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Explained: Dark Web Vs Deep Web, Everything You Must Know!


Have you ever delved into the depths of the deep and black web? Or maybe you’re just curious about the meanings of these phrases. These two names are as strange as they sound, yet despite how similar they appear at first glance, they are not synonyms. However, when comparing the dark web vs. deep web, these are two quite different worlds, and it’s crucial to understand the differences. Continue reading to learn more!

- Updated: 10th May 2022, 04:24 IST
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    What is deep web?
  • 2
    What is dark web?
  • 3
    Dark web vs. deep web: Difference
  • 4
    What do these two terms have in common?
  • 5
    Dark web vs deep web: Applications
    • Dark web
    • Deep web
  • 6
    Why not the Deep Web?
  • 7
    Why should you use the dark web?
  • 8
    The bottom line

What comes to mind when you think of this topic, dark web vs deep web? Is this a criminal offence? Is this some scam? Well, you’d be partially correct…and, in some ways, incorrect too. These are some of the matters you may find on the dark web, which is a collection of websites with concealed IP addresses that may require special software to access. The deep web comprises content that is not searchable by regular search engines, is only 0.01 per cent of the dark web. In other words, if Google can’t locate what you’re looking for, it’s most likely still on the World Wide Web, but in the more difficult-to-access deep web.

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What is deep web?

To begin with, the deep web and the dark web are not the same things, but they do have a lot of similarities.
The deep web refers to all non-indexed pages, which implies that most search engines will not return them to you after a search. These pages are de facto invisible to these search engines because their crawlers don’t see them.
This suggests that to visit one of these pages, you must either know their address (link) or click on a different link once you’ve entered the deep web.

Furthermore, considerable portions of the official, mainstream web (such as Netflix or Amazon pages) are present on the deep web for specific users.

What is dark web?

The Dark Web is relatively small: only tens of thousands of dark websites are available. The dark web’s websites use encryption software that conceals the identities of their users and their locations. That’s why the Dark Web is so famous for illicit activity: users can hide their identities, illegal website owners may disguise their locations and anonymous data exchange. This implies unlawful drug and firearm trades, pornography, and gambling. However, it can be pretty gruesome at times. Some refer to it as the location where humanity’s darker side manifests itself.

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Dark web vs. deep web: Difference

Dark WebDeep Web
The dark web is an intentionally concealed subset of the deep web.The deep web is an area of the Internet that is hidden from traditional search engines.
Tor Project or a similar browser is required to access this.You’ll need a password, encryption, or specialized software to get access to this.
It’s been known to be used for unauthorized purposes.They’re typically employed for legitimate reasons that necessitate anonymity.
To get access to this data, you’ll need to follow some precautionsYou can use a VPN to get access to it.
It only comprises a portion of the deep web’s unindexed pages.It includes all pages that haven’t been indexed yet.

What do these two terms have in common?

The dark web and the deep web share the feature of being inaccessible to commercial search engines. You can’t go to one of them with Google or Bing. The deep web is a catch-all word that encompasses not only the dark web but also a lot of “mundane information.” This would include “mandatory registration web forums and dynamically produced pages” (like Gmail).

dark web

The term describes the underbelly of the Internet, where you can buy stolen data, narcotics, guns, child pornography, and pretty much any criminal item or service you can think of.

While the deep web is vast, accounting for 90 per cent or more of the Internet, it is estimated that the dark web accounts for only about 0.01 per cent. The dark web, also known as the darknet, is accessible through Tor or I2P, which use masked IP addresses to keep users and site owners anonymous. Individuals who are using the dark web for unlawful purposes are identifiable this way, as well as determining who runs a particular site is challenging.

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Dark web vs deep web: Applications

Dark web

The following are some of the most important dark web applications:

  • Internal sites of big corporations, associations, and trade groups all use it.
  • This is how internet databases are accessed in school, college, and university intranet networks.
  • Websites that are password-protected and restricted to members only.
  • Individual accounts for social media, email, banking, and other services are available.
  • It’s also used for things like social media, blogging, texting, and voice chat.
  • Locating Yahoo Answers
  • Public records and certificates, as well as library system indexes, are available.
  • Classes and courses in computer and technology skills are taught using this method.

Deep web

The following are some of the most important deep web applications:

  • It is mostly for military purposes.
  • It is used by business people and police officers.
  • Anti-censorship activists and political protesters.

Why not the Deep Web?

The following are some of the deep web’s significant drawbacks:

  • The speed of a deep web search engine is slower than that of a regular search engine.
  • Need of a specific search query while searching the deep web.
  • The deep web is less user-friendly.
  • Deep web searches may also return sensitive personal information from databases that are generally blocked.
  • It can lead to ethical difficulties and make people more vulnerable to fraud while also assisting you in detecting the crime.

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Why should you use the dark web?

The Dark Web’s advantages and disadvantages are as under:

  • For citizens in nations where censorship, oppression, and intimidation are common, the dark web provides an anonymous venue for free expression.
  • Cybersecurity is critical for firms that handle sensitive data.

The bottom line

The deep web may contain non-indexed pages that aren’t visible to search engines or relevant enough to be indexed. On the other hand, the dark web prefers to remain anonymous because it is designed to be a hub for illegal activity.

The deep web is ethically neutral, meaning that you can use it for good or harm. But, at the same time, the dark web is where the elements of a morally bankrupt business and society collide.
When it comes to their relationship, not all deep web is the dark web, but all is the deep web.

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Highlights of the Story

  • You must have come across the terms, dark web and deep web if you’ve been on the internet for a while.
  • Although the terms dark web and deep web are frequently used interchangeably, they are two completely distinct concepts.
  • In this post, we’ll delve into the mysterious worlds of the Deep Web vs the Dark Web in an attempt to separate fact from fiction and reveal the truth about this contentious part of the internet.