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Should You Buy OnePlus 9 in late 2021 or Early 2022?


OnePlus 9 is still definitely a great option to consider if you have a restricted budget of around Rs.40,000 but still want nothing but a flagship smartphone.

- Updated: 16th Dec 2021, 02:13 IST

Has anybody noticed that the OnePlus 9RT has not been released in India yet? Meanwhile, the company has reduced a heavy price cut on its flagship product, the OnePlus 9. Today, in this video, we are going to talk about the reason why you should buy the OnePlus 9 at an effective price of Rs 36,999. And no, we have not included any Cashify exchange pricing here. 

Without further ado, let’s talk about the reason to buy the OnePlus 9 in India. 

  1. Oxygen OS 11 out-of-the-box

This might be the only smartphone from OnePlus at its price range to offer OxygenOS 11 out of the box. After getting a glimpse of OxygenOS based on ColorOS on Nord 2 and the OnePlus 9 Pro, this model has become an ultimate collector’s edition. If you are a OnePlus fan and have been using OnePlus phones for the longest time, I have a feeling you would agree with me here. And that makes it the first reason to buy the OnePlus 9 in India, especially after its recent price cut. 

  1. Hasselblad Cameras at lower price 

This year was the first time when OnePlus brought in any type of partnership for their cameras. Hasselblad Cameras are world-renowned and with their colour science, it’s clear the brand has done a great job. With the official price cut, now you can afford a Hasselblad camera tech-enabled smartphone at a cheaper price. And I think that makes up for a great reason to buy the OnePlus 9

  1. 8K Video Recording 

Under the price tag of Rs 40,000, only a handful of brands offer 8K video recording. Now if you are looking for a smartphone with high-resolution video recording capabilities, the OnePlus 9 could be of great value. Furthermore, to add value, it offers HDR video recording, which again only a handful of brands does. 

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  1. Flagship phone at mid-range price 

If you were planning to buy the OnePlus 9R, then it’s time to think about buying the OnePlus 9 instead. This whole year we have recommended 9R instead of 9, because of the huge price difference between the phones. But not looking at the effective price of the OnePlus 9, it’s similar to the MRP of the OnePlus 9R after the price cut of all OnePlus phones. 

  1. Snapdragon 888 Flagship chipset

However powerful 870 might be, it’s not as powerful as 888! It’s better to choose a Snapdragon 888 phone over an 870 phone at the same price range. I know this last reason might sound repetitive, but we ran out of reasons for you to buy this phone. It’s a great recommendation at the current effective price. 

Now you should let us know what do you think of these reasons and would you go and buy the OnePlus 9 at this price in India? Come into the comment section, let’s talk.



2 Year ago
I feel so sad about my purchase about one plus 9 the i have already bought the phone for 46 500 from a store and after just my purchase the price went 10 k down to botom which was very sad for me and top of that the sales person was so good at his work that he gave me 125 gb of one plus at the price of 48 k and plus 9 pro with higher gb was better than and the price to which i bought the one plus 9 126 gb i feel that one plus cheated on sales if the knew the prices are going to get down than why announce later after the purchase of one week i hatw it there

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