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Best Apps For Android And iOS To Help You Work From Home


The Novel Corona Virus or COVID19 has caused major disruption in work schedules for many people, offices are being shut down and people are being asked to work from home all across the world. This massive change in the work climate demands changes in the ways you work, applications like Slack, Zoom, and Trello help you work easily from home collaborating with your team remotely.

By Akhil Taneja - 
26th Mar 2020
Best apps to work from home

Highlights of the Story

  • Work from home has been made mandatory for all employees all across the country amid Corona Virus outbreak.
  • Trello helps easily keep a track of the tasks you’ve been assigned and their status.
  • Applications like Slack help maintain positive communication with the team while working from home.
  • Zoom has applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS allowing teams to simulate meetings with video conferencing.

While working from home it is important to be able to focus and keep a track of work, with offices shut down all over the country and beyond, it is increasingly difficult and unsafe to be physically present at meetings. Several workspaces in India and abroad discourage the usage of personal computers to access and modify software, in such cases a remote desktop application such as the Chrome Remote Desktop can come very handy allowing access to a remote desktop at work right from your home without compromising on the security of your data, or you own health security at work. Here we have curated a list of top productivity applications that can help make the work from home experience better during the COVID19 outbreak. 

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While working from home, keeping a track of the tasks assigned is one of the most important things. It is even more difficult to keep a track of the status or progress of the different components in a project while working remotely as the direct communication with the co-workers is barred. Trello is an amazing tool that is available on the Web, Android, and iOS and allows you to designate tasks into cards that can be moved across sections to denote the status. Trello is extremely useful at workplaces where a large team works on a project simultaneously to keep a track of the progress. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to create private or public boards and define user roles to it
  • Customizable lists to track the status of different tasks
  • Simple card functionality denotes tasks
  • Ability to assign labels, members, due date, checklist and even attachment to cards

Pricing: Free up to 10 team-boards / Starting from $10 per user per month for premium

Download Trello from Google Play Store

Download Trello from the Apple App Store


Slack is a famous messaging platform designed for teams, it is very useful for remote workers to keep touch with the progress and provide a medium for communication. Messages are organized into channels for specific purposes. The team members can easily join or leave the channels so that nobody receives messages that are irrelevant to them, private channels allow abstraction of the channel and its contents from the unauthorized team members. Threads allow team members to chat outside the primary topics and prevent these additional messages from interfering with the flow of the project-centric conversations. Slack can be downloaded for free and allows the creation of a single workspace for a small team, however, messages beyond the first 10,000 will need a premium version to retain the older messages. While Slack can help improve collaboration in office environments, the real benefit is for the remote workers and can turn out really helpful during the Corona Virus Crisis. Slack also comes with integration for most of the services used including GitHub, Zendesk, Google Drive and several other, this allows the team members to collaborate effectively with the team and share the contents of these services. 

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Key Features

  • Instant messaging allows live communication between the team members for a seamless collaboration
  • Team members can set availability status to focus on their tasks as needed
  • Allows drag and drop file sharing for most common file formats
  • Supports voice and video calls directly within the application

Pricing: Free for the first 10,000 messages / Starting from $2.67 per user under discount for premium

Download Slack for Android 

Download Slack for iOS



Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing tools right now, it offers a complete suite of communication and video conferencing tools for businesses. The Zoom meetings and Chat application allows users to conduct voice or video calls for teams. The group video calls are made easy with Zoom with targeted features for large calls. Zoom comes with the schedule a call option to invite other users to a meet online, it also comes with Google Calendar integration allowing Google Suite users to fully take advantage of the Video Conferencing tool. There is also an option to share the screen to the users allowing remote members to showcase their status or demo on the Video Call. The host of the conference call also gets an option to mute specific users on the call, in case of any disturbance, there is also a record function available for the host to record the meetings for future review. 

Key Features

  • Allows users to conduct either one-to-one video calls or huge video meetings
  • Allows users to host webinars
  • Comes with a screen share feature to show the work or the demo online
  • File sharing functionality allows easy collaboration
  • Record feature allows for a future review of the meeting

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Pricing: Free up to 40 minutes per group meeting / $14.99 onwards for extended features

Download Zoom Meetings from Google Play Store

Download Zoom Meetings from the Apple App Store

Google Drive (G-Suite)

Google Drive is one such utility that most users already know and are using on a daily basis. While there are many other Cloud Storage options including the ones from Microsoft, Google Drive offers better file sharing and collaboration features than the alternatives. Google Drive also has a much higher uptime than most competitors and comes with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. If your company has a private G Suite ID, you are most likely already a Google Drive business user and can use the drive features to create multiple folders with different access levels to the different users of the team. Google Docs allows users to work on the same document in real time, there is no lag in the process and all the participants can see the changes in real-time as they happen. There is also an option to leave comments on specific lines, slides or cells of a document without hindering the data in the file itself. The basic version of Google Drive comes free with a Gmail account, if your demands need larger space than the free default 15GB then you can upgrade either by choosing Google One plan or moving to G Suite which is the entire Google Suite for Business customers. 

Key Features

  • Google Drive allows you to store any time of file online and provides restricted access rights to specific users
  • Google Docs allows you to create, edit, view, and share Word Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations with your team to collaborate in real time

Pricing: Free(15GB) – Personal / Starts at Rs 210 for Business

Download Google Drive from Google Play Store

Download Google Drive from the Apple App Store

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

The Chrome Remote Desktop application allows you to securely access your computer from your smartphone, tablet or another remote computer. This utility allows you to access your work computer from anywhere without worrying about security risks. Chrome Remote Desktop can be accessed by typing in the access URL into a web browser or by downloading the Android or iOS applications. There is also a Google Chrome extension that will give you faster access to your office and home computers from portable devices. The Chrome Remote Desktop application also allows you to connect your device to your teammates and provide access to your computer for remote support, this allows you to grant access to your colleagues to see and control your computer. This feature can also be reversed to gain control over your teammate’s computer and provide support. Also:

  • Remote access feature allows you to access your computer from anywhere at any time irrespective of the device you are using
  • Remote support feature allows you to grant access to your team members so they can gain control over your computer and provide remote support
  • The share screen functionality allows you to use remote support to share the screen with team members for better collaboration. 

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Pricing: Free

Download Chrome Remote Desktop from Google Play Store

Download Chrome Remote Desktop from Apple App Store


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