The new version of Android, the Android 13, is not just in talks. There are rumours that the latest update might have a name; Tiramisu. And as an enthusiastic fan of Android, this is quite a surprise since Google officially named their previous Android version 12, 11 or 10. However, the new Android 13 update…2023-01-13 22:57:37Android 13 Tiramisu: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Android 13 Tiramisu: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


The Developer Preview of Android 13 Tiramisu might come as early as Feb of 2022. See, which device will be getting the new Android 13 first, and what will be new exciting features.

Updated: 13th Jan 2023, 22:57 IST
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    Android 13 Release date?
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    When will Google release the developer beta of Android 13?
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    Key Features of Android 13
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    Smartphones that will get Android 13 “Tiramisu”?

The new version of Android, the Android 13, is not just in talks. There are rumours that the latest update might have a name; Tiramisu. And as an enthusiastic fan of Android, this is quite a surprise since Google officially named their previous Android version 12, 11 or 10. However, the new Android 13 update might be a worthy update since it takes up a notch the already available feature of Android 12.

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Android 13 Release date?

There is no set timeline for the Android 13 Tiramisu releases date since the update to Android 12 was recently announced, and it has not yet been fully available in the current set of Android devices. However, if we look at the track record, then we can surely say that Android 13 might be announced officially as early as Q3 or Q4 of 2022.

When will Google release the developer beta of Android 13?

According to recent leaks, it can be said that the Developer Preview of the Android 13 will be available as early as Feb 2022. This speculation has been observed, looking at the last two-year release date of Android Developer Preview. However, as most of the developer builds are, this update will also have many bugs and might be available for a limited userbase.

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Initially, this update will only be available for Google Pixel devices for the beta testers to try out. Surely, there will be some exciting features to witness and some new Material UI transitions.

Key Features of Android 13

App Languages

Android 13 Tiramisu App Languages

With the “App Language” feature in Android 13, it looks that users will be able to set separate languages for separate applications. Users will be able to access the feature via the “App languages” option in the “Languages & input” settings, as well as the “App info” window. Selecting this option allows the user to change the language of a specific installed app without impacting the language of the rest of the system. As a result, you can have a number of apps set up in various languages, depending on your needs and convenience. Android currently sets the language system-wide rather than app-by-app.

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Runtime Permission for Notifications

Android 13 Tiramisu Runtime Permission for Notifications

Google appears to be sensitive about notification spam. And that is why Android 13 includes new permission called “POST_NOTIFICATIONS,” indicating that notifications could become an opt-in feature. This implies that users may be able to choose whether or not they want the app to give them notifications.

Is this feature going to help with the notification spam? One may always hope. Users have also grown accustomed to handing out runtime permissions to any and all apps that ask for them. As a result, the situation for these users is unlikely to change.  Those who pay closer attention when granting permissions, on the other hand, should see a decrease in the number of applications that can send them a notification.

TARE: The Android Resource Economy

Android 13 Tiramisu TARE: The Android Resource Economy

With Android 13, Google will set the foundation for the “TARE” feature. It is an abbreviation for “The Android Resource Economy”. It focuses on device energy management, and the feature works with AlarmManager and JobScheduler policies.

The feature brings “Android Resource Credits,” which are a type of currency linked to the device’s battery status. Apps will be given credits based on how drained the battery is, and these credits will be used as “payments” for the option to execute tasks.

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Lock Screen Clock Layout

Android 13 Tiramisu Lock Screen Clock Layout

The feature to customize the layout of the lock screen clock is another user-facing update coming in Android 13. Instead of a big two-line square layout, users will be able to see the clock on a single line. There’s also a chance that this new feature will appear in Android 12L.

XDA-Developers team has discovered only a few of the features by now, but the Android 13 operating system will surely include many more. We’ll find out more about this in the following months through the leaks.

Smartphones that will get Android 13 “Tiramisu”?

Currently, the smartphone that is in the pipeline to get the Android 13 Tiramisu once it’s released for the public is Google’s own pixel lineups.

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  1. Google Pixel 6
  2. Google Pixel 6 Pro
  3. Google Pixel 5
  4. Google Pixel 5a (5G)
  5. Google Pixel 4
  6. Google Pixel 4 XL
  7. Google Pixel 4a
  8. Google Pixel 4a (5G)

These devices will be the first to get the Android 13 Tiramisu. It’s speculated that Samsung and OnePlus might release their flagship smartphone with the Android 13 after a couple of months. However, there are no confirmed dates as of now.

In other news, Samsung, OnePlus and LG have stated that they will continue to provide Android updates to their recent devices for up to three years; and after three years, it will shift to only Security updates and bug fixes. However, this will only be applied to their flagship smartphones, not the budget devices. So, there is a high chance that your device might get the future Android 13 Tiramisu.

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  • The Android 13 Tiramisu will be coming out with new features and a few fresh designs overhaul.
  • Get to know all the latest information about the upcoming Android 13, the rumoured features and the devices that it will be coming to.

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