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Comparing iPhone X Display to Latest Models: A Visual Evolution!


Have you been wondering how the Apple iphone x screen vs other mobile screen perform? Are you looking to get a screen replacement? Read the article to get some useful details about Apple iPhone x screen and Cashify’s seamless repair service benefits.

- Updated: 4th Jan 2024, 19:39 IST
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    How Is iPhone X Screen vs Other Mobile Phones?
    • Brightness Superiority:
    • Colour Accuracy and Calibration:
    • Design Advancement:
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    Repairing Your iPhone X Screen Vs Other! 
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    How Can Cashify Help You? 
    • Free Doorstep Pickup Schedule
    • Six-Months Warranty
    • Process Of Getting The iPhone X Repaired Through Cashify! 
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Have you ever wondered how is your iPhone X screen vs other models? How does it perform and if ever something goes wrong, what is the best way to repair it? If you are wondering the same, then this article is for you. 

The Apple iPhone X is a powerful device with all the essential features when it comes to performance, stability, and advanced features. In this article, you will get to know all the details about the iPhone X screen and what is the best way to repair it. I am going to tell you about a platform that is the best place in India to meet all repair needs for your mobile phone. I am talking about Cashify. Let’s get started! 

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How Is iPhone X Screen vs Other Mobile Phones?

Brightness Superiority:

Apple iPhone X outshines competitors with a remarkable 574 nits brightness, surpassing Pixel 2 XL (438 nits) and Note 8 (408 nits), making it the brightest among the compared devices.

Colour Accuracy and Calibration:

Apple iPhone X’s OLED screen excels in colour accuracy and precise display calibration, contributing significantly to its visual superiority compared to other smartphones in the same range.

Design Advancement:

Despite no significant increase in screen size or pixel count, the iPhone X’s display represents a noteworthy advancement in the visual evolution of the iPhone’s design.

Repairing Your iPhone X Screen Vs Other! 


Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X
Hexa Core (2.39 GHz, Dual core, Monsoon + 1.42 GHz, Quad core, Mistral)Apple GPU (three-core graphics)
463 ppi, OLED1125 x 2436 pixels
3840x2160 @ 60 fps, 1920x1080 @ 240 fps, 1280x720 @ 30 fpsSingle, 7MP
Wireless ChargingFast

I believe that when it comes to dealing with your iPhone Mobile Repair, you have to be extra careful. Since there are lots of players in the market that deal in this segment, most of them are unverified and local, and a customer can never be too sure about the kind of quality they can expect from these platforms. 

So, I would suggest you always pick a platform that is well-known, provides a warranty, has trained experts, and much more! Top-notch quality is essential when it comes to the iPhone X screen vs other phone models. 

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How Can Cashify Help You? 

Now that you know something about Apple iPhone X screen vs other mobile screens. Cashify can help in a lot of ways. Let us now explore them in detail:

Free Doorstep Pickup Schedule

With Cashify, you can schedule a free doorstep pickup service. You see, when we think of getting our phone repaired, it becomes a headache. Mainly because we don’t want to roam around the city to find a good repair shop; even if we find one, we can never be too sure of the quality of their service. With Cashify, the need to find a shop is eliminated. By choosing Cashify, you can schedule an Apple iPhone x repair just by sitting at your place, and a trained professional will pick the scheduled time and date. This way, it’s easy, simple, and convenient. 

Six-Months Warranty

When you go to a local shop, they barely give you any warranty. However, they give you the chance to check your screen performing well right then and there. But that’s just about it. They will not take any headache after that for your repair needs. With Cashify, trained professionals are going to handle your device. And they are so sure of their service that you will have a six-month warranty period for the mentioned part repaired. Along with that, you will also get a Free One-Month screen replacement free of cost through Cashify. 

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Process Of Getting The iPhone X Repaired Through Cashify! 

Now that you have seen the whole benefits of getting the iPhone X Screen vs others through Cashify, let us now tell you about the whole process. 

Here is the step-by-step guide to follow: 

  1. Open the website of Cashify or Download the Cashify App.
  2. Go to the Phone Repair section.
  3. In the search bar, Search for Apple iPhone X.
  4. Choose the variant of your device and the repair you want to access.
  5. Check the price and book a free doorstep pickup service. 

An executive will come and pick up your device in the next few days. Trained professionals will repair your device with advanced equipment and high-quality parts, and your device will be as good as new. 

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In the end, I can say that getting the iPhone X screen vs others repaired through Cashify is the best option in the market. Cashify is the market leader when it comes to repairing mobile phones. They have lots of models and brand options available to choose from. And even if you have any other mobile phone lying around apart from the iPhone X Screen, you can do so with Cashify’s top-notch service. 

Ultimately, a verified source is important when it comes to dealing with iPhones because they are premium devices and require extra care while dealing with a repair. 

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Are you still browsing through your broken screen? Don’t worry! Get your mobile phone screen repair at home with Cashify—an affordable and one-stop destination for all kinds of mobile repair.


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Highlights of the Story

  • In this article, we have discussed the Apple iPhone X screen vs other mobile screens.
  • Know about screen replacement for the device and how Cashify helps in the process.
  • Get an idea of all the benefits you can enjoy with Cashify repair service.