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5 Best IFB Top Load Washing Machines In India June 2024


IFB is currently one of India’s top consumer electronics brands. Therefore, IFB washing machines should be your top pick if you’re seeking top-loading washing machines.

- Updated: 1st Jun 2024, 19:58 IST
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    Best IFB Top Load Washing Machines In India
    • 1. IFB 7 kg 5 Star Top Load Washing Machine (TL R1WH)
    • 2. IFB 7 kg 5 Star Top Load Washing Machine (TL RES)
    • 3. IFB 7 kg 3D Wash Technology Top Load Washing Machine (TL RGS)
    • 4. IFB 9 KG Top Load Washing Machine (TL-SLBS)
    • 5. IFB 9.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (TL-SDIN)
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    Final Thoughts

IFB is one of India’s most trusted and customers’ favourite brands, and its washing machines are no different. Currently, the company sells products in the categories like laundry, cooking, home, and industrial uses, as well as additives and accessories. If we look at its home appliances range, IFB also offers dishwashers, microwave ovens, and other cooking appliances. The Indian brand also manufactures top-load washing machines with fully automatic functionality. These machines from the manufacturer are customers’ favourites and offer an innovative feature set.

Hence, in this article, we will take a look at some of the best top-load washing machines from IFB. All these washing machines are fully automatic and hence require no further assistance when the washing procedure begins. Also, these products offer superior cleaning performance with high durability. So, let’s check out all the machines.

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Best IFB Top Load Washing Machines In India

We have listed the top five top load washing machines from IFB available in India. All the machines listed here are available across the whole of India, and we have provided their best-buying links as well.

1. IFB 7 kg 5 Star Top Load Washing Machine (TL R1WH)

IFB 7 Kg Smart Sense Top Load

The first IFB top load washing machine on our list is the IFB 7 kg Top Load Washing Machine, which has an intelligent weight sensor and eight different wash programmes. The device automatically adjusts the settings to save water and detergent based on the weight of the clothes or laundry stored inside the bucket. The washing machine also cleans and freshens your garments by utilising up to eight wash programmes that precisely wash your clothes according to your needs.

This device also has a small LED display, which shows the chosen wash cycles and programmes for ease. Additionally, this appliance has straightforward buttons that are easy to understand. Another intriguing feature of this washing machine is that it collects lint and microfibres that escape from garments during the wash cycle, leaving you with neat and clean results. The device is usually available for less than Rs. 20,000 in India and is readily available from online and offline electronic retailers.

Eight different wash programmes720 rpm spin speed is a bit slow for drying clothes
Number LED display
Smart weight sense detection

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2. IFB 7 kg 5 Star Top Load Washing Machine (TL RES)

IFB 7 Kg Top Load

Coming to the next top load washing machine from IFB, it’s yet another 7 Kg top load fully automatic product from the company, which also has voltage protection. With this machine, you can wash your clothes with maximum efficiency and significantly less effort. It has a cutting-edge Aqua Energie feature that allows you to thoroughly clean your garments without sacrificing their quality. To ensure that your clothing is thoroughly washed, this washing machine’s Deep Clean function employs Triadic Pulsator Cleaning technology.

Further, to improve your overall washing experience, it also has extra features like Active Color Protection, Hard Water Wash, Program Memory Backup, and Smart Sense. With a sturdy, crescent-shaped stainless steel drum, this washing machine provides a gentle wash experience, protecting your clothes from wear and tear. All these features make this washing machine one of the best buys in the sub-20,000 price category. You can easily buy this device from all leading electronic retailers across India.

Child lock functionalityNot ideal for families with more than 4 members
10 years motor warranty
Hard water wash

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3. IFB 7 kg 3D Wash Technology Top Load Washing Machine (TL RGS)

IFB 7 kg Tridiatic Pulsator

The third washing machine on our list is the IFB 7 kg 3D Wash Technology Top Load Washing Machine, which has a 3D wash technology alongside a triadic pulsator. Using nozzles inside the drum, the 3D Wash function circulates the water in a 360 degrees fashion to provide a dynamic movement. It consequently guarantees that your clothing is pristine. Also, this washing machine’s Aqua Energie function complies with the water inside the machine for effective laundry cleaning.

This appliance also features a filter treatment to dissolve the detergent for a soft and gentle wash efficiently. Also, the washing machine has a triadic pulsator cleaning engine that makes it simple to get rid of tough stains and gently wash your garments. The crescent moon drum of this washing machine creates a water cushion and saves your clothes from damage. The device also comes with an express wash mode as well, which cleans your laundry in about half an hour. You can buy this machine for less than Rs. 25,000 in India, and the device can be bought from leading electronic retailers in India.

Express WashOnly 6 different wash programmes
In-built wheels
Crescent moon drum bucket

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4. IFB 9 KG Top Load Washing Machine (TL-SLBS)

IFB 9 Kg Top load Washing Machine

The fourth IFB top load washing machine on our list is the IFB 9 kg Top Load washing machine, which has a built-in heater and a beautiful LED screen. The clothes on this machine are cleansed using a Dual Steam Cycle and a Hot Wash up to 60 °C, which ensures that your laundry is germ-free. This means that the crease of your laundry is done with the most significant cleanliness. Another great feature of this machine is an auto-tub cleaner feature that automatically cleans the tub before your next wash cycle.

Further, this washing machine also comes with a soft closening doo that slides slowly and full shuts down in a peaceful state, ensuring no damage to the engine. While the drying procedure is going on, the device also has an intelligent sensing mechanism, ensuring that the vibration or shaking is minimum during this procedure. The washing machine is available for Rs. 30,990 in India and is one of the best top load washing machines from IFB available in India.

4D WashIts 46 kg weight makes it difficult to move around
Auto Imbalance Vibration Control
Built-in heater

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5. IFB 9.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (TL-SDIN)

IFB 9.5 kg Top Load Washing Machine

The last washing machine on our list is the IFB 9.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, which has 12 different wash programmes and a four-star energy rating. Like the previous top load model, this one also comes with an inbuilt heater inside the machine. We also get a gigantic 9.5 kg bucket capacity, which is suitable for families with six-seven members. Further, a fantastic cleaning experience that is gentle on materials but effective on stains is also provided by this machine. When combined with Aqua Energie, the Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine and Bi-axial Rotation make garments glitter and crease-free.

The washing machine’s lint tower filter captures residual lint and loose fibres that would otherwise go down the drain and adversely affect the environment. This also means that your laundry’s germs are easily removable and cleaned regularly. The inbuilt smart weight sensor on the machine also automatically weighs the load, adjusting settings accordingly to save water and detergent. This particular model from IFB is available for Rs. 31,499 and is available from most leading electronic retailers in India.

Beautiful rotating knobOnly 4 years motor warranty
12 different wash programmes
Touch control

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it. We have now provided our list of the best IFB top-loading washing machines in India. One of the brand’s most prominent qualities is the exceptional warranty programme. For most of the company’s washing machines, there is a 10-year motor guarantee in addition to a minimum of two years of a comprehensive warranty. You can select any item from this list without giving it any second thought.

All washing machines are also well-built and adequately justify their prices. We also picked the best options in each price range for your convenience. Now that you have a quick look at this list, you can select an item based on your desired price limit. We hope the list is helpful, and if you have any feedback, do let us know in the comments section below.

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