The option to record calls was primarily limited only to the large scale call centers that had dedicated equipment for recording calls, however, as the need arose and smartphones become more capable, we started seeing apps on devices that allowed the recording of calls.

While Apple hasn’t installed a core component on iOS that allows users to record calls, there are situations where a call recording is important such as while conducting an interview over the phone after obtaining permission to record the call. In such situations recording a call is essential for work and there are a few options to record the call if you want to.

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If you have the consent and it is legal in your region there are several useful apps that allow you to record a call on your iPhone, we did the searching for you and have curated a list of some of the best apps that you can use to record calls on an iPhone. If you wish to record both incoming and outgoing calls then your best bet is to use recording apps, there are a few good call recording apps out there especially if you are willing to pay a few dollars.

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TapeACall Pro

While the TapeACall Pro app is considerably expensive for most users at $11, the app is very decent and offers a simple experience. You get unlimited call recording time regardless of who you are calling for one year. The pricing is listed at $20 (Rs 1500) per year for unlimited calls.

The app works differently from the other options listed here, for incoming calls you need to initiate a recording by putting whomever you’re speaking to on hold for a moment and then opening the app to tap on the record button.

TapeACall - How To Record Calls On iPhone

Once you have done this, the call is merged and stored with a remote recording service, for outgoing calls, you can open the app and tap on the record option and then call the person to merge the call. TapeACall Pro doesn’t notify the other user that you are recording the conversation so it is important to keep in mind that if the place you live requires you to take consent before recording then you will need to do it manually. When you are done recording you can access the stored audio file form your smartphone

Call Recorder Pro

You can record both incoming and outgoing calls with your iPhone using this app. You must first set up a three-way call by putting your call on hold and dialing in the recorder through the app and then manually merging the calls, while this does feel like a hassle to get started, you will soon get used to the process.

TapeACall - How To Record Calls On iPhone

While it does seem a little inconvenient, using this app allows you to easily start recording the calls that are already in progress very easily, the service is reliable, and it is simple to manage your recordings. You can download them or share them via SMS, Dropbox, email, and more. The basic $10 (Rs 750) plan gives you 300 minutes of recording. You can buy an additional 150 minutes for $5 (Rs 375).

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How to Record an Incoming Call using Google Voice

If you are looking for a good free option and you only need to record the incoming calls then Google voice might be the best option for you, it can help you filter out unwanted calls as well and offers a very user-friendly experience.

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You, however, have to port your phone number to Google to access the recording feature and it can’t record outgoing calls. This makes it very inconvenient if you want to record all your conversations including the ones that you initiate.

  • Navigate to the Google Voice Homepage
  • Click on the Settings icon to the top left corner of the window
  • Scroll down to the calls section and make sure that the incoming call option is turned on
  • You will need to download the Google Voice app on the iPhone
  • You can record the incoming calls within the Google Voice by tapping the number 4 on the phone’s keypad during the call
  • It is important to accept the call using the Google Voice app and not using the native iPhone phone app

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Dear Akhil, Thanks for the writeup. I downloaded and installed the TapeACall app but it doesn't appear to be working in India. When prompted for my number, I don't see India as an option in the list of countries. Am I doing something wrong? Also Google voice is also not available in India.