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Apple Vision Pro: Apple Launches First-Ever VR Headset


Apple launched its first-ever VR headset, The Apple Vision Pro. It aimed at users who want to take their work to a whole other level through its spatial computing capabilities along with the ability to be portable at the same time.

- Updated: 14th Jun 2023, 21:25 IST
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    Here’s Everything On the Apple Vision Pro You Need To Know!
    • Apple Vision Pro Specifications
    • All The Features In Detail
    • Pricing And Availability

This year’s Apple WWDC 23 launch event was like no other. The tech giant decided to surprise all technology enthusiasts with a new product. An all-new product for the first time in eight years. Apple launched its first-ever VR Headset, the Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro makes marks Apple’s entry into the Virtual Reality market. Apple claims the Vision Pro to be a Spatial Computer aimed at users who want to carry their PC

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Here’s Everything On the Apple Vision Pro You Need To Know!

Apple Vision Pro Specifications

apple vision pro glass enclosure
  • The main body (enclosure) consists of a single piece of three-dimensionally formed laminated glass.
  • A curved aluminum alloy frame that wraps around the user’s face.
  • Audio straps with speakers positioned close to the users’ ears come with Spatial Audio support.
apple vision pro body
  • The Head Band attached to the audio straps provides a comfortable fit with cushioning, breathability and stretchability.
  • Adjustable dial allows for precise fitting of the headset. Apple has also added a light seal to block out stray light for seamless viewing
  • For functionality purposes, there is a Digital Crown to bring up Home View and it also lets users adjust immersion level while using the Environments feature, which enables better viewing without distractions in the world around you.
apple vision pro button
  • For clicking spatial photos and recording spatial videos, Apple provides a button.
  • Pair of micro OLED displays with more resolution than a 4K TV for each eye.
apple vision pro sensor array
  • Advanced camera and sensor network for users to see the world clearly, detect hand inputs and understand environments around the user.
  • A portable battery that lasts for up to two hours of use and all-day use when plugged in.

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All The Features In Detail

When it comes to functioning, the device supports hand gestures and eye-tracking movements. Users can navigate by using their hands, eyes, and voice.


The Vision Pro comes with a suite of familiar apps like Photos, App Store, Apple Music, and a suite of compatible apps. You can also have multiple screens around your vision, use Safari to browse the web, and also work on emails and chat on Messages.


For entertainment purposes, users will have access to an immersive display and experience through compatible streaming apps. Users have the ability to play games with compatibility for PlayStation 5 and XBOX controllers.

Besides, it comes with Apple’s first-ever 3D camera system to take Spatial Photos and Videos and allows users to relive memories via the Photos app.

For Video Calls, there’s FaceTime support, with the ability to view each participant in adjustable tiles. It uses the digital Persona feature to produce a video output of your face and hand movements.

apple vision pro chipset configuration

Additionally, it comes with visionOS, making it Apple’s first spatial operating system. Powering the Apple Vision Pro is the M2 chip that runs visionOS. The M2 chip executes computer vision algorithms and acts as a GPU for advanced tasks. Making its debut is Apple silicons brand new R1 chip. The R1 chip processes inputs from the cameras, sensors, and microphones. A LiDAR scanner and TrueDepth camera create a 3D map of your surroundings to render digital content within available space.

For privacy, Apple uses its Optic ID eye scanner feature to authorize purchases and unlock passwords.

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Pricing And Availability

Pricing for the Apple Vision Pro begins at $3499 with availability from 2024 onward.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple makes its first entry into the VR space with a brand new product, a first in eight years.
  • Apple launched its first-ever VR headset in the recently conducted WWDC’23.
  • The Apple Vision Pro will be available for sale next year. Read on to learn everything about it.

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