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How To Shoot Slo-mo Video On Any Phone? Quick Guide


The most common frame rate followed by videos is 30 frames per second. In the case of slo-mo videos, they also play at the speed of 30 frames per second but still appear smooth. Read our article to know more about Slo-Mo video shooting.

- Updated: 14th Oct 2021, 12:00 IST
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    Shoot Slo-mo video on Your Phone
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Slow-motion videos catch everyone’s attention. They are mesmerizing for their calm nature and are known as the coolest videos to enhance your social media profile or just to impress your friends. They can be used to prolong a comic moment that your friend experienced or to record a cinematic moment. In this article, we will let you know how you can shoot slo-mo video from your phone.

While earlier, special advanced equipment was required to shoot Slo-mo videos, technological advancement has made it possible to record advanced videos through compact and portable devices like mobile phones. If you want to shoot slo-mo videos that look professional on your phone, read further to learn more.

Shoot Slo-mo video on Your Phone

Videos can be said to be series of images or frames that are played in quick succession. The most common frame rate followed by videos is 30 frames per second. In the case of slo-mo videos, they also play at the speed of 30 frames per second but still appear smooth. For this to happen one needs to record them at a higher frame rate and then bring it down to 30 when playing.

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When you need to slow down a video to half its speed, you can record it at 60 frames per second and then reduce it to 30 frames per second. Different phones allow individuals to record up to different frame rates. You can increase the frame rate while recording depending on how slow you want the video to be.

Phones like OnePlus 7 Pro, Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9 let you record videos in frame rates up to 240 frames per second. Even more, phones like Galaxy S10 and iPhone X let you record videos at 960 frames per second. 

Follow these simple steps to shoot a professional-looking slo-mo video.

  • Nowadays, most phones have the option of recording a slo-mo video inbuilt. Simply go to the settings of your Android or iOS phones and select the slow-motion option to record a video. Now, you can simply record your video. However, remember that slo-mo videos look best when they are recorded in short bursts, with each shot of a maximum duration of 10 seconds.
  • Now, go to your gallery to play it back. You can use the options given to you to choose how much of the video you want to be slowed down by dragging the handles on either side to enclose just the area that needs to be slowed.
  • It is also really important that you take extra care to hold your phone steady while recording a video. This helps to make sure that the video is clear. Even slight movement can cause blurriness in the videos, and this flaw becomes even more prominent when the video is slowed down.

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So follow these simple steps now and record your first slo-mo video. Do write in the comment section if this was useful. Slo-mo videos explained are now easy to record and will help you put up a good impression in front of your friends and family. Follow us for more such tips, tricks and ideas.


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