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5 Best Free Fire Players In India Whose Levels You Can’t Reach!


The best Free Fire players in India have toiled their way to the top of the Indian Esports scene. Let’s learn a bit more about them in this article!

- Updated: 24th Jun 2022, 19:06 IST
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    TSG Jash
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    Sk Sabir Boss
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    Action Bolt
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    Summing up

Although Garena Free Fire has been banned by the Indian government, Garena Free Fire MAX is available to Indian gamers. With Free Fire being one of the most popular battle royale games today, it only makes sense if some players become renowned for their prowess in the game. The Esports scene in India has started to kick off. Moreover, Garena has noticed the popularity and held multiple tournaments for Indian gamers. This provides a healthy challenge and a platform for Indian gamers to show off their skills. A few players have won over a significant chunk of the fanbase, thanks to their skills. Whether it’s sniping or clutching late in the game, these Free Fire players are on the path to success. So, we’ll be checking out the best Free Fire players in India today.

Following them, whether it’s through their gameplay, stories, or interviews, will provide valuable insights into the Esports scene. Additionally, you’ll be able to follow and implement their techniques to get better at the game. Without further ado, let’s know more about the players!



JIGS is not just one of the best Free Fire players in India. In fact, he belongs to the top one per cent of Free Fire players all over the world. Considering the game’s substantial fanbase and the competition, this is a massive feat in itself. He’s also the leader of the BOSS Guild. If you look at his stats, you’ll understand how dominating he truly is. With a massive 41.16 per cent win percentage and having won over 4000 matches, he’s almost unbeatable in Free Fire. If you’re lucky enough to have him in your squad at a random match, you’ll realise that you’ve got at least a 28 per cent victory chance!

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TSG Jash

TSG Jash

TSG Jash is an integral member of the TSG squad. In case you’re unaware of the squad, they were one of the two teams that were recently part of the game’s Asia competition. He’s also a part of the top one per cent of Free Fire players worldwide. In the game’s 12th season, he achieved a score of 3354, propelling him to the Heroic Tier. With his enormous KD ratios and a penchant for headshots, nobody’s safe from TSG Jash, if they’re on opposite sides of the match. Additionally, he’s got over 10 million subscribers on the Two-Side Gamers YouTube channel. This speaks volumes about his success in the game.


TSM FTX MR JAY best free fire players in india

Jayesh Yadav, professionally known as TSM FTX MR JAY, is part of India’s TSM FTX Free Fire team. This team is one of the best to come out of the country and has maintained the top two positions in various international Free Fire tournaments. This is primarily due to the contributions of MR JAY. At the Esports Premier League, held in 2021, TSM won the league, and MR JAY won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award. This shows how important he is to a team that’s already creating waves in the Esports scene. Moreover, he’s got a YouTube channel with 107,000 subscribers. If you follow his gameplay style, there’s a lot to learn from his videos.

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Sk Sabir Boss

Sk Sabir Boss

Sk Sabir Boss is also known as Sk Sabir Gaming on his YouTube channel. While he’s not featured in organised Free Fire tournaments, he’s still one of the best Free Fire gamers in the country. Primarily, he’s a YouTuber and streamer by profession. However, his gameplay style is somewhat different from what you’d typically expect. His ability to adapt to an in-game situation is unparalleled. With an enormous KD ratio of 5.30 and a win percentage of 33.05 per cent, he’s definitely one to watch out for. If he steps into the Esports gaming scene, he can easily reach the top tier.

Action Bolt

Action Bolt best free fire players in india

Action Bolt’s real name is Anup Mandal. However, there’s a good reason why everyone prefers calling him Action Bolt. Apart from it being his Free Fire name, he ensures that he justifies the username. His victory rate is an unbelievable 44.78 per cent, from a total of over 17000 Squad Battles. Moreover, his KD ratio is at a crisp 5.77. As you can understand from the stats, Action Bolt is a no-nonsense player. His aggression and accurate gunplay ensure that he stands a winning chance in every game. If you come up against him one-on-one, there’s almost no chance of you coming out on top. He’s operated his YouTube channel since 2018 and now has over one million subscribers!

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Summing up

So, this was our list of the best Free Fire players in India today. These players are paving the way for the younger generation to cement the legitimacy of the Esports scene in the country. As trailblazers, they have managed to put India on the map when it comes to gaming tournaments. Hopefully, this inspires more players to pursue their passion for gaming, making India a juggernaut in world gaming tournaments!

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