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Explained: What is OLED EX? The Next Generation Display Technology By LG


The next generation of displays are here; OLED EX. LG has introduced a new display technology that is much better than the current that we are using. So, what is OLED EX display technology? We have covered everything that you need to know.


- Updated: 13th Jan 2022, 01:24 IST
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LG has done it again; before the event of CES 2022, the brand has introduced its new display technology, OLED EX. According to LG, this state of the art display tech is going to be a game-changer in the monitor & display market. With this new OLED EX on board, the new set of TV will have 30 per cent more brightness, amazing picture quality and a very minimal bezel. So, what is OLED EX display technology? And what are its features? Let’s get into it.

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What is OLED EX Technology?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is a display tech that allows organic molecules to produce light. However, OLED EX stands for “Experience” and “Evolution”, this represents LG’s goal toward customer satisfaction and quality visual experience at every step of the way.

The EX Technology in all the new OLED EX displays refers to the Deuterium compound that increases the efficiency of the OLED displays. It also means that the company is using a personalised visual algorithm to present the pictures, and hence it drastically improves the overall picture quality of the display.

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What is Deuterium?

Deuterium is a chemical compound that is found in ocean water. When stabilised, this atom can produce a plethora of light. This rare atom is present in only one atom out of 6420 hydrogen molecules, and it is heavier than hydrogen. LG has managed to stabilise the molecule and use it in the Organic light-emitting diode, which has resulted in a 30 per cent brighter display; this also maintains the high efficiency of the display as well.

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OLED EX Technology

In addition, LG has also used its own “Personalised Algorithm” based on machine learning. This has enabled them to make the viewing experience more personalised since the OLED EX can control the display by itself. The algorithm can predict the usage of up to 33 million organic light-emitting diodes, and the display will automatically analyse viewing patter. It also controls the energy output; hence you have more vibrant colour on display.

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By utilising this technology, LG also updated their screen size and body chassis of the display, which means that you’ll get a larger display in a small body and bezel. On paper, the company reduced bezel thickness from 6mm to 4mm and reduced the thinkers of the display by 30 per cent.

Recent Updates

According to LG, the latter would estimate the consumption of each single LED in a television based on emotional watching patterns to “precisely (manage) the screen’s additional energy to more precisely portray the details & colours of the video being displayed.” company stated. According to the Verge, LG’s boasts regarding decreased bezel widths with OLED EX are a bit more substantial, at least. The business has indicated that based on estimates including a 65-inch OLED panel, it would be able to cut bezel width from 6mm to 4mm. It’s not a tremendous difference on paper, but considering how efficient this technology currently is, every slight improvement needs to be battled for.

LG expects to start putting OLED EX tech through all their OLED panels beginning in the 2nd period of 2022. However, it’s not unclear how much longer it could require for this tool to reach customers. As well as upgrading its OLED expertise, LG has also been dabbling with some crazier notions during this year’s CES convention, showing off new translucent screens as well as reclined, curved OLED thrones.

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Abhishek Kumar

1 Year ago
Only Difference i found between OLED48C2PSA and OLED48C2XSA is Speaker quality. Speaker in C2X is of higher power with sub woofer and minor change in position of Ports. Also speaker in c2x is front facing while in C2 is bottom firing. So Technically C2X seems like minor improvment over C2 but still on some places C2X is selling on much higher discount than C2 even though C2X is costlier than C2, this is confusing me.

Kamlesh Ranjan

1 Year ago
Hi, Only LG G2 TV has an OLED EX display. Certainly, it is the brightest display that you can buy from LG. However, I would recommend not investing in this tech as of now. Yes, it is new, but we feel the pricing of this product is slightly higher for a 48" OLED panel. You also won't feel much difference between OLED ex and OLED if you compare side by side.

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