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Battlefield Mobile Android Alpha Testing Kicks Off In India!

- Updated: 25th Mar 2022, 20:32 IST
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    Battlefield Mobile: Lobby, Graphics, Gameplay & More
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Right now, failure has a different name for EA and DICE in the form of Battlefield 2042. The game has been receiving negative reviews right, left and center but, seems like Battlefield Mobile is here to save the day. Android version of the game is now available for download in India. However, do note that this is not the final version of the game and just the Early Alpha Test version. With this, players will be able to experience how the final version of the game will mostly turn out to be.

Since this is the Early Alpha Test version of Battlefield Mobile, do expect to see a lot of technical glitches. Additionally, the game will obviously feel what one might call “incomplete”. Besides, a fan of the Battlefield Series took to Reddit to even talk about how the Mobile version’s destruction is better than that of Battlefield 2042. The player posted a short gameplay video of the game and made the comment.

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Right off the bat, you are spawned in a short training session of sorts. It kicks off with you in a cramped up space inside a dilapidated building. You have to make your way out of here while the game feeds you in on the basic controls and mechanics of the game. Then, you get to ride a tank as well and kill a couple of AIs. With that, your training session ends.

Battlefield Mobile: Lobby, Graphics, Gameplay & More

As soon as you download the roughly 600MB of game data, you get to see the lobby of the game. There is not much going on in here with just the Settings panel, Loadout and Start buttons. If you want to change the graphical settings, you can head over to the Graphics section in the Settings panel. Any other changes to your HUD or anything else can be done in this panel. Once you are done, you can head back and tap on the Start button. That is when the fun starts in Battlefield Mobile.

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Battlefield Mobile Graphics and Gameplay

You get to see the Matchmaking screen where up to 32 players can fill up a lobby. The graphics are at par with what you would expect from a handheld console giving its best shot and power. There will be a lot of stuttering because of the current Build that the game is in. The Alpha Testing is not what the Final version of the game will turn out to be. You can expect to see a much more optimised Battlefield Mobile when the stable version releases.

What More?

For those who have already played Battlefield 2042, the game mechanics will seem very familiar. You will be required to capture and dominate the different regions in the map depicted by A, B, C and the like. In the process, your team will be scoring points. By the end of it, the team with the most points wins. Besides, there are a bunch of loadout customisations for players to make use of.

From the looks of it, Battlefield Mobile may just be able to save the Battlefield Series from meeting its demise. On the other hand, DICE is also reportedly working on making another game, further expanding the series. Not much is known about this game apart from the fact that it will be based on a modern-day setting. There are surely a lot of things in EA and DICE’s pipeline and we hope that they do not meet the fate that Battlefield 2042 did.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Battlefield Mobile is now available to download on Android devices as an Early Alpha Test version in India.
  • Players who have pre-registered for the game will get a notification from Google Play Store, letting them know that is available for installation.
  • Fans of the Battlefield Series are already claiming that the Mobile version’s gameplay is better than Battlefield 2042.