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Apex Legends Mobile Launch: Everything About It Here!

- Updated: 17th May 2022, 13:43 IST
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    Apex Legends Mobile Game
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    Release Dates

Apex Legends Mobile now has a release date and region-specific launch times for Android and iOS. So when can you play your favourite battle royale on your phone? The famous battle royale will be available on mobile devices with a few tweaks. EA has also pushed new mobile-first Legends once the game is on Play Store and App Store.

Even fans of the game on PC or consoles should give it a go. Players are even asking whether this is a crossplay title or not. We’ll say more.

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Apex Legends Mobile Game

Apex Legends Mobile Game

Apex Legends Mobile is a PC and console battle-royale game. It might compete with BGMI, New State, and COD: Mobile. However, it will be different than on consoles. EA says it’s been optimized for smartphones with more straightforward controls. As a result, the makers believe it’s one of the most sophisticated tablets/phone battle royale games. Gamers may team up with two buddies to master team roles and synergize plays.

Legends with diverse skills and personalities to match a variety of playstyles will be familiarized and will discover new mobile-first Legends. The game’s mobility and playability are smooth.

It includes maps, gameplay, modes, advancement and live events. This will provide players with a range of seasonal experiences.

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Release Dates

This timeline says Apex Legends Mobile has no worldwide release date. However, London and Tokyo may get the game before Los Angeles. The game may also “propagate on servers before that time” in certain countries, allowing some users to start playing ahead of schedule.

While Apex Legends Mobile’s staggered rollout complicates matters, the game will probably debut simultaneously throughout the US. This means 5 AM EDT for East Coast gamers and 4 AM CDT for the Midwest. Additionally, based on the London launch timing, it appears plausible to anticipate Europeans in France and Germany to be able to play at 6 AM CEST. However, this is not guaranteed.

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Meanwhile, gamers may pre-register for it on the game’s website. More than 15 million pre-registrations have earned community prizes. As a result, hero shooter lovers may soon claim a banner frame, posture, and epic skin.

Players may also need to clear space on their mobile devices to download it. Installation requires 4GB of space. While there is not much space, mobile gamers may need to clear up before May 17.

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Highlights of the Story

  • During March, Respawn began testing Apex Legends Mobile in many countries.
  • Apex Legends Mobile is now available worldwide; Electronic Arts announced it earlier today.
  • Here is all you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile’s release date in India and other countries.