Mega Nest in Pokemon GO is the hub for the best stuff that the trainers/hunters can find in a game. Many trainers in the game are aware of Pokemons, who are very difficult to catch because the trainers may be in places where the Pokemon is not spawning or they are simply going through a bad spell. 

Mega Nests Trainers in Pokemon Go must go to countless sites to catch Pokemon. It is a tedious process, and if you become exhausted looking for Pokemon, there is an option for you. Pokemon Nests are infrequent sites where the exact Pokemon spawns many times. These nests are positioned near Poke Spots and Poke Gyms for the players(trainers/hunters).

Even though we have the Spotlight Hours and Community Days that are good events to get your desired Pokemon, these events don’t guarantee you the Pokemons you wish. 

Mega Nests pretty much explain themselves. For the trainers familiar with the Regular nests, Mega Nests are the same as your Regular Nests, but with the Mega Nests, the difference comes at being bigger than your Regular Nests. The spawn rate that you have in Regular Nests is much higher compared to the Mega Nest. 

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For people who are not aware of the working of Pokemon GO, the nests are locations where certain Pokemons assemble in huge numbers, and the trainers can go to such locations and try to catch the Pokemons that spawn at such locations. 

Therefore, if you don’t want to wander the whole map in search of Pokemon, here is an alternative. Find out how to capture your favorite Pokemon and about Mega Nests in Pokemon Go.

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What makes Mega Nest in Pokemon GO so valuable? 

mega nest pokemon go

In Mega Nests, you have the option to hunt for Shiny Pokemons. Shiny Pokemon are your unique types of Pokemon that have a different colour compared to the other Pokemon of their species. If you are lucky, you may willy-nilly meet a Shiny Pokemon in the Mega Nest, particularly during particular occurrences like Community Days or Pokemon GO Fest.

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Mega Nest Pokemon GO: Perks of knowing the location

mega nest pokemon go

Shiny Hunters will get a considerable advantage from the Mega Nests to get their hands on a Shiny Pokemon. Other than our Community Day or Spotlight Hour event, hunting for Shiny Pokemon needs a lot of travelling and luck as well. Mega Nests ensure the chances of hunting for Shiny Pokemons a bit easier. Encountering a Shiny Pokemon in Mega Nest is very likely to happen. 

There are times when it can be helpful to know the Mega Nest location. Sometimes, some Pokemon need to be taken for research can be a bit difficult to find. Nevertheless, these Pokemon will spawn in high numbers during the event most of the time.

In addition to these, there are occasionally some Pokemon in a Mega Nest that is simply too good to ignore. These starter Pokemon, can evolve into significant threats. For example, Swampert, Charizard, Venusaur, etc. can appear at Mega Nests quite frequently.

Several ordinary Pokemon can also evolve to become powerful weapons for PvP and raiding. Drilbur, whose evolution leads to Excadrill, is a good example, and Gastly, whose evolutionary path leads to the menacing Gengar.

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mega nest pokemon go

Do not miss out on these Pokemon Go community days. Also, don’t miss out on your chance to capture uncommon, shiny Pokemon. During Spotlight hour, any trainer nearby can access any Mega Nest. Those familiar with Pokemon Nests know that Mega Nests are just more powerful versions with a greater spawn rate. Hence, if you’ve already acquired Pokemon Nests, your preferred Pokemon can be obtained by repeating the process.

We hope that these Mega Nests in Pokemon GO have helped you gain some traction in the competition and a better sense of the game.

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