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What Are The Steps To Repair Your iPhone 11 Pro Max?


Are you having issues with your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? If so, read this post for two simple solutions on how to repair the iPhone 11 Pro Max battery.

- Updated: 4th Jan 2024, 18:29 IST
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    Repair Your iPhone 11 Pro Max With Cashify’s Expertise!
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    Comparing Cashify-Friendly Repair
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In 2019, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max was released. The device was highly impressive in the first two years. However, after the iOS 14.5 update, the smartphone batteries are draining fast. Moreover, it is a chance to become quite hot very rapidly. Is the battery on your iPhone 11 Pro Max not charging properly? There could be several reasons why your battery isn’t performing properly or is quickly fading. Here are the most effective steps to repair iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Repair Your iPhone 11 Pro Max With Cashify’s Expertise!

To begin, go to Cashify Mobile Repair to get your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max fixed. Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Visit Cashify’s Website or App:

Access the Cashify platform through their website or mobile application.

2. Select ‘Repair’ Services:

Navigate to the ‘Mobile Repair‘ section on the Cashify platform and click on it. From there, you can also go directly to the section for ‘Battery’ repair by just hovering the cursor there, followed by choosing your brand.

3. Choose iPhone 11 Pro Max Model:

Specify the make and model of your iPhone (Repair iPhone 11 Pro Max in this case) to ensure accurate service information.

4. Indicate Battery Issues:

Describe the battery issues you’re experiencing with your iPhone 11 Pro Max. This could include problems like rapid battery drain, failure to hold a charge, or other related matters.

5. Receive Repair Quote:

Cashify will provide you with a quote for the battery repair service. This Quote typically includes the service fee, replacement parts needed, and additional charges.

6. Review and Accept Quote:

Take a moment to review the provided Quote. Ensure that you understand the cost involved in the iPhone Mobile Repair process.

  • If you are comfortable with the Quote, proceed to accept it. This action may involve confirming your agreement to the terms and conditions of the repair service.

7. Schedule Repair Appointment:

Choose a suitable date and time for the repair service. Depending on Cashify’s offerings, you may have the option for on-site repair or dropping off your iPhone at a certified service centre.

8. Prepare Your Device for Repair:

Back up your data and remove sensitive information from your iPhone before handing it over for repair.

9. Hand Over Your iPhone 11 Pro Max:

On the scheduled date, either hand over your iPhone to the on-site technician or drop it off at the designated service centre.

10. Receive Repaired Device:

Once the battery repair is complete, you’ll receive your iPhone 11 Pro Max back in working condition. Check to ensure that the battery issues have been resolved to your satisfaction.

Comparing Cashify-Friendly Repair

When choosing between an Apple service centre and Cashify for iPhone 11 Pro Max repairs, there are several factors to consider. Here’s a comparison to help you make an informed decision:

1. Expertise and Authorized Service:

Apple Service Center: Apple service centers are authorized and staffed by Apple-certified technicians. They have in-depth knowledge of Apple products and access to genuine Apple parts. 

Cashify: Cashify employs trained technicians, but they may need to be Apple-certified. Their expertise might vary, and the availability of genuine Apple parts could be a consideration.

2. Genuine Parts:

Apple Service Center: Uses genuine Apple parts for replacements, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility with your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Cashify: While they aim to use high-quality parts, there may be variations in the source and authenticity of the components.

3. Warranty and Guarantee:

Apple Service Center: Repairs done at an Apple service centre often come with a warranty on the service and any replaced parts.

Cashify: Cashify may provide a warranty on their repair services, but the terms and coverage may differ from Apple’s standard warranty.


Ultimately, your decision might depend on factors such as the issue’s severity, location, the repair’s urgency, and your preference for genuine Apple parts and authorized services.

The Apple iPhone is the greatest value available, no matter how old it is; nevertheless, once the battery dies, you will be unable to use your phone. Cashify is the most cost-effective way to repair iPhone 11 Pro Max while remaining within your budget.

Phone heating up? Get mobile phone battery replacement right at your doorstep or at the nearest Cashify Store with Cashify mobile repair.


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