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    6 Best App To Invest In Mutual Funds In India 2022


    Are you looking for an app that you can use to invest in mutual funds, you’re at the right place. we have shortlisted some of the best mutual funds apps that you should be using. Try it now!

    By Kamlesh Ranjan | 
    Updated: 28th Apr 2022 23:54 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Best Apps To Invest In Mutual Funds
      • 1. Coin by Zerodha
      • 2. Groww
      • 3. Paytm Money Mutual Funds App
      • 4. Kuvera
      • 5. ETMoney
    • 2
      6. myCAMS Mutual Funds App

    Highlights of the Story

    • Investing in mutual funds is investing in your future.
    • However, there are plenty of applications that can offer you a reliable solution for investing.
    • In this article, we have highlighted the best app that you can use to invest in mutual funds.

    Investing in Mutual Funds is the way to go if you want to stay financially stable in life. I’m not saying it; the economics experts are telling this. However, investing any amount of money requires the right app, and with so many applications available, finding the best app to invest in mutual funds may turn out to be a hassle for users. But, and that’s why we are here, we might have found an app that can solve all your financial problems in one go.

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    Best Apps To Invest In Mutual Funds

    1. Coin by Zerodha

    Coin by Zerodha

    Zerodha is a well-known investment platform and probably the simplest app that can easily let you invest in mutual funds. In addition, the platform has a Coin application that is perfectly compatible if you already have a Zerodha account. So log in to your account on the app, and that’s it. You’re good to go.

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    With this app, you can create your SIP anytime. In addition, it also lets you modify the SIP whenever you need to change any information. You can view various financial schemes, ELSS funds, Tax filing instructions. The Coin By Zerodha app has a fined tuned User interface in terms of app features. It is easy to use; most importantly, you can easily navigate between financial schemes and understand them with the dedicated investment calculator. With these features on board, Coin by Zerodha might be the

    Download App: Android iOS

    2. Groww


    Groww is another app that you can use for investment purposes. However, I would suggest you use it if you’re new to the mutual fund’s investment scheme. This easy to use app has minimalistic features that let you decide and do your financial planning without any hassle. It has a single dashboard that lets you track all the investments, annual returns etc. All you have to do to get yourself registered on the app is get an account verification via KYC, and you’re good to go.

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    In terms of security, the application has 128-bit SSL encryption that keeps all your financial details secure. This easy to use the app can be considered the best app to invest in mutual funds and start SIP.

    Download App: Android | iOS

    3. Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

    Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

    Paytm is a well-known app in the financial segment; we all are using this app regularly. Though the primary use of Paytm is for making payments to a vendor, it also comes with additional financial services that you can easily opt for. Just install the Paytm money app and get going. On the Paytm mone app, you’ll also get a 1 per cent higher return; in addition, you’ll also get various investment schemes and create your financial portfolio.

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    In addition, the app also doesn’t have any hidden charges in case you’re buying or selling mutual funds frequently. It takes only 30 minutes to create an account on the Paytm Money app and start your financial investment plan. Paytm ensures that you get quality service while you’re signing up for your account, and for that, the entire registration process is paperless. So, get on the Paytm money app and plan your financial planning well.

    Download App: Android | iOS

    4. Kuvera


    Kuvera is another awesome mutual fund investment application that you can use. It has a unique and simple user interface, and you can create an account on Kuvera in a few steps. You can create your financial portfolio, manage joint family accounts, and keep track of the investment. In addition, the app also has a simple yet informative dashboard where you can get all the information of policy, financial scheme and SIP. It also lets you set life goals and see if you’re o the right track. It also recommends you trending mutual funds that can benefit you in achieving your goal.

    Download App: Android | iOS

    5. ETMoney


    ETMoney is perhaps the best platform where you can invest your money. Developed by Times Internet and managed by the Economics times publication, the ETMoney app is an award-winning application that has various benefits. You can easily set up your account and create your financial portfolio.

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    The most exciting part about the app is its financial calculator, where you have to just set a goal, and the app will automatically suggest various mutual funds investment plans. It also has a very easy app integration method with various payment apps like GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. The key feature of this app is the personalised section that will show you the best performing mutual funds to invest on the basis of the historical performance of the mutual fund scheme. It can be said that this is the best app to invest in mutual funds.

    Download App: Android | iOS

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    6. myCAMS Mutual Funds App

    myCAMS is one of the more straightforward and lighter apps on this list. Due to its lightweight file size and minimalistic overall interface, everything is right there in front of you to make use of. So, instead of confusing you, myCAMS gets right to the point and makes investing in mutual funds easier for you.

    Moreover, although it is not an extensively beautified app, it is feature-rich. There is the login via PIN and Pattern feature. Then, you can view your MF portfolio or open new folios. Additionally, you can easily set up your SIP, purchase, switch and do whatever you find convenient, seamlessly. Definitely had to enter our list of best apps to invest in mutual funds in India.

    Download App: Android | iOS

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    We most certainly do hope that these applications help you as much as they have been of help to us. What are you waiting for? Enter the realm of mutual funds today and start saving your hard-earned money!

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