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How To Locate Your Lost AirPods Using Find my AirPods Feature


AirPods are tiny little wireless earbuds that often get misplaced very easily, if you are one of them who often tend to lose their AirPods at your home or while you are out then this feature is a godsend. AirPods can now be easily located using your iPhone and you can track their last known location. While this feature isn’t as robust and functional as the Find my iPhone feature that we are now used to, it will help get the work done.

- Updated: 14th Apr 2021, 20:08 IST

A few years ago, Apple officially rolled out the “Find my AirPods” feature that allows users to easily find their lost AirPods using the “Find My” app on the iPhone, iPad or Mac devices. The AirPods finding feature isn’t implemented as well as the Find my iPhone feature. But it can still be very useful if you misplace your AirPods or AirPods Pro, or the AirPods Max on the move.

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While it is important to note that the Find My AirPods feature isn’t as sophisticated as the Find my iPhone feature, it gets the work done for most. The AirPods must be connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth for this feature to work. This means that if the AirPods are too far away and out of the Bluetooth range then you will not be able to get them to work completely through Apple will help you track them down as much as possible.

How to use Find My AirPods Feature to locate your lost Airpods

Locate individual AirPods | Find my AirPods

The Find My AirPods feature is accessible similar to the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. You can track your AirPods using the website or by using the Find My application on your iPad or iPhone.

To get started with this feature follow the steps below

  • Locate the Find My app on the iPhone and look for your AirPods in the list of your devices.
  • When you tap on the AirPods in the list you can now see the location of your AirPods on the map and in relation to your other Apple devices.
  • Now tap the AirPods icon on the map and you will find an option to play a sound from the AirPods
Find Airpods Feature
Image Credits: 9to5mac
  • After playing this sound you will see another option to mute the left or the right AirPods or stop playing the sound altogether.
  • This feature isn’t available on the AirPods Max as they are over-ear connected headphones rather and not of the truly wireless form-factor similar to the AirPods, and the AirPods Pro
Locate AirPods | Find my AirPods

The ability to mute either of the AirPods makes it very easy to locate the other one and if you’ve misplaced only one of them then this feature can come in very handy. While the sound emitted from the AirPods isn’t comparable to that of a speaker, it should be loud enough to locate the misplaced AirPods in a relatively silent environment.

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If you leave behind your AirPods in another location and it isn’t connected to your iPhone then you will see the last known location on the map, however, when you hit the Play Sound button it will say Sound Pending message and you will then receive a notification when these AirPods connect to a paired device.

Misplaced AirPods | Find my AirPods

The Apple Find my AirPods feature is very useful to locate nearby AirPods but can be less useful for those users who have left it at another location, given the technical hurdles the feature is still very useful and much needed considering the truly wireless nature of the AirPods and how easy it is to misplace them.

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If you have lost your AirPods in the wild then you can understand how useful this feature can be, even if you are out of range as you have forgotten the device at an unknown location, the feature can come in very handy by telling you where exactly the device was last connected. The app also gives you an option to navigate to the AirPod’s last known location and this feature can come in very handy when you don’t know the place well.

Get back your AirPods | Find my AirPods

While it is true that you can not play a sound on them when the AirPods are not connected, it is a comforting fact that you know the location and that you will be notified as soon as the AirPods get connected allowing you to play the sound and track down the exact place where the AirPods were last placed.

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Unlike the Find My iPhone feature, the Find My AirPods feature cannot come in very handy if the AirPods have been stolen, but if you have forgotten your AirPods at an unknown location or somewhere in your house then they can still be found easily instead of having to look through every nook and corner of the house.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Find my iPhone is one of the most loved features in an iPhone and has a lot of regular users who have lost their iPhone
  • Apple has now introduced a feature that helps you track down your AirPods using your iPhone
  • Find my AirPods feature in the iPhone will help a lot of users who often misplace their tiny AirPods

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