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Best Apps You Must Have On Your Smartwatch


Apple and Google are two of the largest smartwatch makers, with the former being the maker of the Apple Watch and the latter offering WearOS, the most popular OS for wearables, here are some of the best apps that you need to have on your smartwatch.

- Updated: 7th Sep 2023, 17:55 IST
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    Best Apps You Must Have On Your Smartwatch
    • 1. Todoist
    • 2. Microsoft Outlook
    • 3. AccuWeather
    • 4. Facer
    • 5. Google Maps And Google Home
    • 6. Water Reminder
    • 7. FlickType 
    • 8. Lens
    • 9. Bring
    • 10. Cardiogram
    • 11. Lifesum
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    Conclusion – Best Apps for Smartwatches

In today’s day and age, most tech-savvy individuals are sporting a smartwatch on their wrist. Be it from an Indian company or from the likes of Samsung, Apple or traditionally famous watchmakers like Garmin, Fossil etc. 

With more and more people taking interest in smartwatches, be it for their utility or for the health features, it is time to list out some apps that you absolutely need to download on your WearOS-based smartwatch or on your Apple Watch. 

For those curious, the Apple Watch is Apple’s flagship smartwatch offering, whilst WearOS is Google’s OS for smartwatches which is used by multiple brands across the world.

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Best Apps You Must Have On Your Smartwatch

Before listing out the apps, it is important to note that some of these apps might come at a cost or subscription, but rest assured that they will be quite useful. 

With that being said, here are some apps you absolutely need, be it for productivity-related purposes or for your health.

1. Todoist

Todoist best apps for smartwatches

The first app on our list is Todoist. It is one of the most popular productivity-based applications around the world. Todoist is one of the best task managers available for smartwatch users. It offers an easy-to-use UI and allows the user to get things done easily with easy-to-make tasks. 

The app also provides a simple and arranged schedule, with adding tasks also being a piece of cake. In order to set up Todoist, you need to make use of your phone or log in via your Google account on the smartwatch. 

Furthermore, since the app is available on smartphones and Windows/macOS systems it is easy to view your tasks across devices. The best thing however is that the app is free, but a paid subscription is also available.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook best apps for smartwatches

The next free app on our list is an offering from Microsoft, in the form of Microsoft Outlook. The popular application will allow you to track and keep note of your emails, tasks and even meetings listed on Outlook. 

Notably, you can even reply to and view emails from Outlook on the watch itself which is quite useful. Much like Todoist, Outlook too is available across devices making it convenient to use. All you need is an Outlook account, which is free of charge.

3. AccuWeather


Next up, for weather experts or just weather-curious individuals, another useful app is AccuWeather. It was initially amongst the first few apps with WearOS support when it comes to weather applications. You can see details like the temperature, predicted forecasts, weather alerts and even humidity.

The free version of the app is plagued with ads but you can pay to remove it. The application is available for smartphones too, if you wish to get an in-depth analysis of the weather.

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4. Facer


Enthusiasts and tech-savvy users rejoice, Facer is the app for unique watch face lovers and is one of the most popular customization apps for smartwatches. The app offers multiple watch faces created by the community that you can download, for free. 

You can even create your own watch face, but with the multitude of watch faces already available on the app, you will be spoilt for choice. Facer is known for partnering with other companies to make custom smartwatch faces, with even certain show-based faces. It might seem daunting initially, but you get used to it sooner or later.

Worry not, despite the utility on offer and the vast array of faces on offer, the app is free to download on your smartwatch, so you can customize your watch face with ease.

5. Google Maps And Google Home

Google Maps

Two Google apps that you absolutely need to download on your smartwatch, be it an Apple Watch or a WearOS one are Google Home and Maps. The former will allow you to control all of your smart devices. Some of the devices include smart lights, speakers etc, making it easier to keep track of your smart home. 

The latter is one of the most used apps on offer, with Google Maps for smartwatches being quite useful for active users. You can get directions to your favourite place on your smartwatch. And you can even ask your smartwatch for directions and for WearOS smartwatches, Google Maps is the default maps app so it can come in handy.

6. Water Reminder

Water Reminder

One app that you should absolutely have on your Apple Watch is water reminder. In today’s day and age, people are extremely busy and often forget to do basic deeds, such as drinking water. That is where Water Reminder app will come in handy.

All you need to do is keep logging the amount of water you have consumed throughout the day, and as you do so, it will remind you to keep drinking if your consumption has been less. You can also sync the app with Apple Health for details like age, weight etc.

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7. FlickType 


If you own an Apple Watch, you undoubtedly know how well it handles notifications, be it from WhatsApp or from the likes of iMessage. However, one gripe that has always stood with WatchOS users is that the keyboard and responses on offer are far from great. 

FlickType lets you use a QWERTY keyboard on your Apple Watch which allows you to type and send messages without having to whip out your phone. This is different from Apple’s dictation feature or the ability to scribble letter by letter, which is sort of tedious. Replying to texts from your smartwatch becomes much easier by making use of this app.

8. Lens


Are you an Insta influencer or just someone who cannot get enough of the reels and stories that your friends are constantly sharing with you? Then the Lens for Watch app is going to be your favourite companion. 

The app brings the key Instagram features to your wrist, meaning you can check your IG timeline from your Apple Watch or view DMs, stories and more. Video playback on your watch is also supported, which is a neat addition. The free version of the app will only let you see the timeline, whilst to check stories, DMs and more, you will be required to opt for a premium subscription.

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9. Bring

bring - Bring

Bring is a fantastic shopping list manager application that works well on a wide variety of gadgets, including smartwatches. Users may select from a wide variety of interesting themes or make their own personalized shopping lists. To make their lists more useful, users may include attribute characteristics like size, measures, number, color, and descriptions as well as photographs and a compact grid or list view.

The application also offers a top-notch user experience when used as a wristwatch app. Users may carry apps on the move and share their lists with others while also saving the information from their loyalty cards. In fact, users may use the Bring app to organize parties, weddings, and other events while keeping others informed.

Users may download the Bring app for free. On mobile devices, it doesn’t display many adverts but instead focuses on in-app purchases as its primary income source. The market is distinct but very useful to many residential and business users.

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10. Cardiogram

cardiogram - best apps for smartwatches

Cardiogram is a wearable application that tracks heart rate and offers users insights into their sleep habits, stress levels, cardiovascular activity, and reactions to various environmental and medical conditions.

It works in conjunction with the smartwatch’s biosensors, which detect heart rate, keep track of physical activity, gather and analyze information about heart health, and then use that information to provide individualized suggestions. Overall, Cardiogram functions as a digital heart care diary and heart fitness tracker and mostly adheres to the UI and UX principles of healthcare app development.

The application is available for free download and usage on a variety of devices, and in-app purchases account for the majority of its income.

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11. Lifesum

lifesum - best apps for smartwatches

Lifesum is another unique wristwatch app that is included on our list since it monitors everything you consume throughout the day, including food and beverages. The smartphone application has an image recognition function that can immediately recognize the components of food and compute the number of calories based on the quantity consumed.

Once its AI algorithms have digested a sufficient amount of user activity, it will begin bringing in customized suggestions, meal plans, and challenges for managing one’s health.

The application may be downloaded and used without cost, and it has an in-app store where users can buy more content. On Google Play, it has a rating of 4.4, while the App Store gives it a rating of 4.7.

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Conclusion – Best Apps for Smartwatches

According to research, roughly one in five people presently use a wristwatch or fitness tracker . To give some context, the fastest-evolving wearable technology is the smartwatch, and this next-generation field of devices has created countless opportunities for different stakeholders, including developers, appreneurs, technopreneurs, and venture capitalists who want to collaborate with idea generators and secure their place in the market.

Some wearable or smartwatch applications have already made a sensation with pebbles when the popularity of the Android and Apple smartwatches were projected in their early days of debut. What made a difference for them was a combination of an app concept and their early adoption, which is the key to gaining a competitive edge in the technology world.



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