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Google Generative AI Features: 5 Things To Try Out


Google’s generative AI introduces transformative search enhancements, combining visual aids and efficient data overview. Dive deeper into the web with AI-curated content relevancy.


- Updated: 20th Oct 2023, 21:56 IST
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    1. Visual Enhancement of Search Results
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    2. Swift, Refined Search Overviews
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    3. Dive Deep into Topics of Interest
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    4. Aligning AI Overviews with Web Pages
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    5. Interaction With Generative AI Through Vertex AI
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    Generative AI in a Nutshell
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    How Google Generative AI Features Reshape Content Interaction
    • Google Generative AI Features and the Media Landscape
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As technology continues its exponential growth, Google is riding the forefront wave, constantly innovating and refining. Its most recent announcement has the tech world buzzing: the integration of generative AI into Search. In this exploration of Google Generative AI features we dive deep and underline its transformative potential for search experiences. Here are the top 5 things that you can try out on Generative AI.

1. Visual Enhancement of Search Results


Search is no longer a domain exclusive to textual information. The Google Generative AI features recognise that a picture speaks a thousand words. Now, whenever users seek information, they are not only presented with detailed textual overviews but also visual aids in the form of images. These images offer a richer understanding, aiding in clearer visualisation. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In upcoming updates, Google plans to incorporate videos in these search overviews, bringing dynamic visual demonstrations of a plethora of topics – from the intricacies of a yoga pose to tips on marble stain removal. The variety is huge and there for exploration.

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2. Swift, Refined Search Overviews

The digital age has, undoubtedly, made us impatient. We crave speed and efficiency, and Google’s Generative AI delivers. An innovative feature to look out for is the overview window that pops up in the search results. This window consolidates critical information, eliminating the need for users to comb through countless links. What’s more impressive is that Google has further finetuned this feature to generate overviews even faster, ensuring users get the information they seek in mere moments.

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3. Dive Deep into Topics of Interest

The AI-powered Search Experience (SGE) isn’t just a mechanism for quick answers but also a conduit for in-depth exploration. By presenting direct links to search results right alongside AI-curated overviews, Google invites users to a deeper exploration of the web’s vast reservoir of content. The addition of publication dates next to these links is a nod to the importance of relevance and timeliness in today’s fast-paced world.

4. Aligning AI Overviews with Web Pages

With Generative AI’s prowess, Google is striving for a more seamless user experience. They’re in the developmental stages of simplifying the process of finding web pages that correspond with AI-generated overviews.


This means that the content generated by AI will soon be more intuitively interlinked with related web pages, ensuring users find exactly what they’re looking for. This overall means that the user experience on search is likely to be more than fulfilling and optimised to the needs of the hour.

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5. Interaction With Generative AI Through Vertex AI

The magic behind Google Generative AI features lies in its foundation models – these are vast, multi-tasking AI models capable of a myriad of tasks, from summarisation to Q&A. Through Vertex AI, users can easily engage with these models, tailoring them to specific use cases.

The beauty of this system lies in its accessibility: with platforms like Generative AI Studio and Model Garden, even those without an ML background can harness the power of these models. In particular, Vertex AI Search and Conversation revolutionise search engines and chatbot experiences. Plus, with tools like Duet AI, assistance is constant and just a click away.

Generative AI in a Nutshell

Generative AI and Google Generative AI features are groundbreaking innovation that focuses on creating new content across various formats. It operates by comprehending patterns and relationships within datasets of human-generated content and then employing these patterns to formulate new content.

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Trained predominantly through supervised learning, Generative AI has vast applications. From enhancing customer interactions via chat and search to aiding in tasks such as RFP responses and compliance checks- its potential is boundless.

How Google Generative AI Features Reshape Content Interaction

The marvel behind Google Generative AI features is the foundation models—massive AI structures capable of multitasking. They can perform a myriad of functions, from summarising vast chunks of data to intricate tasks like classification. These models, with minimal guidance, adapt to specific scenarios using minuscule amounts of example data. The promise here is not just efficiency but precision and relevance.


One can envision a scenario where a student searches for an intricate concept like quantum mechanics. With Google Generative AI features, the search might yield a synthesised summary, detailed explorative links, visual aids, and even videos—all curated and generated in real-time tailored to the student’s query. It’s a dynamic and personalised learning experience powered by generative AI.

Google Generative AI Features and the Media Landscape

For media companies, the implications are profound. Imagine a world where consumers can articulate a vague idea, and Google’s Generative AI can produce a list of recommended articles, music tracks, or videos—each fine-tuned to the user’s taste and search history. This is actually happening with ChatGPT, and Google is aiming to not only replicate it but surpass it. By comprehending and generating media suggestions based on user behaviour and preferences, Google Generative AI features promise a more nuanced and customised media consumption experience.

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Furthermore, the capability to generate content based on human patterns offers potential boons for industries far beyond search. For instance, marketing teams might harness Google Generative AI features to tailor advertisements in real-time or news agencies to produce summaries of significant events instantly.


Google’s integration of Generative AI into Search is set to redefine our digital exploration. With features focusing on visual enhancements, speed, depth of content exploration, intuitive linkages, and user-friendly interfaces through Vertex AI, the horizon of search experiences is expanding. As we venture further into the digital age, Google’s Generative AI promises a richer, faster, and more intuitive web journey for all.

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  • Google Generative AI offers enhanced visual search with AI-generated images and upcoming video demonstrations.
  • The company promises rapid, consolidated overviews for efficient information retrieval.
  • Deep-diving capabilities are there to explore recent and relevant web content based on AI overviews.

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