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Top 10 Google Maps Tips And Tricks You Must Know!


Google Maps comes with a suite of features that most aren’t aware of; here are the top ten tips and tricks on Google Maps you should be mindful of and use.

- Updated: 12th Jun 2023, 10:57 IST
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    Top 10 Google Maps Tips And Tricks!
    • 1. Access Google Maps Offline
    • 2. Add Stops In-Between Destination
    • 3. Trick to Send directions from PC to phone
    • 4. Find Public Transportation Details To Your Destination
    • 5. Tip To Explore Map View Options
    • 6. Change the Vehicle Icon
    • 7. Share Your Real-Time Location On Google Maps
    • 8. Mark And Save Your Favourite Places
    • 9. Location History
    • 10. Street View
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    Conclusion: Google Maps Tips And Tricks

Whether you’re lost in the middle of nowhere or looking for directions to the nearest cafe, club, hotel, and more, Google Maps comes first to mind when it comes to finding the quickest paths to your destination. Here are the top ten Google Maps tips and tricks you must know about!

Google has got in some exciting features over the years that many aren’t aware of, and most of these features enhance the user experience throughout and make a living with Google Maps better! Let’s know how we can use these features and learn using Google Maps better.

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Top 10 Google Maps Tips And Tricks!

Here are some of the tips and tricks about Google Maps that will make using the application easier and more convenient.

1. Access Google Maps Offline

If, for some reason, you’re unable to access Google Maps due to internet connectivity issues, it’s recommended to download your Maps for offline usage. Here’s what you can do when you get internet access to save your maps offline.

  • In Google Maps, tap on your profile icon
access maps offline: google maps tips and tricks
  • In the sub-menu, select Offline Maps
access maps offline
  • Tap on ‘select your own map’
  • Drag and select the area of the map you want to download and then tap on the download option.
  • Your offline map is now downloaded and ready to use. You can also get directions to destinations within the downloaded map offline.
access offline

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2. Add Stops In-Between Destination

When it comes to traveling from one place to another, you might also want to make a quick stop at specific sites for other purposes. Another important tips and tricks on using Google maps is that it now allows you to add stops between your start and end destination and creates the fastest route through all the stops towards your destination.

You can add stops by

  • Set a destination and start location on Google Maps
addine stops:  google maps tips and tricks
  • Tap on Directions/Preview
  • Tap on the top right three dots and tap on Add Stop
adding stops
  • You can now add stops of choice and adjust between stops and adjust between them to plan your route accordingly
adding stops
adding stops

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3. Trick to Send directions from PC to phone

Easily share directions from your PC to your smartphone for a more seamless experience and to save time searching for directions again from separate devices.

  • Simply select a destination on Google Maps Web
  • You will see an option called Send directions to your phone. Click on it.
  • You’ll automatically have the option to send an email or an SMS to your registered account/phone number.
  • Click on either option, and the direction details will immediately appear on your smartphone via a link.

Definitely one of the Google Maps tips and tricks you will thank if you are addicted to working on your PC!

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4. Find Public Transportation Details To Your Destination

Public transport has always been known as the cheapest way to travel. When you’re in a new place, finding public transport options are tricky, but Google Maps makes it easy. Choose the Public Transport (train/bus) icon in the directions menu, and you’ll get a range of Public transport options. Google also provides planned routes all the way from the start to the end destination containing all info about public transport options in detail, along with the time taken to cover the route.

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5. Tip To Explore Map View Options

Google Map viewing isn’t just limited to one option; according to your preferences, you can view it in various ways

explore map view
  • Satellite: For a Satellite image view
  • Terrain: For a terrain view across the Map
  • There are also map detail options like:
  • Public Transport: For a view of Public Transport routes.
  • Traffic: To have a look at the traffic conditions around you.

There are also more options like cycling, 3D, air quality, and more

You can access them by tapping on the top right layer icon below the search bar and choosing your preferences as requested.

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6. Change the Vehicle Icon

Another fun feature of Google Maps is the Vehicle icon. When your device is in navigation mode on Google Maps, tap on the icon of your vehicle position to access more options.

vehicle icon

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7. Share Your Real-Time Location On Google Maps

Google now allows users to share their location details with their near and dear ones for safety reasons and to know about family members’ whereabouts.

To activate this feature,

  • Click on your profile icon in the Google Maps Menu.
  • Tap on Location Sharing
Share Your Real-Time Location
  • Tap on Share location
Share Your Real-Time Location
Share Your Real-Time Location
  • Choose the time that you want to share your location and the person you would like to share your location with and tap on Share.

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8. Mark And Save Your Favourite Places

There are several places we go to and would like to visit again. For this, Google Maps allows you to mark and save them as your favourite places you would like to visit.

  • Select a desired location.
  • Tap on Save.
facourite spaces google maps tips and tricks
  • Select an option to categorise the location as a favourite, or a future visit plan, etc, and tap on done. You can access these locations from the Saved menu of Google Maps
facourite spaces google maps tips and tricks

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9. Location History

To have a look at the places you’ve visited via Google Maps over time, simply tap on your profile icon and select ‘Your Timeline. You’ll be shown a brief history of all the places you’ve visited over a selected date and info like trips, insights, places, and more.

location history

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10. Street View

Street View is a feature provided by Google to virtually travel to places from the comfort of your home. It provides immersive real-life simulations of the places that you’re looking for or searching for.

To access it,

  • Tap on the layers icon and select the Street View option.
searching street view
  • You will now see blue lines across the map, select any desired blue line area.
google maps ss for direction
  • You will now see an immersive 360-degree view of the locality and can move forward and backwards as per convenience.
google maps ss

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Conclusion: Google Maps Tips And Tricks

In a nutshell, Google provides various features when it comes to its Maps services. Most of these tips and tricks while using Google Maps recommended here are absolutely useful and enhance user experience across its functioning.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Google Maps is the most used app for finding directions, exploring new areas and a whole lot more.
  • There are quite a number of features unheard of in Google Maps that are extremely useful to implement
  • In this article, we tell you the top ten tips and tricks on Google Maps you must know and use!


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