Samsung TV Plus is a streaming service that has over 100 channels of content to watch. This provides Samsung Smart TV owners along with its smartphone and tablet customers, a way to consume content for free.

Initially, it was launched in 2015 as a video rental service for Samsung Smart TVs in the US. Later, the company changed its business model to the current ad-supported streaming video service. And the service now offers a wide variety of TV channels depending on your geographic location. Samsung Electronics SVP Sang Kim stated that since its launch, the Samsung TV app has become one of the five most-used apps. The app is available on range of Smart TVs and gets listed among the five most-used free streaming apps. 

The Samsung TV Plus has over twice as many TV channels worldwide as before. And double the number of Samsung TVs supporting the app since last year. The service is now available in 27 countries and recently a web version was also launched starting with the US.

So if you are curious and looking for more information about Samsung TV Plus. Including how many channels you can access and what TV models support the service. Here’s everything to know about the Samsung Smart Tv Plus service.

Features and User Interface of Samsung TV

Samsuns Smart TV Plus Service

Samsung TV Plus offers 146 channels on its web version, while the app version on smart TVs offers 160 channels. The channels can be broken down into different 16 categories: Comedy (7), Entertainment (26), News and Opinion (11), Reality (5), Gaming International (3), Movies Latino (9), Crime Sports (23), Kids (5), Science and (10), Music (6), Nature (7), Sci-Fi and Horror (4), Food, Home (4), and Game Shows (4) are the top five categories.

The channels stream content 24/7, similar to a cable TV broadcast you may use every day. It is also possible to access the most recent channels that you have used in the interface. You can also label your favourite channels so you can quickly access them without the need for any browsing. The app also allows you to add specific shows and movies to a list that you want to watch and set reminders when any new season or episodes are available.

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Where is Samsung TV Plus available?

Samsung TV Plus is currently available in 23 countries and the company is planning to add more regions by year-end. This means you can find Samsung TV Plus in countries like the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Austria, France, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, Italy, and Korea there are also new additions of countries like Denmark, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, Finland, India Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Sweden.

If you can’t find your region included in the list you won’t be able to access Samsung TV Plus. But given the rate of the global expansion of the service, you can expect some new territories to be included in the coming months. And Samsung has also stated that more European countries will get the service in 2021.

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The browser version of Samsung TV Plus is only available in the United States and not worldwide. So, if you live in the United States, you can visit the Samsung TV Plus website and experience the services without having to use a Samsung Smart device.

Which platforms are supported by Samsung TV

Samsuns Smart TV Plus Mobile App

Samsung TV Plus is currently available primarily for the company’s smart TVs. You can download the app on Samsung televisions made after 2016. The mobile app is available in some regions for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. You can easily download the app from Google Play Store or Samsung’s own Galaxy Store.

Download Samsung TV Plus App: Android | Samsung Galaxy Store

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Some of the new TV models launched in 2020 like the Q950TS or Q80T QLED also come with dedicated Samsung TV Plus buttons on the TV remote. But this is only available in the US and Canada.

Is Samsung TV Plus worth it?

Samsung Smart TV Plus UI on Samsung Start TV

The answer is YES, Samsung TV Plus is completely free to use and doesn’t require any login or sign-up. This means that there is nothing wrong with just giving it a try. Samsung made a smart decision to make it a quiet launch and focus more on building content library right now.

The web version of the Samsung Smart TV plus is not even listed on the Samsung TV Plus FAQ page and is only available in selected countries. And it is important not to judge the service too harshly or make direct comparisons to two other popular services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, the company’s decision to bring it for free is to expand its viewership. And this might also signal future intentions to grow the service offerings and attract new audience with exclusive content.