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    All Jio Data Plans List 2022


    Jio Data Plans offer a wide variety of packs starting at just Rs. 15! We also get Work From Home-specific packs starting at Rs. 181. Check full list here!

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 2nd May 2022 13:53 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Jio Add On Packs
      • Rs. 26 Jio Add On Pack
      • Rs. 62 Jio Add On Pack
      • Rs. 86 Jio Add On Pack
      • Rs. 122 Jio Add On Pack
      • R
    • 2
      Jio Data Plans
      • Rs. 15 Jio Data Plan
      • Rs. 25 Jio Data Plan
      • Rs. 61 Jio Data Plan
      • Rs. 121 Jio Data Plan
    • 3
      Jio Work From Home Data Plans
      • Rs. 181 Jio Work From Home Data Plan
      • Rs. 241 Jio Work From Home Data Plan
      • Rs. 301 Jio Work From Home Data Plan
    • 4
      Jio Cricket Packs
      • Rs. 659 Cricket Pack
    • 5
      Jio Data Plans: How To Recharge?

    Highlights of the Story

    • Jio Data Plans start from just Rs. 15!
    • Work from Home Data packs start from Rs. 181 and offer way more data.
    • Here is a complete list of all the Jio data plans!

    Jio is known for offering a wide variety of prepaid recharge plans at comparatively affordable prices. The Jio data plans are amazing add-ons to have on top of your base prepaid recharge plans as well. These add-on data plans come to the rescue when you run out of your daily data limit.

    In addition, there are standard Jio data plans as well which offer a certain amount of total data. These plans offer a validity that is based on your current active plan’s validity. Then, there is Work from Home packs as well which were specifically rolled out to cater to the at-home working requirements of individuals during the ongoing pandemic. We have put together all these plans under one roof with this complete Jio data recharge plans list 2021.

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    Jio Add On Packs

    These Jio data add-on plans offer a certain validity and either a daily data quota or total data to be used. Here is a quick look at the list:

    Rs. 2628 Days2GB Total Data
    Rs. 6228 Days 6GB Total Data
    Rs. 8628 Days 0.5GB/Day
    Rs. 12228 Days 1GB/Day
    Rs. 18228 Days 2GB/Day

    Rs. 26 Jio Add On Pack

    This Add-on Jio data plan is the cheapest of all the add on packs. At Rs. 26, the plan offers users a total data of 2GB. Moreover, this plan comes with a validity of 28 days.

    Rs. 62 Jio Add On Pack

    The next plan costs Rs. 62 and offers 6GB of total data instead of 2GB of data. The plan comes with the same 28 days validity period as well.

    Rs. 86 Jio Add On Pack

    The Rs. 86 Jio add on pack offers 0.5GB or 500MB of data on a daily basis. In total, users get 14GB of data. This plan comes with a validity period of 28 days as well.

    Rs. 122 Jio Add On Pack

    The Rs. 122 Jio add on pack offers its users 1GB of data per day. In total, it offers double the previous plan, at 28GB. Like the other three add-on jio data recharge plans, this pack brings a 28 days validity period to the table as well.

    Rs. 182 Jio Add On Pack

    This is the costliest of all the Jio add on packs and at Rs. 181, offers 2GB of data per day to its users. This stands at 56GB of data in total when taking into account the 28 days validity period of the plan.

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    Jio Data Plans

    Jio Prepaid Recharge

    The standard Jio data plans will last for as long as your currently active plan lasts. Without any further ado, here is the full list of the standard Jio data packs:

    Rs. 15Same as Currently Active Plan1GB Total Data
    Rs. 25Same as Currently Active Plan 2GB Total Data
    Rs. 61Same as Currently Active Plan 6GB Total Data
    Rs. 121Same as Currently Active Plan 12GB Total Data

    Rs. 15 Jio Data Plan

    First off, the Rs. 15 plan by Jio is definitely the most affordable option on this list. For just Rs. 15, the pack offers 1GB of total data for Jio users to make use of. However, the standard data plans by the telecom giant come with a validity that is based on your currently active plan’s validity.

    Rs. 25 Jio Data Plan

    Next up, at Rs. 10 more, the Rs. 25 data pack by Jio offers 2G of total data to use. Moreover, just like the first plan on the list, this plan’s validity will also be based on the validity of your currently active plan.

    Rs. 61 Jio Data Plan

    The Rs. 61 Jio data plan offers 6GB of total data. Like the previous two plans on this list, the validity of this plan is also based on the user’s currently active plan.

    Rs. 121 Jio Data Plan

    This is the last standard data plan on this list by Jio data plan which is priced at Rs. 121. Costing double what the previous plan costs, it also offers double the data. You guessed it right, the plan offers 12GB of total data.

    Jio Work From Home Data Plans

    Work from Home packs, like Jio add-on packs, offer a validity period and are not based on your current plan’s validity. Moreover, unlike add-on packs that offer a daily quota, for the most part, these work from home packs offer a good amount of data to work with without any quota. So, you could use it all in one day or use it across the span of thirty days or so, as per your need and convenience. Without any further ado, here is the full list:

    Rs. 18130 Days30GB Total Data
    Rs. 24130 Days40GB Total Data
    Rs. 30130 Days50GB Total Data

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    Rs. 181 Jio Work From Home Data Plan

    The Rs. 181 Jio data recharge pack is the most affordable option under the Work from Home data packs section. This particular plan offers users a total data of 30GB. In addition, the plan also offers users a validity of 30 days. So, even if you do not have a currently active plan, this is something that will come in handy.

    This is because, like the standard Jio data plans, the validity of this pack will not be based on your currently active pack. What this means is that even if you do not have an active plan at the moment, you will still get the validity of 30 days. Moreover, once you consume the total data, your speeds will drop at 64kbps.

    Rs. 241 Jio Work From Home Data Plan

    The next Jio Work from Home data plan is priced at Rs. 241. This particular plan offers 10GB more than the Rs. 181 data plan. So, instead of 30GB of data, you get 40GB of total data. Moreover, just like the Rs. 181 Jio data recharge pack, this particular pack offers 30 days of validity as well. Upon consumption of the total data, speeds will drop to 64kbps, like the previous plans.

    Rs. 301 Jio Work From Home Data Plan

    Lastly, the Rs. 301 Jio Work from Home data pack offers a whopping 50GB of data. Like the other data recharge packs by Jio, the speeds will decrease to 64kbps post-consumption. In addition, we get the same 30 days validity as the other Work from Home plans on this list.

    Jio Cricket Packs

    Rs. 659 Cricket Pack

    This Reliance Jio 4G data pack has a bunch of great benefits. Cricket Pack costs Rs 659 and includes a year of complimentary Disney+ Hostar Mobile membership. The data pack also includes 1.5GB of data every day and a 56-day validity period. This adds up to 84GB of data over the duration of the validity period. The bundle is ideal for cricket fans who wish to watch matches on mobile phones.

    Jio Data Plans: How To Recharge?


    In order to recharge with a data plan by the telecom service provider, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Head over to the official Jio prepaid plans website or download and install the MyJio app from Google Play Store (Android)/App Store (iOS).

    Step 2: On the website, under prepaid plans look for the ‘4G Data Voucher’ and ‘Jio Data Add ON’ sections. Here, you will come across all the plans on this list. Similarly, for app users, you just have to open the app and tap on recharge on the main screen. Then, you will be redirected to the prepaid plan’s sections wherein you can look for the ‘4G Data Voucher’ and ‘Work From Home Data Packs’ sections for all the plans.

    Step 3: Now, in both the website and app, there is a ‘Buy’ button beside all these plans. Tap on that. Once that is done, on the website, you will be asked to type in your mobile number whereas, on the mobile, you will be redirected to the payments options.

    Step 4: Choose your mode of payment and there you go, you have successfully recharged with your desired Jio data plan!

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    We hope these Jio data plans are exactly what you need to power through your Work from Home and other internet requirements!


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