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What Is mAh in Batteries? Meaning And Its Importance


They say the more mAh battery that your device has, the more you’ll have the power to use your smartphone. But what exactly the meaning of mAh in the battery is, check everything in our article now.

- Updated: 24th Dec 2021, 17:33 IST
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    What is mAh?
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    What is the meaning of mAh in battery?
  • 3
    Is mAh in Battery important while buying a smartphone?
  • 4
    Can my Smartphone work on low battery?
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    So, Can I swap my Low mAh battery to a new one?
  • 6
    Why my smartphone is always on low battery?
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    Read me at the close

There are some things that you got to know about your smartphone, and I guess, the meaning of mAh in a battery is a nice place to start. Perhaps in a long term, this will help you out in getting a clear picture of your smartphone’s battery, be it iPhone or Android or let’s just say any other device.

So, stick to this not so technical ride, and let’s delve into the world of batteries because in this article we will be discussing what is mAh in battery and what is its meaning for a lithium-ion battery.

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What is mAh?

Answer: ‘Milliampere hour’

However, it is not that simple, a milliampere-hour is a way to denote the electrical capacity of any battery. This can increase as per battery capacity and in larger batteries, generally Ah (ampere-hour) is used. The key thing to understand here is the capitalisation of ‘A’. The A is capitalised because, under the international system of units, it is a standard form of representing ampere.

Formula: 1000mAh = 1Ah (Knowledge bomb!)

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What is the meaning of mAh in battery?

What is the meaning of mAh in battery

In simple terms, mAh in a battery is calculated when you multiple the amount of time a battery is taking to get discharged to the actual capacity of the battery. For e.g., if you have a battery that is connected to a source that consumes 1000mAh, however, it takes 4 hours for the battery to completely discharge. You have got a 4000mAh battery.

However, in real life, this might be the actual case since you are not always using your smartphone. Even a single minute of sleep mode will change the dynamics of the smartphone battery altogether.

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Is mAh in Battery important while buying a smartphone?

Y-E-S! The more mAh your battery has the more it will last. If you have a 4,000mAh battery then the device will last longer than a 2,000mAh battery; simply because it has a larger battery capacity. And, judging by your smartphone uses even in the heavy condition you’ll never be able to utilise 1,000mAh of battery in an hour. This basically means your device will last longer than it is intended to.

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Can my Smartphone work on low battery?

Can my Smartphone work on low battery_

Technically Yes! See, smartphones are designed to work on very minimal battery life. However, there are various factors in play here.

  1. Processor : A processor that consumes less electricity will tend to perform more than a processor which is consuming higher electricty. Simply speaking, if you’re smartphone processor is old you’ll have battery issues. So, use a latest smartphone, with latest processor.
  2. Software: A tight software integreation can deliver magic. Look what apple has done, their tight intergraiton of software and hradware allows them to utilise every juice out of a very tiny battery capacity. And it has worked pretty great. trust me.
  3. Usages: You can’t run away from usages, even if you have a higher capactiy battery. If you’re using you smartphone for gaming, you’ll definetely consume more battery that average since the CPU is doing extensive processing by rendering graphics, and controls.
  4. Display: We love our samrtphone display, right? But here is the catch the display consumes more power than anything in a smartphone. So getting a good display that consumes less power should be a priority. Try to pick smartphone that have OLED planel rather than govie for the LCD ones.

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So, Can I swap my Low mAh battery to a new one?

Back in 2010, you could, but not today! Today’s smartphones have jam-packed batteries, so you won’t be able to replace the battery easily. Surely, you can change the battery by yourself if you have the right tool, but it is advised not to. Simply get to your nearest service centre and get it replaced easily or you can try our Cashify battery repair service at home. Your call!

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Why my smartphone is always on low battery?

Why my smartphone is always on low battery

Answer: You’re not charging it enough. I’m kidding…

See, a device that is always on Low power may mean that you need a battery replacement. However, in some cases that wouldn’t be the solution, and here’s a valid reason for that. The lithium-ion battery that we are using in our smartphone is decent enough to power our devices but as the tech and the software start getting complex with each update, your device eventually requires more processing power to run.

I’ll keep it simple, you’ll device will require more battery power as you keep using and eventually there will be a time when the battery will be dead and no longer functioning. In addition, another problem is that people want a slimmer smartphone. I mean, this is nice but a slim smartphone will not consist of much battery and hence it will give you less battery life.

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Read me at the close

See, there is no turning around. The battery is evolving and it will keep evolving as time goes by. Truth be told, batteries are the future of our planet, and they need to get better. The most immediate solution for your battery-related problems would be to buy a quick-charge capable charging brick and don’t wait too much time in charging your device. My suggestion would be to stop using those battery analysis apps since they consume more battery.

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