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How To Get J Biebs For Free In Garena Free Fire? Use These Methods!


Justin Bieber is now a part of Garena Free Fire. Check out our methods if you want to know how to get J Biebs for free in Garena Free Fire!

- Updated: 20th Jul 2022, 10:28 IST
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    How to get J Biebs for free?
    • How to get diamonds?
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    About J Biebs
    • J Biebs’ Special Ability
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    Summing up

Garena Free Fire has been going from strength to strength in recent months. The game has already collaborated with many well-known faces in pop culture. Recently, Garena also collaborated with Anitta, a Brazilian-based singer who’s known for winning multiple awards in the Latin-American music scene. Now, Garena has aimed for someone renowned all over the world. For the game’s fifth anniversary celebrations, Garena has roped in one of the most famous pop singers in the world, Justin Bieber. It’s not uncommon for the company to release characters based on their collaborations as well. So, you can now access Justin Bieber’s character, J Biebs, in the game. In fact, this article will tell you how to get J Biebs for free in Garena Free Fire.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

How to get J Biebs for free?

Unfortunately, J Biebs isn’t available for unlocking in the game yet. He’s included as a mystery character in the Free Fire OB35 Advance Server. Later this month, you’ll be able to find him in-game after the release of the patch and the update. You can expect J Biebs to be available in Free Fire from July 20 to July 23, 2022.

There’s a good chance that you can also purchase him from the in-game store for 599 Diamonds. However, he won’t be available in the game’s store until Garena‘s fifth-anniversary celebrations, featuring Justin Bieber’s live performance. This will likely be held at the latter end of August 2022. Until then, you can unlock him from prize-pool events or top-up events on and after July 20, 2022.

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How to get diamonds?

Until the J Biebs character is finally released and made available for purchase in the game store, you can stock up on diamonds. J Biebs will cost you roughly 599 diamonds to unlock. Even if you don’t wait for that long, there’s a good chance he’ll be available in-game through top-up or prize-pool events. Unfortunately, both cases require you to rack up diamonds for spending in-game. So, you can follow the methods we’ve listed below to accumulate enough diamonds to unlock the character for free!

Advance Server


If you’re accessing Garena Free Fire through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can also gain access to the latest Advance Server. In this case, it’s the OB35 Advance Server. The Advance Server acts as a method of beta-testing new updates before they officially roll out. If you play through the Advance Server, you can report bugs to the Garena developers. Once the bugs have been addressed, you will be rewarded with diamonds in-game. Here’s how to access the Advance Server:

  • Use any VPN app and access the Advance Server through Garena‘s official website.
  • Log into the website using your Facebook or Google credentials, whichever you’re comfortable using.
  • After submitting your information, such as full name and email address, you’ll receive an activation code in your registered email.
  • You can then use the activation code to download and play Free Fire Advance Server OB35.

Play the game through the Advance Server and report any bugs you find. For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with diamonds that can be redeemed through the in-game mail.

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Google Opinion Rewards

Completing-Google-opinion-surveys how to get j biebs for free in garena free fire

Google Opinion Rewards also present an easy way to get diamonds for free in Garena Free Fire. However, this method will require your patience, as it’s an indirect way to purchase diamonds in-game. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Log in to the app using your Google account’s credentials.
  • Complete the preliminary test survey, and you’re good to go.
  • Check out the surveys on the app that provide you with Google Play credits as a reward. Complete as many of these surveys as you can.

After you complete the surveys that reward you with Play Store credits, you can accumulate as many credits as possible. Following this, you can use the credits to purchase diamonds directly from the Garena Free Fire store available in-game.

About J Biebs

J Biebs

Justin Bieber’s character is based on the ideas of human connection and peace. J Biebs seeks everyone to join hands and work together for the betterment of humanity and immediate communities. To ensure that he can improve the community, he’s willing to fight the good fight. As such, he’s got a few abilities that we can look at in detail.

J Biebs’ Special Ability

J Biebs special ability

Every character in the game has a Special Ability that they can use in battle. J Biebs is no different and comes with the Silent Sentinel Special Ability. With this ability, J Biebs and his squadmates can block incoming attacks and reduce the damage taken using EP instead of HP. The amount of EP lost in blocking the attack will then be restored to all squadmates through J Biebs. This ability can be pretty helpful in certain situations and comes with different levels. Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Level 1 – Has a range of 6m and a damage reduction of 7 per cent.
  • Level 2 – Has a range of 8m and a damage reduction of 7 per cent.
  • Level 3 – Has a range of 8m and a damage reduction of 10 per cent.
  • Level 4 – Has a range of 10m and a damage reduction of 10 per cent.
  • Level 5 – Has a range of 10m and a damage reduction of 15 per cent.
  • Level 6 – Has a range of 12m and a damage reduction of 15 per cent.

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Summing up

It’s not a surprise that Garena has pushed for collaboration with such a massive name in pop culture. The game has grown in popularity over the years and is now one of the most played games of the modern era. With Justin Bieber’s character in the game, Garena can rope in a larger audience that’s a part of the Bieber collective. What do you think of the character and his abilities in the game? Do you plan on purchasing the character or collecting him through events? Tell us your opinions on this character in the comment section below!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Garena is collaborating with Justin Bieber for the fifth-anniversary event.
  • Justin Bieber’s in-game character, J Biebs, will be available in-game post-July 20, 2022.
  • We tell you how to get J Biebs for free in Garena Free Fire, using some helpful methods!