch SE Cellular @ Rs. 33,899.
  6. Fastrack New Reflex Play @ Rs. 3,695.
  7. Inbase Urban Fab @ Rs. 1,689.
  8. Noise Explorer Kids Smart Watch @ Rs. 5,499.
  9. Noise Scout Kids Smartwatch @ Rs. 4,999.

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Best Smartwatches For Kids

Now that we have covered the price for the best smartwatch for kids let’s explore each in more detail to help you choose the right one for your requirements.

1. GOQii Smart Vital Junior

Kids Watch 1

The first among the best smartwatch for kids is the GOQii Smart Vital Junior smartwatch, a primary and entry-level watch made especially for children. You also get a health service, and it’s purchased in a three-month personalised coaching subscription. This subscription includes fun, engaging, informative activities, nutrition classes, and pediatric consultations. The magnetic pin charger of this watch is also easily usable and makes the charging process very easy. GOQii also promises seven days of battery life with this device. Your kids can also view personalised notifications through this watch, which supports Bluetooth connectivity. It’s available for less than Rs. 2,000 in India and can be purchased from leading online retail stores.

Seven days battery lifeNo GPS or calling support
Magnetic pin charger
Dust and water-resistant

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2. Noise Champ 2 Smartwatch

Noise Champ 2 Smartwatch

Next on the best smartwatch for kids list is the Noise Champ 2 Smartwatch, which has a vivid 1.4-inch TFT LCD and fifteen sports modes. With its health assessment score and comprehensive health tracker, you can find out how your child is doing with intuitive ratings and metrics. The watch also seamlessly works with the NoiseFit app, and you can customize its features according to your link. It also has a scheduler that includes reminding your kids about essential healthy habits, such as drinking water or washing their hands after some time. Kids can also select their favourite watch face, with over 150+ customized watch faces. You can usually buy this watch for less than Rs. 3,000 in India, and it could be an excellent watch for a child’s well-being.

Four different colour optionsNo calling support
Health Tracker
Schedule different activities

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3. Turet 4G Kids Smartwatch

Turet 4G Kids Smartwatch

This one comes with 4G SIM and calling support in the best smartwatch for kids list. The Turet 4G smartwatch comes with a video call camera, where they can contact their kids during emergency scenarios. The GPS tracker for kids embedded into the Turet smartwatch also provides live tracking capability. With this, you can easily track the live location of your child so that you are aware of his exact location. With the help of this watch, kids’ parents can also call and connect with their kids without any separate mobile phone.

Parents may install a digital imaginary electric fence everywhere, including in their homes. When the child leaves or enters the specified location, the watch transmits in-and-out alerts. This way, you can always be aware of your kids’ area and playing field. With all these features, this watch is available for less than Rs. 10,000 in India and is a must-buy for most parents.

Dedicated SOS panic buttonOnly 2 days of battery life
Inbuilt camera
Calling support

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4. WatchOut Wearables Next-Gen Kids Smartwatch

Watch Out Watch

We now have another 4G calling smartwatch, which is the WatchOut Next-Gen Kids watch. This best smartwatch for kids has been trendy recently and probably deserves all the accolades because of its features. Keep in touch with your child at all times, as video calls may be started at any time, anywhere, by both parents and children. It also includes an MP3 player and integrated speaker that offers up to 10 hours of music playback, making it ideal for listening to music or audiobooks.

The case material is also very sturdy, with dust and water resistance, so your child can always wear this without worrying about the environment. It also has a take-off sensor that alerts you whenever the watch is removed from your kid’s hands, with an SOS button warning in emergencies. This watch can be brought for around Rs. 12,000 in India from leading online shopping portals.

Built-in MP3 PlayerLow battery life
Take off sensor
Built-in camera

Buy on Amazon

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5. Apple Watch SE Cellular

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE (40mm GPS+Cellular)

Apple Watch SE (40mm GPS+Cellular)
Compatible OS
Compatible OS
324 x 394 pixels325 ppi, LTPO OLED
Rectangular, CurvedAluminium, Silicon

Naturally, a list of smartwatches would only be complete with an Apple Watch. Although it wasn’t designed with children in mind, the Apple Watch SE Cellular is a fantastic wristwatch with notable features and parental controls for older children or teen kids. This best smartwatch for kids lets you make and receive calls and texts monitors your child’s sleep patterns, includes cutting-edge health trackers and an SOS function, and can link with many applications.

You can monitor your child’s location, set up shared contacts and parental restrictions like screen time usage, and more. With Apple’s Family Setup, they can sync their Apple Watch with yours, so you have complete control even if they don’t have their own iPhone or are using the parent’s iPhone. Although it costs less than Rs. 30,000 in India, with all of these features and its longevity, the Apple Watch SE is a must-buy if you have the budget to spend.

Inbuilt GPSOnly works with iPhones
Parental control support
Multiple watches faces support

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6. Fastrack New Reflex Play

Fastrack New Reflex Play smartwatch for kids is a delightful blend of fun and fitness. With its sleek design and a plethora of features, it keeps children engaged and motivated. Accurate step tracking, calorie counting, and activity monitoring enable kids to track their progress and set new goals.

This best smartwatch for kids offers call and WhatsApp notifications, a phone finder, music and camera control, and a protective SOS feature. It is perfect for active kids with a durable silicone strap and water resistance.

Pros Cons
Sleek and stylish designThick bezels
WhatsApp notifications, activity tracking, and moreLimited size choices
Silicone strap and water resistance
Compatible with Android and iOS devices
Parent monitoring for added safety
Long battery life and real-time GPS tracking

7. Inbase Urban Fab

Inbase Urban Fab Smartwatch is an innovative and stylish device for kids. With its colourful and attractive design, this smartwatch keeps children connected and active while offering a fun and educational experience.

Equipped with step tracking, fitness monitoring, and messaging capabilities, This best smartwatch for kids ensures a safe and convenient way to stay connected and engaged. Whether at school, playing with friends, or exploring the outdoors, the Inbase Urban Fab Smartwatch is the perfect companion for kids to stay connected and have fun.

Vibrant and attractive designNo GPS
Step tracking and fitness monitoring
Water-resistant for added durability
Compatible with both Android and iOS devices

8. Noise Explorer Kids Smart Watch

The Noise Explorer Kids Smart Watch is designed to keep kids safe and entertained while giving parents peace of mind. With real-time GPS tracking and geo-fencing alerts, parents can monitor their children’s location and receive notifications when they enter or leave designated safe zones. Two-way video calling allows for vivid communication, while features like school mode and habit reminders promote focus and responsibility.

The dedicated Noise Amigo app gives parents control over calls, texts, and camera access, ensuring a safe and secure experience. With durable construction and a vibrant Phantom Blue design, this smartwatch offers the perfect balance of safety and fun for kids and parents alike.

9. Noise Scout Kids Smartwatch

The Noise Scout Kids Smartwatch is a stylish, feature-packed device designed to give parents peace of mind while allowing kids to explore freely. Utilizing assisted GPS and satellite sensors, it provides precise real-time location tracking within 3 meters, while 4G video and voice calling ensure seamless communication.

Safe zone alerts and an SOS button add layers of safety, while habit reminders and in-built games foster independence and entertainment. With the rechargeable battery lasting up to 3 days and the companion Buddy App for comprehensive parental control, this sleek Racing Black smartwatch is the perfect companion for active kids and vigilant parents.

Summing Up

Most medical professionals believe youngsters shouldn’t use a smartwatch until they are at least eight. Hence, you should buy the best smartwatch for kids after a certain age. They may be used to monitor your child’s activity level, keep track of their position, and alert you if they leave a safe area in addition to monitoring their whereabouts.

In addition, many GPS tracking watches have capabilities like two-way calling and SOS emergencies, which can comfort parents by ensuring that their child can always contact them in an emergency. Make sure to conduct your homework on the many smartwatches to choose one that will suit your child’s needs.


Which smartwatch brand is good for kids?

Several smartwatch brands offer reliable options for kids, but some popular choices include GOQii, Noise, Turet, WatchOut Wearables, Apple, Fastrack, and Inbase Urban Fab.

What is a good smartwatch for a 10-year-old?

A suitable smartwatch for a 10-year-old should balance fun features with safety and durability. Options like GOQii Smart Vital Junior, Noise Champ 2, and Turet 4G Kids Smartwatch are worth considering.

Should I get my 5-year-old a smartwatch?

While getting a smartwatch for your child can have benefits, such as location tracking and communication abilities, it’s essential to consider factors like their age, maturity level, and your specific needs as a parent before making a decision.

Should I buy a smartwatch for my kid?

Smartwatches for kids offer features like communication, location tracking, and limited distractions compared to smartphones. They can benefit both parents and children, providing peace of mind and facilitating communication.

Can kid’ smartwatches make calls?

Many kids’ smartwatches come with calling features, allowing children to make and receive voice or video calls from parent-approved contacts. Additionally, they may include other features like GPS tracking and activity monitoring.

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