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Apple Watch Series 7 Blows Up After Overheating

- Updated: 7th Oct 2022, 20:37 IST

As the sources suggest, an Apple Watch Series 7 exploded. It overheated, which caused an explosion. According to the user, the watch made crackling noises before the explosion.

The Apple smartwatches are designed to alarm their users about their health and do emergency calls by default. The recent news of an Apple Watch Series 7 explosion causing user burn marks is a tragic incident.

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The smartwatch was also belching out smoke before exploding. However, the news has come to the notice of Apple. The company has said that it will investigate the case.

The Case As Per The User

The user, who was wearing the smartwatch, said that his house was over 70 degrees Fahrenheit when he noticed that his watch was becoming hotter than usual.

He also noticed a crack behind the back of the watch. The smartwatch also alarmed the warning sign of needing to shut down because of the room temperature.

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The user also said in the report that he immediately contacted Apple Support. He explained the entire situation to them. Further, the case is reported for investigation after going through multiple hierarchies.

Next, the user was kept from touching the watch before further contacting the company. But the next day, the situation was worse. As the watch became overheated and was even hotter to touch.

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This heat also shattered the display of the device. The report says, “When the user picked up the Apple Watch to take pictures to send to the company, it started to make crackling sounds. It exploded when the user was trying to throw it out of the window”.

This incident caused the user to visit the emergency room because of lead poisoning concerns. The burn mark was seen on his couch. But the report said that “It can be noted that the Apple Watch actually does not contain nearly enough lead actually to cause poisoning”.

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The user again contacted Apple after this incident. The company assures that it is a top-priority case for them. Apple also bought the Apple Watch Series 7 for investigating purposes.