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6 Best Bike And Cycle Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now


Getting a smart gadget for your bike and cycle may turn out to be a needle in a haystack task. However, we are here to help you out, check out our article where we have compiled the best cycle and bike gadgets that you can buy right now.

- Updated: 29th Apr 2022, 14:43 IST
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    Best Bike and Cycle Gadget
    • 1. Steelbird Smart Helmet
    • 2. Smart SpeedoMeter
    • 3. Fog Light
    • 4. Smartphone Charging Solution
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You heard it right! Bike and Cycles have gadgets now. Though they might not be exactly what you’re looking for, they are something, to be honest. And if you’re looking for a gadget that can convert an old bike or cycle into a smart one, this article is for you. In addition, this will also be an excellent gifting idea for your kid or for that special one if they are into two-wheelers. So let’s get started.

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Best Bike and Cycle Gadget

1. Steelbird Smart Helmet

Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings HF Dashing

So, this is a new one. If you are tired of using earphones in your helmet, then get yourself a new smart helmet at a very affordable price tag. This helmet has an audio jack input that you can easily connect to your phone, and this will allow you to listen to songs, receive calls and get directions from Google maps. Just make sure to eject the jack when removing your helmet; this might get stuck somewhere. This Steelbird helmet is ISI certified and affordable, considering its intelligent helmet.

Click here to buy: Amazon

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2. Smart SpeedoMeter

Lista USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Front Light

Want to check how fast you’re riding your cycle? Now you can do so. This awesome gadget can tell the riding speed of your cycle in seconds. A digital instrument cluster attached with a dedicated headlight might be the best addition to your bicycle. If it talks about its features, this simple device is packing an analogue-digital screen, a sensor that will measure the riding speed of the cycle, an attached LED headlight, and a loud horn with six different sounds.

Click here to buy: Amazon

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3. Fog Light

Miwings U7 Cree LED Off Road Driving Fog Lights Super Bright Hi_Lo

Riding in this chilli winter night is harsh; there is just no way around it. However, while riding your bike, the most important thing is safe, and it should be taken as an optimum caution. This great LED fog light can help you in staying safe in dense fog. It’s easy to install, and once on, it gives incredibly bright light. There is a 30W bulb installed, and its performance is excellent.

Click here to buy: Amazon

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4. Smartphone Charging Solution

BOBO BM1 Jaw-Grip Waterproof Bike

Is your smartphone getting discharged while navigating to your favourite destination? Don’t worry, and there is a workaround for this; get a new charging deck and attach it to your Bike’s battery; now, you have a solution for your battery issues. See, this is very simple; this smartphone stand comes with an additional charging jack that you can connect to your Bike’s power socket. So now, you don’t need to carry a power bank; get on your ride and navigate freely from your GPS.

Click here to buy: Amazon

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5. Micro GPS Tracking Device

Onelap Micro - Hidden Waterproof GPS Tracker for Car, Bike, Bus,Truck etc

Have you bought a new ride? Get it theft-proof as soon as possible, and what a better to do so than installing a micro GPS chip in your bike so that you can always keep track of where it is. This micro GPS tracker comes from a brand named Onelap, and they offer a pretty good service for GPS tracking. The brand also provides a sim card with 12 months of data, so you don’t have to worry about it. Just install the GPS device to a secret compartment and connect it with the bike’s power socket, and you’re good to go. You can also keep track of the activity from Onelap apps and see its live location.

Click here to buy: Amazon

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6. The Smart Holo

The Smart Holo

With SmartHalo, you can take your riding to a new level. This innovative bike gizmo converts your two-wheeler into a smart bike, which is subtle, sleek, and filled with modern capabilities. Once synced with its smart companion app, it directs you around, monitors your fitness goals, shows you where you’ve parked, and much more. It also works as an anti-theft sensor, automated night light, and even personal secretary, warning the rider of incoming calls and messages or monitoring the weather.

Click here to buy: Amazon

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We hope these best bike and cycle gadgets can change your riding experience somehow, and if they don’t, these are some pretty cool gadgets to add to your bike and cycle beauty. As a rider, I like to keep my bike in a retro look; however, I yearn for a modern touch and some smart features. I have personally used the digital speedometer for my cycle, and trust me; it is awesome. So try out these cool bike and cycle gadgets and let us know in the comment section.

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