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7 Best Katana Skins In Free Fire To Intimidate Your Opponents!


Want to check out the best Katana skins in Free Fire? We’ve got a comprehensive list of them right here!

- Updated: 28th Jul 2022, 10:49 IST
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    Katana base stats
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    Best Katana Skins
    • Spirited Overseers
    • Clandestine Impulse
    • Kendoka Katana
    • Blade of Blood
    • Cyber Bounty Hunter
    • Faithful Edge
    • Blood Moon
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    Summing up

Garena Free Fire is one of the world’s most famous battle royale games. Since it faces some hefty competition from the likes of BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile, it has to continuously update its content to keep up with player engagement. Moreover, it has some unique additions to the game. For example, although it features many gun items, there are quite a few melee weapons as well. One of the best melee weapons in the game is the katana. The Katana has its own set of stats which can be upgraded through skins. So, we’ve curated the best Katana skins in Free Fire that you can use to personalise your weapon.

Katana base stats

Katana Base

As stated earlier, the Katana is one of the best melee weapons in the game. It has a high base damage but is plagued by a slow rate of fire. However, when yielded properly, it can be a devastating weapon. The players can use the katana as a shield as well. Having said that, let’s take a look at its base stats:

  • Damage – 66
  • Rate of fire – 32
  • Magazine – 0
  • Accuracy – 10
  • Movement speed – 88
  • Armour penetration – 0
  • Reload speed – 0
  • Range – 5

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Best Katana Skins

Now that we’ve taken a look at the Katana’s base stats, we can review the best katana skins in Free Fire. However, the katana, like any other weapon in the battle royale mode, has to be found first. You can find the katana strewn throughout the game’s maps. You’ll also have to work harder to find the katana, as it’s usually available in areas with high-level loot. So, you’ll have to either reach the spots early or fight your way through to the weapon. Now, let’s check out the Katana skins!

Spirited Overseers

Spirited Overseers Katana best katana skins in free fire

The Spirited Overseers is an older Katana skin in Free Fire. However, it’s still used extensively, considering how elegant it looks. The skin has an elegant yellow shimmer that permeates through the blade’s edges and the sword’s hilt. The blade itself is bathed in a complementary red that features some sleek patterns. While the skin doesn’t provide too many effects, it’s one of the better-looking Katana Skins in Free Fire. The skin was initially available through top-up events.

Clandestine Impulse

Clandestine Impulse Katana

If you’re someone who prefers a cyberpunk look for your katana, you must check out the Clandestine Impulse Katana skin in Free Fire. This skin has a colour scheme of red, silver, and a darker, muted blue. The resulting Katana skin is a gorgeous and elegant rendition of the traditional Japanese sword. Moreover, the skin has a menacing element, with red lightning streaks around the blade. This makes each kill with the Katana more impressive than the last!

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Kendoka Katana

Kendoka Katana

The Kendoka Katana skin in Free Fire is another Katana skin that can be acquired through top-up events. Furthermore, it will remind you of many famous movie and game scenes with flaming swords. This is due to the flaming red aura of the Katana skin surrounding the blade as a skin effect. Apart from the flames, the skin has a fusion design, combining modernity with traditional Japanese weave designs on the sheath. The blade itself has a dark, all-black look that’s supplemented with orange accents that remind your enemies of the flame.

Blade of Blood

Blade of Blood Katana best katana skins in free fire

According to its in-game bio, the Blade of Blood skin is “the only weapon that can take down the blood devil”. The developers have definitely made the blade’s design complement this bio. The skin has a simple design that uses a black and red colour combination. Basically, the entire blade is black, with red accents on the edges. These red accents also have marks of blood to keep the design aligned with the bio. Additionally, the hilt has a traditional design that uses the black and red colour combination. Overall, it’s quite a menacing skin, isn’t it?

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Cyber Bounty Hunter

Cyber Bounty Hunter Katana

For lovers of the cyberpunk theme, this is another Katana skin in Free Fire worth unlocking. The skin was available almost a year ago through a Free Fire Special Event called the Summer Spin event. Keeping in line with the cyberpunk neon colour scheme, the Katana skin uses purple and neon pink to drive its point forward, quite literally. When it comes to the blade’s special effects, the skin lends an aura of lightning to the Katana, making it seem even more dangerous.

Faithful Edge

Faithful Edge Katana

The Faithful Edge Katana skin is another extremely well-designed Katana skin in Free Fire. It uses a gold, black, and green colour scheme. The skin was available through the game’s Flame Wing Flip Event, which was held in May 2021. You could also acquire the entire skin set by spending 400 Diamonds. The blade’s sheath features a green and black design with an intricate golden design. The Katana came in a full black colour with green accents on the blade’s edge. Moreover, the blade’s handle featured bandages wrapped around its length.

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Blood Moon

Blood Moon Katana best katana skins in free fire

The Blood Moon Katana skin set is one of the oldest skin sets on this list. It was released through an in-game top-up event called Blood Night, which happened in September 2019. Regardless of how old it is, it’s still one of the best Katana skins in Free Fire. The skin set features a rather unique design on the sheath. However, the biggest draw of the skin is for the Katana itself. The sword’s colour scheme changes to a black blade colour with red accents at the blade’s edges. Furthermore, the handle’s hilt uses a yellow colour while the handle itself is red. Finally, the skin makes the sword emit a reddish smoky aura to intimidate your enemies.

Summing up

So, did you like our picks of the best Katana skins in Free Fire? We’ve also selected older skins from the game since these are classic skins loved by players worldwide. If we’ve not listed one of your favourite Free Fire Katana skins, let us know in the comment section below. We’ll be sure to check it out!

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Highlights of the Story

  • The Katana is a highly popular melee weapon in Garena Free Fire.
  • Like any other weapon in the game, it also comes with skins that change the weapon’s looks and adds special effects.
  • We’ve curated a list of the best Katana skins in Free Fire to satiate your curiosity and provide you with Katana skin options!

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