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Top 5 Apps To Invest In Mutual Funds In India 2021


Investing in mutual funds has already become prevalent in India. Mutual fund investments offer a diversified way to long-term capital gain. There are various applications available these days that let you invest in Mutual Funds through regular SIP and can else help you save taxes. Here are the best apps that are easy to signup for and start with your investment journey.

By Tech Geek - 
8th Feb 2021
Top 5 Apps To Invest In Mutual Funds

Highlights of the Story

  • Mutual Investments can help in building personal wealth in a systematic way
  • Earlier investing in Mutual funds used to be tough as a lot of documentation needed to be done and the brokerage chargers were too high
  • Here we have talked about the top 5 apps that you can use to start your investment journey

Investing in mutual funds is one of the easiest ways to grow your wealth in the long-run. With so many applications available these days, things have become much easier for us to invest in Mutual Funds. But selecting the right platform to invest your money has a crucial role to play. Best mutual fund apps offer a one-stop solution to track and manage your investment.

There are applications known as discount brokers using which you can invest mutual funds in a lump sum or SIP manner. Here in this article, we have talked about the 5 best apps that can help to invest in mutual funds in India.

Top 5 Apps To Invest in Mutual Funds in India


Download App: Android | iOS

ETMONEY from Times Network is one of India’s best platforms when it comes to mutual fund investments. The application is light and really easy to navigate. The best thing about the ETMONEY app is that even if you are at the early stage of investing on Mutual Funds, you can have great insights about your investments from the application itself. 

Plus, the platform comes with a fully automated framework. It offers personal finance strategies dedicatedly created considering your financial goals and obligations. Not only that but you get to access a range of financial services like buying insurance policies, instant loans, direct mutual fund investments through SIP etc.

Key Features:

  • Automatically classifies expenses in various categories and helps to track
  • Offers Tax saver solution for free through which you can save up to Rs. 46,800/-
  • Easy integration with several UPI payment apps such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm
  • Allows you to invest in best performing mutual funds for free

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2. Groww

Download App: Android | iOS

With a simple and interactive user interface, Groww is the app to use if you are at the very beginning of your Mutual Fund investments. The application offers a huge database of learning videos, and blogs dedicated to mutual funds, which can offer you proper insights. 

Not only MF investments but Groww also works as a Stock trading platform. Therefore, you can open an account and start your stock trading journey with Groww anytime. You can directly invest in mutual funds at zero commission and negligible broker fees at trading stocks.

Key Features

  • Simple interactive easy to use user interface
  • One dashboard to track the investments, annual returns, and total return
  • Apps available for different operating systems and an easy sync feature for cross-platform access
  • Simple registration, easy one-step KYC for account creation
  • 128 bit SSL encryption ensures all your transactions are secured
  • Mutual Fund SIP calculator allows you to calculate the return of investments easily
  • Low initial investment for mutual funds, you can start a SIP with as low as Rs. 100

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3. PayTM Money Mutual Funds App

Download App: Android | iOS

PayTM Money is one of the best apps to invest in mutual funds in India. You can get up to 1% higher returns through the direct plans in PayTM Money. Not only that, but you get access to several investment ideas from where you can choose the one that suits your portfolio. The buying and selling of mutual funds are absolutely free with PayTM Money. Hence, you don’t need to worry about any hidden charges.

The platform also features 100% paperless KYC verification process, and the account opening process is also very simple as it takes less than 30 minutes to make your account investment-ready. It has a one-stop solution when it comes to tracking the performance of your investments. You can invest in liquid funds, equity funds, and ELSS funds through PayTM Money mutual fund app.

Key Features 

  • Let’s you avail up to 1% higher returns by investing in direct mutual funds
  • Paperless KYC and simple account opening
  • Track investment performance through one-stop portfolio insights
  • Investing schemes start at as low as Rs. 100

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4. Kuvera

Download App: Android | iOS

Kuvera is another great application available for Indians to invest in mutual funds. The application offers a set of rich features that makes things easier for beginner level investors. It offers family accounts to manage joint investments alongside that you get fund recommendations depending on your portfolio. With one-stop tracking dashboards, it’s really easy to track your investment performance on Kuvera.

The best thing about the Kuvera app is that it lets you set life goals and recommends mutual fund investments as per the goal. In a nutshell, with the Kuvera app, you can keep a track on your investment and have the complete overview of your goal completion percentage. You can also invest in stock markets and golds through Kuvera.

Key Features

  • Let’s you invest in Tax saving options
  • Doesn’t charge any commission and there are no hidden charges too
  • You can fix personal financial goals and keep a tab on them
  • Offers experienced financial advisor to help you with investments
  • You can get a family account to manage joint or family investments

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5. CashRich

Download App: Android | iOS

CashRich is one of the very few applications that were available in India for mutual fund investments. In fact, it’s the first app to offer a Dynamic SIP investment method which ensures much higher returns than regular SIPs. 

CashRich has apps dedicated to Android and iOS users. The account opening procedure takes less than half an hour since the KYC verification process is completely paperless. The application offers easy and simple investment options personalized as per your financial goals.

Key Features

  • Hassle-free paperless KYC verification and account setup process
  • Personalized investment options depending on your financial goals
  • Lifetime free account, no account opening charges, transaction charges or maintenance charges to pay
  • One-stop investment performance tracking solution
  • 24×7 chat support assistance

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Mutual fund applications offer simpler and smarter ways to invest in top-performing mutual funds. All the applications we have mentioned here have quite similar features. You can choose any of these apps to start your investment journey on mutual funds.

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