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Top 6 Free Pets You Can Pick In Free Fire


Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games, but what can make gameplay even better? Pets. Here are some of the best free pets that you can choose from to improve your rank in the game and allow you to be the last one standing.

- Updated: 31st May 2023, 02:42 IST
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    Top 5 Free Pets in Free Fire
    • 1. Yeti
    • 2. Falco
    • 3. Rockie
    • 4. Mr Waggor
    • 5. Beaston
    • 6. Dreki
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Gaming enthusiasts undoubtedly know about Garena’s Free Fire, the famous battle royale game. It is available for both Android and iOS and boasts over 187 million daily users.

Each player has a unique customised avatar and the characters in the game can jump, crawl and even duck, with over 15 game modes on offer which make gameplay interesting.

Some popular game modes include Pet Mania, Cold Steel, Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch. The star of the show is the Battle Royale mode, in which up to 52 players land on an island, devoid of weapons. What ensues is a battle to be the last one standing. Six maps are also present in the game, with solo, duo and squad play options on offer for gamers in India.

Why Are There Pets in Free Fire?

best pets in free fire

Free Fire allows players to keep pets to aid during the fight sequences. As of this article’s writing, the game provides 21 pets that a player can choose from. What sets each pet apart is a special ability that is unique and different. Some of these are autonomous in nature while others have to be activated.

Recently, Poring, a pet was also added to the game and is one of the rarest pet in Free Fire. Players can additionally customise the pets that they opt for.

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Top 5 Free Pets in Free Fire

As mentioned above, the game offers players 21 different pets, but which one should you choose? We will list the 5 free pets that you can choose for an exciting gaming experience. 

1. Yeti


The first pet on our list is the adorable yet functional, Yeti. It is quite useful while you are gaming and battling it out because the unique power that the pet has is basically an ace up your sleeve. If your opponent throws a grenade that catches you out you can be in a spot of trouble, but not if you have Yeti by your side. 

Yeti’s power or skill is called Frost Fortress, which can help reduce the damage that comes from an explosion. Initially, it is a 15% reduction for every 150 seconds, but, when at its max, the pet can provide 30% reduction every 90 seconds. This can be the difference between your survival and losing the match.

2. Falco


The second pet on our list is Falco, which is a good option for players to improve their tier ranks in the game. 

The pet offers a unique Skyline Spree power, which improves gliding speed by 15% during the jump. The diving speed when the parachute of the avatar is open also increases by 25% when using Falco.

Upon Falco reaching its maximum level, the enhancements will rise to 50% and 45% respectively, with gamers who opt for duos and squads often choosing the pet due to the skill affecting the entire squad as a whole.

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3. Rockie


Rockie the Racoon, interestingly looks a lot like Rocket the Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, apart from some minute design changes. 

Rockie’s Stay Chill skill is quite handy during gameplay, with the ability to cut equipped active skill cooldown periods by around 6%, which rises to 15% when the pet is at its maximum level. 

Free Fire players who opt for the pet will benefit quite a bit from Rockie, as reducing the cooldown period will allow the player to use the specific ability multiple times.

4. Mr Waggor

Mr Waggor

Who doesn’t love penguins, especially when they help you improve your rank in your favourite battle royale game? Mr.Waggor offers Smooth Gloo as its special skill, which makes it one of the most sought-after pets to choose from in Free Fire. 

What makes the pet special is its ability to make a gloo wall grenade which keeps regenerating every 2 minutes if the avatar lacks the same. Upon reaching its maximum level, 100 seconds is all that it takes for a gloo wall grenade to be generated.

5. Beaston


Another Free Pet in the list is Beaston, an admirable pet that helps you improve your rank on Free Fire. 

Beaston’s Helping Hand skill allows players to increase the range of grenades and other arms that can be thrown. This will allow players to target enemies at farther distances and allow for higher kill rates.

Initially, Beaston improves the range by 10% but when at its maximum level, the pet allows for a 30% increase in range, which can be the X-factor in making you champion.

6. Dreki

Dreki Free Fire Pets

History lovers and mythology experts often regard Dragons as mystical and strong creatures, with massive wings and a daunting presence that would be enough to scare anyone. Dreki, the sixth pet on our list is quite similar in some ways. It can spot enemies or opponents with ease and ambush them when they are in a bid to recover from injury.

Dreki’s Glare ability will show opponents on the player’s map if the enemy is currently recovering, at a 10-metre radius. This expands to 30 metres when the pet is at its maximum level. The skill lasts for just 5 seconds but it is more than enough to gain an upper hand on the enemy.

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Is Free Fire Max an interesting alternative to BGMI?

best pets in free fire

In case you are still curious about the game, you will be fascinated to know that the game has a premise that has comics and stories in a distinct universe. Each character in the game has a separate back story and background with connections to one another. 

Three cities are present within the game, namely La Luna, New Dawn and Griza, which are home to over 50 characters on offer. Not just this, the game also boasts of famous celebrity collaborations with some popular names being Cristiano Ronaldo, Anita, Justin Beiber and DJ Alok.

So, what are you waiting for? Get gaming and make sure to choose a pet to ensure that you have a great gaming experience and emerge victorious. 

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