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Much Awaited iPad Calculator Is Here, And We Can’t Keep Calm


iPads do not have a built-in calculator, and the users have always felt its high need. Luckily, the scenario has changed now. Know here.

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:39 IST
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    The iPad Calculator
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    Bonus Section- How to use the calculator without actually using the iPad calculator app?
    • Method 1- Spotlight as calculator
    • Method 2- Siri as iPad calculator
    • Method 3- Google

iPads do not support the calculator app, and the users have always been puzzled by the lack of it. All other iPhone apps like Notes, Safari, Mail, Files, Stock and even clock are present on the iPad, but no iPad calculator has been there. As a result, users had to use a third-party calculator app on their iPads. While this is not a lot of hard work but sometimes, finding the right calculator app with the right interface does not come easy.

But we finally have the iPad calculator here, and to your surprise, it is not developed by Apple. Yes, you heard it right! The calculator we have waited long for is developed by Google.

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The iPad Calculator

iPad calculator developed by Google is an excellent calculator for ChromeOS that works absolutely fine on any browser.

Link for the iPad calculatorHere

You can easily save the calculator on your home screen by tapping on the Share button next to it. Alternatively, you can also bookmark the app in Safari or Chrome. Since the app is developed by Google, so the interface is a bit different than the Apple one, but the app works amazingly fast. Also, being a progressive web app, if the app is already loaded in th browser, it can work offline too.

So now, you can use the calculator developed by Google with the same feel as you would have used any native app.

Bonus Section- How to use the calculator without actually using the iPad calculator app?

Here are some other ways through which you can use the calculator on your iPad:

Method 1- Spotlight as calculator

You can use Spotlight as a calculator on your iPad. Here’s how:

  • Go to the home screen of your iPad.
  • Touch the middle of the display and drag it downward.
  • A pop-up menu with a Search box at the top will appear.
  • In the search box, you can type the basic maths problem using the standard symbols +,-,/,*
  • You can even do complex problems by putting them in parentheses.

Method 2- Siri as iPad calculator

Another way is to use Siri to do the calculations. It is a simple and fast way to get the calculations done. Just activate Siri and ask for any calculation to it. Simply go by saying, “Hey Siri, followed by the question”, Siri will immediately reply with the answer.

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Method 3- Google

Lastly, what better way than Google to find an answer? Google can easily act as your calculator. Just type in any calculation in the URL section and hit the search button. The resulting web page will also show an additional full-featured calculator where you can do any calculations.

And that is how you can use the iPad calculator on your device.

It’s been 12 years since iPads were launched, and there is still no confirmation about the iPad calculator developed by Apple from the company. However, rumours state that Apple might finally release the calculator with iOS 16. Until then, we have the Google calculator, and it is equally amazing, making it the next big thing.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Launched in 2010, the iPad has been Apple’s excellent product.
  • However, the iPads did not support the calculator app earlier.
  • But here’s the good news- the iPad calculator is finally here.

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