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4 Best Apps To Sleep Better Every Night


Finding it difficult for yourself to sleep peacefully every night due to an unhealthy lifestyle? Here are some of the best apps to sleep better every single night.

- Updated: 12th Jul 2023, 14:24 IST
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    Here are Some Apps To Help You Sleep Better At Night!
    • 1. Calm
    • 2. SleepScore
    • 3. HeadSpace
    • 4. Sleep Sounds
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    Conclusion: Best Apps To Sleep Better

Sleep is an essential part of everyone’s life. Nowadays due to work, studies and many other Circumstances, people sacrifice their sleep to focus on their work. Most of the people around you have either complained about not getting sleep or despite sleeping they have not been able to sleep as well as they could before. Loss of sleep can cause various problems. If not taken care of, there may be long-term ill effects from not getting your daily dose of sleep. In this article, we show you the best apps to sleep better every night.

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Here are Some Apps To Help You Sleep Better At Night!

1. Calm

Calm app

When it comes to having better peace of mind to have better sleep, Calm is one of the most popular apps out there. It comes with a really useful and easy-to-use user interface.

There’s a mood checker within Calm that determines how you feel and provides the best recommendations for meditation. Theres over many options for guided meditation that are led by renowned experts that help users meditate and calm down.

Every day users get new meditations and suggestions to hear from for guided sessions. Sleep stories come with a range of narrators that help users relax their minds. There are also sleep-inducing features like carefully selected music and curated soundscapes to better help the users fall asleep along with a range of breathing exercises.

Overall, Calm has a wide variety of features along with collaborations from known creators to help subscribers fall asleep. There’s also a yearly subscription to Calm for users to access the entire feature list and in turn, reduce anxiety and sleep better.

Download Here: Google Play Store | App Store

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2. SleepScore

SleepScore: best apps to sleep better

SleepScore is an app that uses your smartphone’s microphone and speaker to track your sleep. This app measures your breathing rate and body movement through sonar technology.

SleepScore not only tracks your sleep but also provides your overall sleep score, along with recommendations and tips to improve your sleep quality as the days come. It also tracks how many times you wake up during your sleep, REM sleep, light, and deep sleep. Sleep score provides sleep coaching to help fall asleep better.

A smart alarm feature on SleepScore also wakes users up during their light sleep stages to wake up easily without a hitch. The app can also use the camera to see and check if your bedroom is ideal to sleep in, if not, the app will also provide recommendations to make sure where you sleep is the best place. There’s also a premium subscription available that provides access to more features like a screener, snore quiz and a full-fledged sleep report

Download Here: Google Play Store | App Store

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3. HeadSpace

 HeadSpace: best apps to sleep better

Headspace is a subscription-based app for mindfulness and mental health, along with an app to have to sleep better every night. HeadSpace is also one of the most widely used apps since its launch in 2010. The features of HeadSpace are similar to Calm, mentioned earlier.

There’s a wide range of guided meditations by experts to cater to topics like stress relief, anxiety, sleep, focus and mindfulness, etc. There’s also a bedtime feature called Sleepcasts. Sleepcasts are sleep stories to help users fall asleep quickly and improve their sleep. Along with this, there are also features like music for calming, relaxation, and meditation. Also, there are features like breathing exercises, stretching exercises and mindfulness exercises.

Download Here: Google Play Store | App Store

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4. Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds is an app that comes with a wide range of relaxing and soothing sounds to help users fall asleep easily. Falling asleep calmly and easily will aid in longer and better sleep. These sounds help users block disturbing noises, create a relaxing environment and promote deep sleep, which in turn helps users sleep better.

This app also comes with a feature to let users custom make and hear their own made sleep sounds for relations. There are various modes like sounds of rain, nature, relaxation, transport, white noise, animals, music, ASMR sounds, and more.

Download Here: Google Play Store | App Store

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Conclusion: Best Apps To Sleep Better

I’m sure as working professionals, adults, and students, as much as we give importance to our daily work, we also need to give equal importance to having better sleep. Taking a break or rest through sleep is very important, as it keeps us prepared for the next day. Sleep improves our mood and brain function, repairs our bodies, protects mental health, and boosts immune systems along with keeping away chronic illnesses. It doesn’t harm using apps to give us directions and tips to improve our sleep quality for the better. These best apps will definitely help sleep better every night.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Sleeping peacefully into your bed every night is becoming a big task every single time.
  • Due to stressful life and hectic work schedule, you might not get the sleep that your body truly needs.
  • Here are some of the best apps to sleep better using which you can take your body to complete rest.

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