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Android 15 Beta 2 Released With These Amazing Features!

- Updated: 8th Jun 2024, 19:20 IST
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    Android 15 Beta 2 Arrives On Pixel Phones And Other Devices
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    New Features In Beta 2

Google announced during Google I/O that it’s rolling out Android 15 Beta 2 on Wednesday, a little over a month after releasing Android 15 Beta 1. Android 15 brings new services and improvements to the Android OS, with a focus on productivity, user privacy and security, better support for developers and content creators, communication, and, of course, performance and quality.

Android 15 Beta 2 Arrives On Pixel Phones And Other Devices

Google announced during Google I/O that it's rolling out the Android 15 beta 2 on Wednesday

This new Android 15 Beta 2 comes a few weeks after the release of the first beta version of Android 15. However, it isn’t available for Galaxy devices yet, and Samsung will open its own One UI 7.0 Beta Program to the public later this year.

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New Features In Beta 2


One of the significant new features in Android 15 Beta 2 is Private Space. This is similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder, which allows users to hide private apps and files in a secure space. When Private Space is locked, its apps are paused and won’t appear in the drawer. On multitasking menu (Recent Apps), and the sharing menu (Share Sheet).

Theft Detection Lock:

Android 15 Beta 2 can detect a theft motion, and the device will be automatically locked when it does. So, if somebody snatches your phone while you are using it, the device will be auto-locked, restricting their access to your data.

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Better multitasking on foldable phones and tablets:

Google has implemented a way to pin the taskbar on the screen for improved multitasking on big-screen devices like foldable phones and tablets. This allows users to switch between apps quickly.

Improved gaming performance via Vulkan:

Google is introducing an optional layer for running OpenGL ES on top of Vulkan. This will improve the compatibility and performance of some games.

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Faster app launches and system performance:

Android 15 now supports 16KB page sizes. This allows heavy apps to start faster and respond faster during memory-intensive workloads. For example, the camera app will launch 6.6% faster during the first launch and 4.48% faster in consecutive launches. The device can boot 1.2% faster on average.

Personalized widget previews: Widgets can give you a better preview of what they’ll look like before you add them if the respective app developers want to. Predictive back will show you where the action will take you for apps that have properly implemented this feature. There are many more features on the new Android 15 Beta 1.

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