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9 Best Smart Home Gadgets That You Must Have At Your Home


Finding a smart home gadget can be a task in itself, honestly, there are so many. So, we have compiled the best smart home gadgets just for you, from home assistant to door lock, you’ll find every smart home gadget that you’ll ever need.


- Updated: 29th Apr 2022, 14:43 IST
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    Best Smart Home Gadgets
    • 1. Amazon Echo Dot
    • 2. Amazon Echo Show
    • 3. Wipro Smart blub
    • 4. Xiaomi Vacuum Robot
    • 5. Xiaomi Security Camera 360
    • 6. Godrej smart lock
    • 7. Smart Video Door bell
    • 8. Tata power Smart switch
    • 9. Wipro smart plug
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Smart home gadgets are in trend these days, and as we step further in the future, we might have more. However, there is no doubt that the future home where we might live will not have smart home gadgets; I mean, even I’m starting to purchase some these days. So, if you’re looking for an exciting smart home gadget, then this one is for you.

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Best Smart Home Gadgets

1. Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

This might be the most exciting smart home gadget that you can bring home. The Echo dot is a simple Bluetooth speaker with a very powerful speaker. The plus side is that the gadget is an IoT device, and hence you’ll be able to connect it to the internet. This smart home assistant is more than a Bluetooth speaker; you can ask Alexa to play songs, set a reminder, ask for weather reports, play news, play radio and ask for random jokes. The fun part of the Amazon Echo Dot is its usability, let it sit at a place and do its job. This simple and effective smart home gadget will not disappoint you.

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2. Amazon Echo Show

Echo Show 8

What would you get if you combine a big screen with a smart speaker? Ans; Echo Show. The Echo show might be the gadget you want to keep at your bedside. It’s not just a smart home assistant, this guy has a display, and hence it can show you everything it is doing. So, keep at your bedside, add some photographs, and you have a perfect digital photo frame right next to you. This is also a very nice gift if you’re planning to give something to a couple.

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3. Wipro Smart blub

wipro NS9400 9-Watt B22 WiFi Smart LED Bulb

Smart bulbs will be the future of lighting. Nobody wants a simple white LED, we all have different tastes in lights as well, and with the smart lights in your hand, you can pick the right colour of light you want in your house. The best part about this entire lighting system is that your house can become green from white in one second. In addition, you’ll also save a lot of amount of money in getting theatre lights fixed in your false ceiling. And I realise there are multiple brands of smart light available. However, I feel that Wipro’s smart light is reasonable from the price point of view and delivery the same quality. So, go ahead.

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4. Xiaomi Vacuum Robot

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Need someone to clean your house? Get a robot! That dream is going to come true with this new smart home gadget. The Xiaomi’s Vacuum Robot is perhaps the cheapest vacuum robot available in the market, and considering its feature; it is definitely worth trying. The device can scan your entire flat and clean it without even asking; just set it on your floor and forget about it. Moreover, it will automatically charge itself and clean your house at the set time.

In addition, the device is also equipped with a mopping feature that will allow the robot to mop the floor as well. You have to set the instruction for mopping & cleaning and leave the device alone. However, make sure to clean its dust storage cabinet once in a while.

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5. Xiaomi Security Camera 360

Mi 360° Home Security Camera 1080P

Tighten your home’s security and get a Security camera. This awesome gadget doesn’t need much to function. Just instal the device at your ceiling, and control the view from anywhere. The Xiaomi 360 camera provides a live feed of your house at 1080p; you’ll not get this much clarity on any CCTV camera. In addition, the device also has a talkback feature that enables anyone to talk to you without any hassle.

The plus point of this device is that you don’t need additional equipment, just install the camera upside down and provide power. Connect it to your Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go; all the feeds will be recorded in an internal MicroSD card. However, you can choose to move the clip to the cloud or any other storage device as a backup.

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6. Godrej smart lock

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Advantis Revolution

Forget keys and manual locks; this is the age of smart locks. Get your house premium security. The Godrej smart lock is perhaps the most exciting smart home gadget that you’ll have. This little thing has got RFID unlocking, Passcode unlocking, Biometric unlocking and mechanical keys unlocking, obviously in case of emergencies. You can choose any option to unlock your door, even register more than one passcode for the lock, and up to 100 RFID cards for multiple user access. However, biometric registrations are limited. So I wouldn’t suggest purchasing it from amazing; directly buy it from Godrej itself and get it installed at your door.

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7. Smart Video Door bell

Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell from Hero Group

Still have that trin-trin doorbell installed at your doorstep; perhaps it’s time for you to get smart. This video doorbell from Qubo is the one that can help you out. Get it easily installed at your door and keep monitoring who’s coming. This smart doorbell is not just a security camera, but you can also talk back to the person. In addition, you’ll get 36 tunes that you can change whenever you want, so keep your doorbell tune fresh and exciting. It also has an alarm function, and it works with Amazon Alexa.

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8. Tata power Smart switch

Tata Power EZ Home 3 Gang 10A Smart Touch Panel Switch

Want to skip the manual electric switch; get some touch sensor switch. This Tata power smart switch might just be the perfect solution for your home. This is a very premium smart home gadget and might cost you more to get it installed at multiple locations in your house. However, once installed, you won’t have to worry about getting an intelligent light since you can turn on the light with one command. And if you have a smart light, then it’s golden.

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9. Wipro smart plug

Wipro 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Looking to connect something to your power outlet but want to make sure that it is a smart device. Then you are at the right place. The smart plug can help you out. Get this simple Wipro smart plug and connect it to your Amazon Alexa or smart home assistant. This is perhaps the best smart home gadget that you can have since it can make any device a smart device.

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This was all about smart home gadgets. My personal favourite is the Amazon Echo dot; it’s a simple yet useful device that we all can have at our home; if you want to take it up to the notch, get a smart light and just connect it to your Alexa. So let us know which smart home gadget you’re using right now in the comment. Ta-da!

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  • As IoT devices are increasing, smart homes will be the future of our living spaces.
  • These devices will not just help your home stay connected to you but it will also keep your house safe.
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