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New WhatsApp Features You Must Know In 2024!


Here’s to knowing all about the new features of Whatsapp. Yyou should definitely try out to enhance your user experience and strengthen your data privacy.

- Updated: 28th Dec 2023, 17:10 IST
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    New Whatsapp Features Worth Knowing
    • 1. 2-Step Verification
    • 2. Message Editing
    • 3. Send Photos With The Best Quality
    • 4. Voice Message Status
    • 5. Companion mode
    • 6. Silence Unknown Callers
    • 7. Lock Your Most Private Chats With This Feature!
    • 8. Reaction Feature
    • 9. Share With Captions
    • 10. Whatsapp Polls
    • 11. Status Link Previews
    • 12. Status Profile Rings
    • 13. Dedicated Video Recording Mode
    • 14. Whatsapp Community
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    Summary: New WhatsApp Features

With already over five billion and more downloads, when it comes to social networking, WhatsApp is the first app that comes to mind. No wonder why it’s a household name for texting people in today’s world. With WhatsApp now getting better slowly and indeed by the day, there are quite a few useful features that one should use for a better experience. Here are the new WhatsApp features you must know in 2023.

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New Whatsapp Features Worth Knowing

WhatsApp has always been coming with new features for its user that makes usage convenient. Here are some of the exciting, top, and best WhatsApp features you cannot miss knowing.

1. 2-Step Verification

This is a new WhatsApp feature you must know about. Recently introduced, the 2-Step Verification Feature as a security measure in order to protect user data from being stolen by requiring users to input a six-digit passcode for further verification. You will be required to input the passcode when registering on a new device. Enabling the two-step verification feature is one of the highly recommended features for better security of data.

2 step verification

To enable it

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings
  • Go to Account
  • Tap on 2-Step Verification
  • Input and confirm your 6-digit passcode along with a recovery email.

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2. Message Editing

Better late than never! WhatsApp has finally introduced the option to edit messages. One can now modify the text without having the need to delete and send a new message just to correct spelling errors. An important thing to note out here is that messages can only be edited within 15 minutes of the message being sent. Post-editing, the message will be marked as ‘edited’ in the chat.

message editing whatsapp: New WhatsApp Features

Press and hold the message you want to edit, tap on the two dots in the top right corner, tap on edit, make the necessary changes required and tap on the send button.

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3. Send Photos With The Best Quality

Sharing images with higher quality on WhatsApp was always an inconvenience as it usually tends to compress the images, thus compromising the picture clarity. WhatsApp finally provides the option to send pictures in their original size. I’m sure this is a new WhatsApp feature you were waiting to know about.

better picture quality: New WhatsApp Features

Here’s how you can enable this feature.

  • In WhatsApp Settings, Go to Storage And Data
  • Tap on Photo Upload Quality
  • Tap on Best Quality.

4. Voice Message Status

voice message status: New WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp Status has recently come up with the option of voice messages. One can now input voice messages as an option to better express what’s on their mind or how they feel.

Here’s how you can post a voice message on WhatsApp status.

In the WhatsApp status section, tap on the pencil icon. Tap and hold the microphone icon to record a voice message. As of now, Whatsapp voice status comes with a 30-second time limit.

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5. Companion mode

companion mode

Here’s a new WhatsApp feature you definitely must know! After a huge demand from consumers and a long wait, WhatsApp has finally introduced Companion Mode. This feature enables the use of WhatsApp simultaneously with up to four Smartphones. You can now seamlessly use WhatsApp on an Android device and an iOS device at the same time with chats backed up and updated across the connected devices.

What’s even nicer here is you can avoid the hassle of frequently registering/signing in and out of WhatsApp across the connected devices. This is definitely a new WhatsApp feature worth trying out. This new feature also enables users to use WhatsApp on four iOS devices simultaneously now!

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6. Silence Unknown Callers

This is another new WhatsApp feature that has become popular quite recently. Nowadays, scammers with international numbers have found a way to contact users on the instant messaging platform through WhatsApp calls, which has been a major inconvenience to users. In fact, some users have even fallen prey to these scams.

To mitigate this issue, WhatsApp has provided a feature to silence unknown callers which automatically silences calls from unknown dialers.

silence unknown callers

Here’s how you can enable it and avoid this issue.

  • In WhatsApp settings go to privacy.
  • Scroll down to ‘Silence Unknown Callers’
  • Tap on the same option and enable the toggle for this feature
  • Make sure to report the unknown number so that it is completely blocked from WhatsApp

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7. Lock Your Most Private Chats With This Feature!

lock your most private chats with this feature

Having a constant fear of your chats being read by the people around you? Worry not, WhatsApp has now come with its impressive and much-required chat lock feature. This feature enables chats chosen by you to only be accessed via biometrics or a passcode chosen by you.

You can enable this amazing feature by:

  • Select a chat of choice to encrypt with a code/biometric.
  • In the chats settings, tap on the Chat Lock option
  • Enable the Chat Lock feature by turning on the toggle.

An important thing to mention is that locked chats are hidden by default. In order to access it, swipe down on the main menu and you shall be able to access it.

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8. Reaction Feature

Whatsapp reaction feature

Whatsapp also introduced the “reaction feature” that allows users to express their sentiments and engage in conversations. With this feature, you can now long press on any text message and react with your favourite emoji, just like Instagram.

To use this new feature:

  • Open Whatsapp and head over to any chat in your messaging app.
  • Now long press on any message and Whatsapp will display a few basic emojis. You can also add any emoji with the plus sign displayed at the end of the reaction tab.
  • Then tap on any of the emoji and it will appear at the bottom of the message.

The highlight of this feature is that you can change the reaction to a different one at any moment. Additionally, you are also allowed to remove the reaction to a message.

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9. Share With Captions

share with captions

Similar to when you share pictures or videos, sometimes the things you share, like newspaper articles or work documents, might need a little explanation. Thus with the new caption feature, you can now write a short description before you share these documents, just like adding a caption to a picture. This way, you can give some context or explain what you’re sharing.

You can try out this feature by just sending or forwarding any documents. As you do so, you’ll see the captions feature pop up at the bottom of the screen. This new Whatsapp feature gives the user the freedom to write a caption or simply forward it as it is.

Furthermore, with this new feature, when you forward media that has a caption, you have the option to keep, delete or completely rewrite it to give extra information when sharing photos between chats. Additionally, you can also add a caption to photos and videos when you forward them.

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10. Whatsapp Polls

Whatsapp polls

With the WhatsApp polls feature, any member including the admin can create and share the poll in the group to get a definitive answer or to make a solid decision. Once the poll has been created and shared in the group, the group members can opt for an option as per their choice. As the members vote, the poll gets updated automatically.

To create a poll:

  • Open any chat and tap on the attach icon and choose the poll option from it.
  • Then enter the question you want to ask via the option- “Ask Question.”
  • Now enter the options by tapping on the add button.
  • Once you are satisfied, tap on the send button and wait for the votes to come in.

However, with the recent updates, you can also create single-vote polls by turning off multiple answers option when creating a poll. Moreover, you can now also receive notifications when people vote on your polls, so you can easily keep up to date on responses.

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11. Status Link Previews

status link previews

With the status link preview feature, when you put a link as your status on WhatsApp, the app can now grab a preview image, title and description from the link itself. This means that when someone clicks on your link, they’ll see a small picture and description that gives them an idea of what the link is about. It’s like a sneak peek that helps them understand what the link is talking about.

12. Status Profile Rings

status profile rings

With the Status Profile rings feature, you can effortlessly catch up on your contact’s statuses right from your chat screen. When a contact posts a status, you’ll spot a snazzy green ring around their profile picture. Just give it a quick tap, and voila! You’ll instantly dive into their status. If you are not able to see this feature, just update your Whatsapp messenger and you’re good to go.

13. Dedicated Video Recording Mode

dedicated video recording mode

Previously, if you wanted to record a video on WhatsApp, you had to press and hold the shutter button in the camera section. But now, Whatsapp has made it even easier with a special video recording mode. With the latest update, there’s a separate button just for recording videos, so you can capture moments effortlessly.

14. Whatsapp Community

whatsapp community

WhatsApp Communities lets you bring different groups together in one place, making it easier to stay organized. Community admins can send important updates to members, and community members can chat and explore groups that interest them. You can get updates for the whole community and create smaller discussion groups too. Plus, community announcement groups keep your phone number private. And remember, your personal messages and calls are super secure with end-to-end encryption. Only you and the person you’re chatting with can read or hear them – not even WhatsApp can.

To create a community group:

  • Navigate to the new community option in the app.
  • Enter the community name, description, and add a community icon.
  • Then tap on add group option to add existing groups or create a new group.
  • Upon successful completion of all these steps, you are good to go with your new community group.

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Summary: New WhatsApp Features

In conclusion, I hope you’ve learnt all about the new WhatsApp features mentioned in this article. WhatsApp has been a popular messaging platform for almost a decade now. However, its regular update and newer features to make it user-compatible is something that impresses the audience to stick to it and maintain healthy competition with other platforms too.

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  • WhatsApp has been around for a long time and has launched many new and useful features.
  • Most of these features aren’t yet known to everyone out here, and these features make for better security and convenience.
  • In this article, we tell you the new WhatsApp features in 2023 to use.


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