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Set Up Your New Android Phone For Optimal Performance In 13 Follow-Along Steps!


Android is the most powerful and user-friendly Smartphone OS on the market! Congratulations on owning your new Android Phone, and using this handy tutorial to set it up before you use it!

- Updated: 11th Nov 2021, 06:48 IST
  • 1
    New Android Phone First Setup Steps:
    • 1: Boot your Phone with a Sim Card 
    • 2: Select a language
    • 3: Get Connected
    • 4: Setup/login to a Google Account
    • 5: Restore Data from Another Device
    • 6: Secure your phone
    • 7: Configure Notifications:
    • 8: Setup Google Assistant
    • 9: Setup Extra Features on Android Phone
    • 10: Update your Android
    • 11: Download apps from the Google Play Store
    • 12: Personalise your Phone
    • 13: Remove Bloatware

Bought a New Android Smartphone? You’ve just adopted one of the most dynamic Smartphone Operating Systems on the market. Full of configuration options, customisation, accessibility, and control features, setting up a new Android phone may seem to be an unnecessarily complicated task. That’s why this article by Cashify covers all the steps to set up your new Android Phone for optimal performance!

When you first boot up an Android fresh out of the box, it may take a bit longer than it will in the future on some devices.

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Scroll ahead and follow along to set up your new Android Phone for Optimal Performance and have it reflect your unique taste and style!

New Android Phone First Setup Steps:

1: Boot your Phone with a Sim Card 

Insert your Sim Card and external storage SD card if you have one, and boot the phone. 

2: Select a language

As soon as you boot the device, you’ll see a prompt to choose your device language. Pick your language of choice to continue the Android Setup process.

3: Get Connected

Either connect to a Wi-Fi or make sure you have a working Mobile Data Connection.

4: Setup/login to a Google Account

With your Gmail address and password, log in to your Google Account. If you don’t have one yet, Sign up via the on-screen instructions.

5: Restore Data from Another Device

If you had backed up your previous phone data to Google Drive, you could use the on-screen option to import data right away. This accelerates your new Android phone setup process too.

6: Secure your phone

Now’s a great time to set up your PIN, sync your Fingerprint, and add other security options to secure your phone. Add all your Google accounts for the best results.

7: Configure Notifications:

Now set up how your Android phone displays notifications on a locked screen. You have three choices:

  • Show all notification content: When your Android is locked, received messages show up on your lock screen.
  • Hide sensitive notification content: Display notifications, but hide the content of the notification.
  • Don’t show notifications at all:  This disables notifications on your lock screen. They will still be found in your device’s notification bar, however.

8: Setup Google Assistant

Now you’ll probably see a menu to set up your Android phone’s Google Assistant AI. While you may be tempted to skip this step, you should know that setting up your assistant is easy and useful.

9: Setup Extra Features on Android Phone

While your new Android phone may come with a host of extra apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Drive, you may have to download these from the PlayStore yourself. 

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10: Update your Android

Open Settings, and scroll to the bottom or search for “Software Update”. Check the device for updates, and install them before moving on. Your phone will restart once in this process.

11: Download apps from the Google Play Store

Have a look at your App Drawer, and if you see something missing, get it from the Play Store! Depending on your usage requirements, you may need productivity apps, music apps, social apps, or games. You’ll find all compatible and optimised apps in the Play Store to set up your new Android phone.

12: Personalise your Phone

Setup your Android with new wallpaper, a live wallpaper, and lock screens from the settings menu! Download live wallpapers from the Playstore, among other personalisation apps like ‘Launchers’.

Launchers can completely change the look and feel of your phone and come with more customisation options than most stock Android launchers. Depending on your Android phone, you may be able to change fonts and system UI themes as well! 

13: Remove Bloatware

Most Android manufacturers often sell phones with pre-installed proprietary software, also referred to by some as ‘bloatware’. These can be anything from an additional messaging app to a redundant app store that redirects you to the Playstore or other features you don’t need. 

Open Settings and scroll to find Apps > System Apps. While most of these bloatware apps will likely not be uninstallable, you can disable them and save big RAM.

All done? Comment “Done!” below if you followed along with this article to set up your New Android Phone! Stay tuned for more such handy tutorials by Cashify.

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