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How To Link Aadhar With PAN Via Online And Offline Modes


In case, you want to know the steps to link Aadhar with PAN, you have landed just at the right place. Find both the online and offline modes here.

- Updated: 30th Jun 2023, 18:23 IST
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    What Happens If You Don’t Link Aadhar With PAN?
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    What Happens if Your PAN Becomes Inoperative?
  • 3
    How To Link Aadhar With PAN?
  • 4
    Failed To Link Aadhar With PAN? What to do?
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    Section Of People For Whom Linking Aadhar With PAN Is Not Mandatory
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    Final Thoughts

The deadline to link Aadhar with PAN has approached. The Central Board Of Direct Taxes had earlier extended the last date to link Aadhar with PAN for the fifth time. The same was designated for June 30, 2023. As per the government, every person who has been allotted PAN as of July 1, 2017, needs to link it with the Aadhar card on a mandatory basis. Failure to do so will result in repercussions. So, by July 1, 2023, for taxpayers who haven’t linked both these identification cards, their PAN will become inoperative.

Linking Aadhar with PAN is a simple and straightforward process, and it can be done online and via SMS too. In this post, we have shared all the details about the same. So, let’s get started.

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Before moving to the steps, let us first see what happens if you don’t link Aadhar with PAN.

  • Your PAN will become inoperative if not linked with Aadhar.
  • Refunds won’t be made against such PANs.
  • No interest will be payable on the refund for PANs that are not linked.
  • TDS deduction will attract a higher rate.

What Happens if Your PAN Becomes Inoperative?

If by any chance you fail to link Aadhar with PAN in the given time period, you can still make it functional by paying a late fine of Rs. 1,000.

As per CBDT, “The PAN can be made operative again in 30 days, upon intimation of Aadhaar to the prescribed authority after payment of a fee of Rs 1,000”.

How To Link Aadhar With PAN?

Via Online

  1. Visit the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department of India.
  2. Now, log in to your account if you have one, or else create a new account first. All you need here is the PAN card detail and OTP authentication for the same.
  3. Next, under the Profile section, click on “Link Aadhar”.
  4. Then, enter your PAN, Aadhar number, and name as per the Aadhar.
  5. Finally, verify the details and click on submit.
  6. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. Enter it and validate the process, and you are done.


  1. Type UIDPAN <12-digit Aadhar number><10-digit PAN>.
  2. Now, send it to 567678 or 56161.

The format would be like this:

SMS ‘UIDPAN Aadhaar-number PAN-number to 567678 or 56161

Failed To Link Aadhar With PAN? What to do?

If while linking Aadhar with PAN, you get an error message, you need to visit your nearest PAN centre and submit a signed Aadhar seeding form. You also need to carry all the relevant documents like PAN and Aadhar card along with the seeding form. But you must know that it is a chargeable process.

The process to link Aadhar with PAN with absolutely free before March 31, 2022. However, later on, the government imposed a fee of Rs 500 from April 1, 2022, which was later on increased to Rs 1000 from July 1, 2022.

However, if the linkage has not been done even by June 30, 2023, the card shall become inoperative and of no use to the citizens.

Section Of People For Whom Linking Aadhar With PAN Is Not Mandatory

These four categories for whom linking Aadhar and PAN is not mandatory. However, if they wish to, they can do so, but it is not mandatory by the government.

  1. Residents of Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, and Meghalaya
  2. Non-resident Indians (NRIs)
  3. People above the age of 80 years or more at any time during the previous year
  4. Individuals who are not a citizen of India.

Final Thoughts

Linking Aadhar with PAN has been made mandatory by the government. Earlier, in a press release released on March 28, 2023, CBDT said, “In order to provide some more time to the taxpayers, the date for linking PAN and Aadhaar has been extended to June 30, 2023, whereby persons can intimate their Aadhaar to the prescribed authority for Aadhaar-PAN linking without facing repercussions.” So, go ahead and do the needful before you run out of the deadline.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The Indian government has made it mandatory now to link Aadhar with PAN.
  • The last date for doing so has again been extended to June 30, 2023.
  • Learn here how to link your Aadhar with PAN using both online and offline modes.