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5 Best Web Hosting Services That You Can Opt For In 2024


Hosting a website can come with a lot of challenges, and one of those challenges is picking the best web hosting service. So, we have compiled a list of the most popular web hosting platforms that are affordable and worth trying out.


- Updated: 2nd Jan 2024, 16:44 IST
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    Best Web Hosting Service 2023
    • 1. Amazon web Services (AWS)
    • 1. Cloudflare Web Hosting Service
    • 3. HostGator
    • 4. Hostinger
    • 5. WPX
    • How to Select the Best Hosting Service for Your Company?
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Managing a website can come with a lot of challenges, and one of those challenges is looking for the best web hosting services. Though there are plenty of hosting services available in the market, and the majority of them belong to one single hosting provider; Endurance International Group; probably the largest web hosting company in the world. Despite the Endurance Group, there are many private players in the market, that are offering quality hosting services at an affordable cost.

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Let’s see what is the best web hosting service that you can opt for,

Best Web Hosting Service 2023

1. Amazon web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services

Probably the no. 1 web hosting platform would be Amazon web services. Surely, this can be an expensive hosting service, however, you can rest assured with the quality service of Amazon. Their e-commerce business has led them to develop an infrastructure that doesn’t just benefit them but benefit others as well. Some of Amazon’s client includes Netflix, Lyft, Spotify, Adobe, Ubisoft, Guardian, Disney, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and the rest of the big company that you can think of.

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In technical terms, AWS doesn’t just have a website hosting service, they have a range of hosting services for literally every platform that you can think of, Blockchain, Cloud, DataBase, End-to-End computing, Machine learning, Satellite and even Quantum technology. Pick the service that you want and choose the bandwidth, and you’ll get an estimated cost. Keep in mind that AWS is strictly designed to host enterprise websites, so this might not be the right option if you have a very small project in hand.

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1. Cloudflare Web Hosting Service


Another extremely popular hosting service is Cloudflare. Again, this is an enterprise edition hosting platform and you might have to look at a more affordable option if you don’t have many requirements. However, Cloudflare has an excellent web hosting solution, that offers free hosting if you have a tiny website such as a blog, in the free hosting platform you’ll get bare minimal services. In its semi-premium plan, you can get more services like Accelerated mobile pages (AMP), Lossless image optimisation and etc. However, this might be a bit expensive even for generic hosting.

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Exactly like AWS, Cloudflare also has a client base that is hard to ignore, the likes of Tinder, Medium, Canva, Happn, Lenskart and BookMyShow are the clients. There is no doubt that Cloudflare can turn out to be a pricy service for your website, however, it is worth trying out.

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3. HostGator


The web hosting service of bloggers, and small enterprises. If you’re starting out in the digital business, chances are you’ll encounter Hostgator here and there. They have a variety of options in terms of website hosting services. Thankfully all of their plan pricing is also mentioned on their website so it is easy to compare, with any competitor website and pick the right plan for you.

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You can host your entire website as low as Rs. 99 per month. I have to say that this is perhaps the cheapest hosting service that you can find on the Internet. If you have a website that is generating some sort of traffic that you can switch its premium plan that cost just Rs. 699 per month. Even the dedicated server that you need if you have a traffic of millions, comes at a cost of Rs. 6289 only. Without a doubt, this is the best web hosting service, if you’re just starting out in the website business.

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4. Hostinger


Hostinger is another platform that is a competition of Hostgator. They also provide a similar service like Hostgator and can be considered a good web hosting service on a budget. They offer a variety of hosting services that include, Shared web hosting cloud web hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Minecraft hosting and Cyber panel hosting. All of these services come in a tiny package of Rs. 79 per month for a starter plan. You can buy their premium plan for Rs. 139 per month and their business plan for Rs. 279 per month. This might be an excellent web hosting service to opt for if you are planning to run a single domain website that has a fairly decent amount of traffic.

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5. WPX


You can also consider WPX as an alternative for the web hosting platform. This is an independent company and offers fairly decent price plans for a website. They mainly have a hosting service for WordPress websites, and you’ll find their hosting service worth trying out. Their initial plans come with $24.99 per month and you can host up to five websites of a single account. They also offer, free malware removal and free bug and security fixes for the website. In addition, you’ll get 30-days money-back guarantee.

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How to Select the Best Hosting Service for Your Company?

Use shared hosting if you need web hosting on a budget or a newbie seeking to host your website with limited funds.

If your company wants additional flexibility or if your website is receiving a lot of traffic, consider using a managed VPS hosting plan.

If you are developing a WordPress website and want it to be as optimised as possible, a Managed WordPress hosting service is a perfect alternative for you. Managed WordPress hosting also eliminates all of the worry associated with traditional cPanel web hosting.

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So, this was all about the best Web hosting service that you can buy for your website. One of the most affordable and trustworthy web hostings is Hostgator. It has a simple pricing structure and offers a variety of features in a tiny price packet. You can also try the premium web services like AWS and Cloudflare, however, I would not suggest you do so if you’re just starting in the website business or have a small WordPress level website.

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