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Maximizing Your Old Vivo X90 Value: Tips For Selling Your Device


Maximize the value of your old Vivo X90 with expert tips for hassle-free selling on trusted platforms like Cashify. Prepare your device, choose wisely, and follow our guidance to ensure a smooth selling experience.

- Updated: 19th Feb 2024, 10:02 IST
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    3 Reasons To Sell Old Vivo X90 Now!
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    Get Upto 34,XXX For Selling Old Vivo X90
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    Essentials Tips To Remember While Selling!
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    How To Sell Old Vivo X90 On Cashify?

Looking to upgrade your smartphone and maximize the value of your old device? Selling your device is a smart move that can help you unlock its full potential. However, navigating the selling process can be troubling without the right approach. In this guide, we’ll provide you with valuable tips to sell Vivo X90. From preparing your device for sale to choosing the right platform, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get the best value for your old smartphone.

Let’s dive in and make the selling process easy peasy!

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3 Reasons To Sell Old Vivo X90 Now!

  1. No Wireless Charging Support: The Vivo X90 lacks the convenience of wireless charging, even in 2024! Requiring users to rely on traditional charging methods.
  2. Bloatware Presence: The device comes with pre-installed bloatware, potentially impacting performance and user experience with unnecessary apps.
  3. No Headphone Jack: Users miss out on the convenience of a headphone jack, requiring alternative audio solutions such as Bluetooth.

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Get Upto 34,XXX For Selling Old Vivo X90

Vivo X90 5G Review

Transform your old Vivo X90 into cash with Cashify! Get an unbeatable value of up to ₹34,XXX or even more if your device is in excellent condition. Don’t let it gather dust – turn it into cash and buy your latest favorite technology. We ensure a transparent and hassle-free selling process, guaranteeing the best deal for your Vivo X90. Also pricing is determined using an advanced AI calculator, ensuring accuracy and fairness.

Upgrade to a newer model and experience the latest features. Act now to seize the opportunity and maximize the value of your old Vivo X90 at Cashify!

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Essentials Tips To Remember While Selling!

  • Choose a Trusted Platform: Opt for reliable platforms like Cashify for a secure and transparent selling experience.
  • Original Accessories: Include original accessories like chargers, earphones, and boxes, as they can enhance the value of the device.
  • Verify Payment Method: Confirm the payment method offered by the platform or buyer before finalizing the sale.
  • Backup Your Data: Ensure all important data is backed up before performing a factory reset.
  • Timing: Consider selling during promotional periods or when demand is high to potentially fetch a better price.

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How To Sell Old Vivo X90 On Cashify?

  1. Visit the Cashify website or download the Cashify app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Select the “Sell Old Phone” option and choose Sell Old Vivo X90 5G.
  3. Answer a few questions about the condition and specifications of your device.
  4. Cashify will provide you with a price quotation based on the information provided.
  5. If you’re satisfied with the quote, schedule a convenient pickup time.
  6. A Cashify representative will arrive at the scheduled time to inspect your device and complete the sale.
  7. Once the inspection is done and everything is verified, you’ll receive the agreed-upon amount instantly in your preferred payment method.

Exploring the purchase of a refurbished mobile phone? Discover a diverse selection of refurbished devices at Cashify and make an informed smartphone selection!


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