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Anker Launches New Magsafe Battery Pack

By Yeti - 
25th Feb 2021
Anker Launches Magsafe Battery Pack

The new MagSafe battery pack for iPhones is out. Anker is the one to roll out this wireless device that will work as a power bank. However, the battery pack is not MagSafe certified. But it is compatible with the MagSafe charging outlet.

The battery pack is compatible with the iPhone 12 series. The company MI is launching the product only in India with the price of rupees 4500. Apple was working on a similar smart battery back. Despite that Anker is the first to launch such a device.

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Anker MagSafe battery pack

Anker max battery pack comes with a 5000 MH battery backup. It is a magnetic 5K wireless power bank. It is compatible with the iPhone 12 series that consists of the MagSafe charger. Not only this but the power bank comes with an LED indicator that shows the level of the remaining battery in the power bank.

The charging speed of the Anker power bank is 5W. It is the standard QI wireless charging speed. As per 9 to 5 Mac, the charger can easily charge an iPhone 12 Mini from 0 to 100% with some battery left. However, it can only charge the other series of iPhone 12 from 75 % to 97% respectively.

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It can only charge the iPhone 12 Pro Max by 75%. Also, the charger is wireless but it can only charge via a type C charging cable. Users can not charge the device wirelessly. The weight of the power bank is 130 1.5 grams. The wait of the Anker battery pack is slightly less than the weight of an iPhone 12.


iPhone users are expecting very little from the charger. First of all, it is not certified by Magsafe. Anker is a good brand but without certification, the device is not up to the mark. Also, the device cannot even completely charge most of the iPhone series.

However, iPhone users what desperate for a power bank; that too wireless. It is compatible with MagSafe and soon Apple will launch a certified product. In the meantime, the Anker product will be a better substitute.


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