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All Vi Data Plans List June 2024


Vi Data Plans are amazing for you to make use of instantly in case you run out of your daily data quota. Here’s the complete list!

- Updated: 2nd Jun 2024, 09:57 IST
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    Vi Data Plans List
    • Rs. 19 Vi Data Plan
    • Rs. 48 Vi Data Plan
    • Rs. 58 Vi Data Plan
    • Rs. 98 Vi Data Plan
    • Rs. 118 Vi Data Plan
    • Rs. 298 Vi Data Plan
    • Rs. 418 Vi Data Plan
  • 2
    Vi Disney+ Hotstar Data Plans
    • Rs. 601 Vi Plan
    • Rs. 901 Vi Plan
    • Rs. 3099
    • Other Data Plans
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    Vi Data Plans: How to Recharge?

Vodafone-Idea, aka Vi, offers quite a few data packs for you to make use of. These Vi data plans seem to be especially important on days you consume your entire internet quota. The good thing, these plans start at as low as Rs. 19. You can choose from a total of eight plans at your convenience.

These data packs are not what you get with the vi data plans 4GB per day or 3GB and lower data limits per day. Data plans are exclusive plans that offer only data. Some plans do offer additional benefits like an OTT complimentary subscription, but that is it. Unlike prepaid recharge plans, these data plans do not offer unlimited calling or SMS.

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Vi Data Plans List

Without any further ado, here is a quick rundown of all the Vodafone-Idea data plans:

Rs. 1924 Hours1GB Total Data
Rs. 292 Days2GB Total Data
Rs. 397 Days3GB Total Data
Rs. 757 Days6GB Total Data
Rs. 11828 Days12GB Total Data, no outgoing sms
Rs. 5828 Days3GB Total Data
Rs. 10815 Days6GB Total Data, ad-free music for three months
Rs. 15130 Days8GB Total Data, disney+hotstar for three months

Rs. 19 Vi Data Plan

First off, in the Vi Data packs List is the Rs. 19 data pack. Yes, it just costs Rs. 19 and offers a total of 1GB of data. This is an incredible pack to have when you run out of daily quota and need just a GB more to get through the day.

Whether you forgot to update apps over Wi-Fi or ended up finishing your quota by watching Netflix or YouTube, this pack is there to save your day. In addition, the pack offers a validity of 24 hours, so, definitely and quite literally, to get you through a day.

Rs. 48 Vi Data Plan

The next plan offers 2GB of total data for you to make use of. However, the validity here bumps all the way up to 21 days. So, you have that much time to use the extra 2GB. This will come in very handy during sessions of extreme internet consumption, and you need that extra juice.

Rs. 58 Vi Data Plan

Next up is the Rs. 58 Vi 4G data plan in this Vi recharge plan 2022 list. This plan costs Rs. 10 more than the previous plan and also offers 1GB more. In total, we get 3GB of data to work with. When it comes to the validity of this particular, it is that of 28 days.

Rs. 98 Vi Data Plan

The Rs. 98 Vi recharge pack offers a total of 9GB of data. Moreover, as a subscriber of this particular plan, you get 21 days to consume this data post which, the data shall expire. Costing Rs. 40 more than the previous plan, it offers 6GB more data as well.

Rs. 118 Vi Data Plan

The next plan on this Vi recharge plan 2022 list costs Rs. 10 more. The Rs. 118 plan offers users 12GB of total data to make use of. In addition, this Vi data pack also brings a validity of 28 days to the tablet. By paying Rs. 20 extra, you get 2GB more data than the Rs. 98 plan if you do the math.

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Rs. 298 Vi Data Plan

The Rs. 298 data recharge plan may seem like a significant bump up in terms of price from the previous Rs. 118 plan. Wait till you hear how much data it offers. This particular pack in this Vi recharge plan list 2022 brings a staggering 50GB of total data to the table. Moreover, you get 28 days to consume the data. If you are someone who does not have a broadband connection and terribly needs the additional 50GB data, this is it for you!

Rs. 418 Vi Data Plan

The Rs. 418 Vi recharge pack in this list offers the most amount of data. You get a whopping 100GB of total data! This is indeed a mind boggling amount of data that you can make use of and kind of NEVER run out of it. Besides, you also get a validity of 56 days, which is great. This allows you to get more time to finish off the data before it reaches expiry.

Vi Disney+ Hotstar Data Plans

Rs. 60128 Days3GB/Day + 16GB EXTRA, Unlimited Calls, 100 SMS/Day, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for 1 Year
Rs. 90170 Days3GB/day, Unlimited Calls, 100 SMS/Day, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for 1 Year
Rs. 3099365 Days1.5GB/day, Unlimited Calls, 100 SMS/Day, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for 1 Year

Rs. 601 Vi Plan

From here the plans will be a little costlier. However, it also does offer a significant amount of data and additional benefits to make up for the price. For starters, subscribers of this Vi data pack get 3GB/Day + 16GB extra data. In addition, users of the pack also get access to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for an entire year. On top of that, the plan offers a validity period of 28 days.

Rs. 901 Vi Plan

The Rs. 901 plan will set you back with 3GB data per day for a total of 70 days. It offer unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. Of course, you will also get the complimentary Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for an entire year.

Rs. 3099 Vi Plan

This is most expensive plan in the Disney+ Hotstar Data Plans. Being heavy on pockets, it brings you amazing benefits. Users will get 1.5 GB data per day for the duration of 365 days! Not only this, but you will also get truly unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day.

Other Data Plans

Data PlanValidityBenefits
Rs. 82 14 Days4GB Data, SonyLIV mobile for 28 days
R. 69828 Days10GB Data, SonyLIV mobile for 1 year
Rs. 29828 DaysWork-from-home offer – 50GB Data, Vi Movies and TV
Rs. 557 Days3.3GB Data, ad-free music for 1 month
Rs. 41856 Days100GB Data, Vi Movies and TV
Rs. 251 Day1.1GB Data, ad-free music for 7 days
Rs. 999365 Days50GB Data
Rs. 5128 Days1GB Data

Vi Data Plans: How to Recharge?

Vodafone Idea Prepaid Recharge Plan Price Hike

In order to recharge your Vi SIM with the data packs, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Head over to the official Vodafone-Idea recharge plans website or head over to the Google Play Store and App Store to download the official app.

Step 2: Now, under the prepaid plans section, select prepaid plans.

Step 3: In here, tap on the ‘Data’ section and you will see all the Vi Recharge Packs listed here.

Step 4: Beside each plan, you will see the ‘Buy Pack’ button. Tap on this beside your desired plan.

Step 5: Select your mode of payment and just like that, you have successfully recharged your Vi SIM with a data plan!

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We do hope that this list of Vi Data Plans help you in getting your hands on the best data plan during times of need!


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