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Google Pixel Tablet Specs: 6 Features To Know About In 2024!


Google Pixel Tablet has been launched among much speculation of the tech giant not moving ahead with more tablet series after the announcement by a Senior VP in 2019. Here are some of the Google Pixel Tablet specs you must look forward to!

- Updated: 28th Dec 2023, 17:09 IST
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    6 Google Pixel Tablet Specs You Must Know About
    • Speaker Dock
    • Functionalities
    • Colours & Finish
    • Sound Quality
    • Display
    • Tensor G2 Processor
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    Additional Google Pixel Tablet Specs To Know
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    Before We Bring This To End…

In 2019, the Senior Vice President of Devices and Services at Google, Rick Osterloh, announced that the Google hardware team would be focussing solely on laptops after the erstwhile tablets launched by the multinational tech company did not receive the enthusiasm it was meant to achieve. However, it was only in 2023 that Google finally launched the Google Pixel Tablet after five years of sustained wait. As the newly launched tablet starts creating buzz around the globe for being one of its kind product, here are some of the Google Pixel Tablet specs that we would love you to know before you actually purchase one!

Even though the news of the launch of the new series of tablets was made in 2022, it was more of an announcement to create speculation and excitement in the market about the product that Google was not slated to bring. Now that it’s here, here are some facts and specs you should definitely know about!

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6 Google Pixel Tablet Specs You Must Know About

Before we delve deeper into understanding the specs of the newly launched tablets, let’s make it clear that Google Pixel Tablet is all about the basics and expecting “not on high terms.” So, if you are awaiting Google to launch some never seen features in the tablet, you might be disappointed.

Speaker Dock

speaker doc google pixel tablet specs

One of the foremost features of the Google Pixel Tablet that we cannot stop being amused about is it same coloured speaker dock. This comes to play as soon as you stop using the tablet. You can use this speaker dock to charge your tablet while not in use very conveniently and without much hassle.

Rather than letting the tablet rest on some couch or table, you can attach it to a speaker dock and play songs on the phone via speaker while performing other household chores. Undoubtedly, it is one of the pain points solved by Google alone!

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With Google Pixel Tablet, you can watch your favourite series while lazying around in your blanket and help your kids watch some entertaining shows and more. With the smart home features provided by the speaker dock, charging becomes quite easy and effortless too! You don’t need a USB or Bluetooth pairing to play music via the phone; it is all taken care of by the dock.

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Colours & Finish

colour model and finish

Even though the earlier models by Google- Nexus or Pixel were launched in limited colours, the Google Pixel Tablets have been brought to the market in three different variants. These are dark green, light pink, and off-white. Besides, the finish of the tablet is premium with the aluminum-backed exteriors and soft touch matte finish.

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Sound Quality

One of the Google Pixel Tablet specs that we find particularly missing is the lack of audio jack for headphone devices. While most Samsung or Lenovo tabs have been providing this feature for working professionals or students, Google still lacks behind, and is one of the pain points it needs to solve. Additionally, it has four speakers in total, which gives an excellent holistic sound experience.

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The display panel of the Google Pixel Tablet is another spec that needs to be highlighted for its not-so-exceptional functioning. You can expect quite a great watch for series or other programs using the tablet. However, do not hold high hopes about using the tab for reading or long hours of web browsing in portrait mode. It is fixated with an 8-megapixel camera in the center of the top bezel. This provides a great option for video calling too.

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Tensor G2 Processor

tensor g2 pocessor

Google has been into producing its latest series with the Tensor G2 Processor. This gives better efficiency and performance in line with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors. When combined with the 8GB RAM| 128 GB Storage, the memory space is optimal for enhanced storage and immersive experience.

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Additional Google Pixel Tablet Specs To Know

Current Market PriceUSD 499 (USD 100 for extra storage)
Aspect Ratio16:10
Additional ControlSmart Home | Multiple Timers | Nest Hub

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Before We Bring This To End…

Google has not provided any exemplifying standards for the tablets it released in the past. Be it the Nexus series that Google co-produced along with Asus or the Pixel series, the tablets have not been accepted by audiences around the globe. However, with the launch of the Google Pixel Tablet and the specs it has brought in, the hopes are quite high that it may bring back the reputation of the tech giant with respect to the erstwhile failed series of tablets in the market soon. Even though it is still awaiting to be launched in the Indian market, the excitement about the series slated with some wow features is ripe.

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