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How To Sell Old Tv Online And Get Amazing Buyback Value?


Want to purchase a new TV at a cheaper price? easy, just sell your old TV on Cashify and get cash for the old device. Cashify provides the best solution for all of your old electronic gadget, sell them now.

- Updated: 13th Jan 2023, 12:55 IST
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    Your TV might be outdated, here’s why?
    • 1. Outdated Display technology
    • 2. HDR Display
    • 3. Smart Tv
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    What are Benefits of selling your old Tv on Cashify?
    • 1. Best price
    • 2. Instant Payment
    • 3. Valid Purchase invoice
    • 4. Free doorstep pickup
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    How to Sell your old Tv on Cashify?

Selling your old tv online was never this easy, just book a visit at your home and get cash in no time. We all know that TV display technology is changing rapidly, and at this rate, our TV will get outdated soon enough. So, if you’re going to buy that new fancy smart tv, then perhaps you can get it at a much cheaper rate; what better way to do so is to sell your old tv and get a new one. Cashify can offer you the best value for your old TV in a few minutes.

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Your TV might be outdated, here’s why?

Tvs are exactly like any electronic gadget we have at our home; at a certain point in its life cycle, it becomes obsolete. Here are some reasons why your Tv might be outdated.

1. Outdated Display technology

This is the era of QLED TVs and Quantum dot TVs. If you’re still watching your favourite show on an LCD panel, then you might have to think otherwise. Surely, LCD panels are affordable, but a benefit of having an OLED panel is getting deeper black and power saving.

2. HDR Display

Old TVs did not have any HDR certification, making the Tv’s picture quality slightly inferior to current TVs in the market. HDR & HDR 10 display is a high dynamic range standard, and your current TV must have HDR display standard.

3. Smart Tv

If you’re still using that old LCD that doesn’t have Wi-Fi and you can’t use your Netflix account, then it is time you should change your TV. Smart TV is not just the new age phenomenon; however, these are some highly efficient TVs that bring almost all the OTT platforms on your big screen.

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What are Benefits of selling your old Tv on Cashify?

Selling your old Tv on Cashify has its benefit. Cashify provides you with the maximum value for your old Tv, and the entire process can happen from the comfort of your home. Just book an appointment on Cashify, and sell your old tv.

1. Best price

Cashify provides you with the best value for your Tv. Our website has an AI-based pricing system, which ensures that you get maximum benefit by selling your old Tv.

2. Instant Payment

Once the deal is fixed, you’ll get instant payment to your bank account. In addition, payment out customers is automatically initiated, even if you’re selling your Tv at home.

3. Valid Purchase invoice

Cashify provides a valid purchase invoice for our successful selling. This ensures that your devices have proof of purchase in any adverse scenario.

4. Free doorstep pickup

We take additional care of our customers. So stay at home, and sell your old device without any hassle. Cashify provides a free doorstep pickup, so you don’t need to go anywhere, just book an appointment and relax.

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How to Sell your old Tv on Cashify?

Selling your old TV on Cashify is a simple method. Just follow these below steps.

Step 1: Open the Cashify App or website and go to the Sell old Television section.

Step 2: In the search section, search the TV brand and go to the respective page.

Step 3: Here, select the TV model and proceed to the booking section to fix an appointment.

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Highlights of the Story

  • TVs are a family entertainment unit that brings families together in one room.
  • However, having an old TV might hinder performance and will deliver you a low-quality cinematic experience.
  • Here, we have explained the quickest method to sell old TV and get excellent buyback value.

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