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How To Get Epic Weapons in CoD Mobile?


From daily login calendar to seasonal objectives and other ways, here’s how you can get epic weapons easily in Call of Duty Mobile!

- Updated: 1st Nov 2022, 15:25 IST
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    Best Methods To Get Epic Weapons in CoD Mobile
    • Free-To-Play Methods
    • Not So Free-To-Play Methods

Call of Duty Mobile offers players with a wide range of weapons and innumerable skins for each of these. We have epic weapons in CoD Mobile alongside uncommon and rare skins. In addition, there are Mythic and Legendary skins as well which are the most premium of the lot. Yes, these cost a hefty amount to get and are super duper rare as well.

On the other hand, epic weapons, which are the third best category of weapon skins, can be obtained for both free and by paying a not-so-exquisite price. Moreover, some of these epic weapons in CoD Mobile look near legendary as well. If you are someone who does not want to spend a whole lot of money on the game or wants to go for a free-to-play experience, these are the best skins you can get!

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Best Methods To Get Epic Weapons in CoD Mobile

There are a number of methods to get epic weapons in CoD Mobile. Couple of these methods are for the free-to-play players out there. Other methods involve paying a tad bit to get you the best and most premium looking epic weapon skins. Don’t worry as we discuss in detail about all these methods. Here is a quick rundown!

Free-To-Play Methods

Method #1: Seasonal & Featured Objectives

Seasonal & Featured Objectives

Both Seasonal and Featured Objectives are incredible ways of getting amazing in-game rewards. These rewards also include free Epic Weapons in CoD Mobile. Yes, they can be obtained for a hundred per cent free by just completing a couple of objectives. You can find the Seasonal and Featured tabs by heading over to the Events section on the left hand side of the in-game lobby.

Method #2: Credit Shop

Epic weapons in CoD by credit shop

Once in the game, look for the store button which is situated at the bottommost left side of your in-game lobby. After tapping it, look for the Credit Shop section which is located slightly below. In here, you will find a whole bunch of character and weapons skins. In addition, there are Perks for you to purchase as well.

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Yes, there are beautiful looking Epic Weapons in CoD Mobile’s Credit Shop as well. These require C which is the in-game free-to-play currency and can be obtained by just playing. After every match, be it ranked or a casual match or BR, you get C. Accumulate enough C and you can get your hands on a cool looking Epic Weapon skin in CoD Mobile. Moreover, you will not have to pay a single real penny for that.

Method #3: Daily Missions

Epic weapons in CoD by daily mission

CoD Mobile offers players a chance to win free Epic weapon or character skins via Daily Missions. Players need to complete certain missions and in the end they get a Daily Mission Crate. This crate has a chance of rewarding the player with an Epic Weapon or Character skin.

Not So Free-To-Play Methods

Method #1: Purchasing the Battle Pass

Purchasing the Battle Pass

This is THE MOST economical option to get some of the latest and greatest epic weapons in CoD Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass offers 50 Tiers of rewards. All you have to do is play enough to gather points and hit all 50 tiers.

These fifty tiers always comprise of five Epic weapon skins and four Epic character skins. The good thing is, it does not cost much at all as per the Indian currency. Moreover, the paid battle pass also offers CP for you to get the next battle pass. So, technically, it is a one-time pay. This may bring you to the question about how much it costs in India. Don’t worry, we have got you covered on that front as well!

CoD Mobile Battle Pass Price in India

The Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass has two variants. While one is the Standard one, the other one is Premium. In order to get Epic Weapons in CoD Mobile, you can purchase either of the two. However, the latter offers a couple more additional rewards along with 12 Tiers of the Battle Pass. So, upon purchasing the Premium Battle Pass, you instantly reach Tier 12 of the Pass and get the rewards for all those Tiers.

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Moving on to the price:

CoD Mobile Battle PassPrice in India
Standard Battle Pass220 CP (Roughly Rs. 220)
Premium Battle Pass520 CP (Roughly Rs. 520)

CP is the in-game currency of CoD Mobile and what is used to get your hands on all the premium in-game rewards. In the Indian context, it is pretty much 1 CP = Rs. 1.

Method #2: Lucky Draws

Lucky Draws

Lucky draw are another incredible way of increasing your epic weapons arsenal. If you do not want to go for the entire draw which is costly, you can try a couple of pulls. There are high chances that you may land yourself the Epic weapon in that particular draw. Most lucky draw have Epic weapons in them alongside the top Legendary weapon pull.

Let us take an example of the above draw. This is the Techno Aim draw from CoD Mobile Season 10, which is currently live. The draw offers a Legendary Urban Tracker Character Skin for the first time. In addition, we also get to see a Legendary Crossbow. Besides, we get to see two new Epic weapons in this draw of CoD Mobile.

Most lucky draw are similar and who knows, you may get your hands on a beautiful epic weapon in CoD Mobile via these draws.

Method #3: Crates & Bundles

Epic weapons in CoD by Anime Super Crate

Both Crates and Bundles are amazing premium ways of getting your hands on Epic weapons. What more, CoD Mobile has also started introducing Legendary weapon bundles as well which cost pretty much similar to what an Epic weapon and character bundle costs.

However, it is important to note that there is a difference between Bundles and Crates. While Bundles guarantee you an Epic weapon in CoD Mobile, crates do not. Crates do guarantee an Epic item but it could also be an Epic charm or sticker instead, which is a bummer.

Epic weapon in CoD Mobile

Moreover, crates may cost you significantly more as you try to push through more and more crates to get the desired Epic weapon skin. Bundles are much more economical as they offer you not just the weapon but also all that comes bundles along with it, which is a banger of a deal.

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We do hope that this article helps you in getting the coolest looking epic skins for the best guns in CoD Mobile! Happy gaming!


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  • Call of Duty Mobile has several categories of weapons, namely, Mythic, Legendary, Epic, Rare and Uncommon.
  • Epic weapons are the third best class of weapons in the game in terms of aesthetics.
  • Here’s how you can get epic weapons in CoD Mobile easily!